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Well... we find them amusing!

We've collected the following links to some on and some off color humor/amusement about bikes (or not), public service videos, or simply an amazing cool, old bike video. So we'll warn you right now, if you are easily offended, don't look! If you like to be offended or are still trying to find something that offends you, some of these just might be the ones for you.

Bicycle Repair Man
The cycling classic from Monty Python, with spanish subtitles. Our Hero...

How to Properly Clean a Chain
The Ultimate Drive and Aero Wheel
Guide To Sheldon's Humorous Side
Just a few of examples of the late Sheldon Brown's humorous inclination.

Thomas Edison on a Fixie
For real!!!

Lance & Matthew
Oh well, but they still make a cute couple.

Mountain Biker Orgy Day
We've been advocating for MTB to take this direction for years.

Biker Placed on Probation
How much do you love your bike?

A New Bike to Help You Ride Faster
Sign us up!

Forget Low Gearing, Here's the Solution we're Looking for...
Solution for your local steep hill.

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