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3rd Annual Ned Overend & Bouré Bike Fest 2005 Photo Gallery
Dolores Ride - Wednesday, September 21, 2005

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Trimble-Lemon Dam Ride
Molas Pass Ride
Dolores Ride
Hermosa Creek Ride
Ignacio-Bayfield Ride
Vintage Day - Animas Valley Ride

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Riders from town meet the rest of the group in Hesperus.
The group tentatively leaves Dolores for the return trip wondering, "Why did we ride so hard on the way out? Drew's Golden Rule, "Never Race to the Turn-a-Round Point"...blatantly disregarded by the foolish yet again.

Kinsey...Dave Kinsey. Perhaps the best rider to ever come out of Farmington, NM.

The Predator, Robert Montgomery, strikes one of his serious poses.

Drew and Anne Chernoff-Allen, old Colorado roadies from the early 80's.

A big hello to Linda Paris!

Lisa and Tom Hoefer ponder what lies ahead.

Rich Donley and Ride Strongman Mitch Carrier preparing to put the hammer down.

Ironman Steve Lamont and Hal McLean having fun, as always.

Terri and Travis Oliger smile and say, "Hope you all have fun on the way back."

...and brother Mark Oliger.

Getting re-fueled at the Dolores Grocery. Look at Hal's nice white teeth!

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