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Report on the 4th Annual Ned Overend & Bouré Bike Fest
September 17-23, 2006

We sure had fun, although for the first time we had some wet weather. A couple rides got back just before the skies cut loose and one ride was cancelled. At the last minute, Ned moved the mountain bike ride to a location that wouldn't involve flooding or a possible back-country rescue. We split the riders into more groups this year and that was quite successful. The stronger riders weren't held back and the less strong rides didn't have to kill themselves to try and do the distance nor the speed, unless they wanted to.

The extra moisture seemed to bring more people to breakfast and we had a great time talking about cycling and life, especially on the day we had to cancel our ride. Luckily the weather left Friday and we had a great ride for the final Vintage Bike Day.

We had customers from the Front Range, New Mexico, the Empire of Texas, and the Planet of California. We had the usual contingent of locals and special help from Robert Candelaria, who helped Wade (in his baby and chest cold weakened state) follow each ride and make sure everyone was happy and safe. That and Robert makes the best Carne Adovada in Southwest Colorado!

We held a party the first day at Drew's house and kicked everything into a social and happy environment after about 70 people cruised the Valley and up to Lemon Reservoir. This seemed to set the stage for a very congenial week both on and off the bike. 

With the cancelled stage, we lost track of the combined stage results so we've come up with these completely arbitrary and subjective winners:
Robert Candelaria 1st Place - Rear Watcher
Rob Kaberry 1st Place - Furtive Flour Fondler

If you didn't get to join us, think about coming next year. No doubt it will again be the second or third week in September, Ned's schedule dependent. Bring a group and ride as much or as little as you like. Come for the breakfast even if you don't want to ride. You can't beat the price, company or terrain of the Boure Bike Fest.

2006 Boure Bike Fest Schedule

We warned you last newsletter and, once again, the time is nigh. We really hope you'll come ride with us. We have people interested and threatening to come from New York, Connecticut, Texas, Arizona, Florida, New Mexico, the Colorado Front Range and the planet California. Ned will be attending the Sunday and Thursday rides and will try to fit in the Coal Bank and Dolores Rides. Ned will call some of his personal buddies who want to do a fun ride. We hope to have some of the notable Durango Pros drop in on several rides. No guaranties but, you may get to hang out and ride with Olympian Todd Wells, National Collegiate Champion Matt Shriver, or National Champion Chris Wherry. In the past we've also had Tom Danielson and internationally known naked indoor trainer sports-model commentator Bob Roll.

Please share this info with any friends, discussion groups or your local cycling club in case any of them want to come. All rides can be done from Durango although you can remove some mileage on a couple of days by driving or catching a ride to the start from Wade or another rider if you need help. The only ride that requires a commitment is the Mountain Bike ride as we arrange for a shuttle to the top of the ride to make it mostly downhill.

Boure Bike Fest week is scheduled for September 17 to 23, 2006. These rides are free, not supported and are for fun. This is not a race, we just want you to join us while we do a week of our favorite Durango rides, during the (usually) warm and dry mid-September. Riders of all abilities are welcome and we have chosen rides that show off the local scenery and variety of terrain. Most rides have longer additions, or short cuts, to match your needs.

We can't force you, but we highly recommend helmets, we will be wearing ours. They are required for the Durango Wheel Club rides. Although we will provide any assistance we can, please be self-supporting for road food, water and clothing. If you forget something, the local bike shops are very complete and happy to help. Most rides have a stop where food and drink can be acquired during our social stop.

*Remember that any plan is subject to change by weather requirement so we need to know who will be here and how to contact them if required.*

We will send more specific instructions on the ride locations and any schedule changes to those people who request additional information, so unless we hear from you by e-mail or phone we won't be sending any more information to the general populace. When we see what number of people will be here we will finalize our social plans for non-riding events. We plan to have a social gathering on Sunday afternoon the 17th. If you decide to show at the last minute (highly encouraged), call us (888-889-9242 or locally 247-0339) and let us know so we make sure you are up-to-date for the rides.

The general plan for the week, which is very fluid depending on who shows up and the logistical challenges which may arise (weather, road closures, etc). We have a designated place for breakfast where we will start the ride, but certainly one can be enjoyed without the other.

*Please share this info with any friends, discussion groups or your local cycling club in case any of them want to come.*

Daily Schedule:
Breakfasts will commence around 7:45am, which allows for time to digest before we start to ride at 9:30. If you choose to skip breakfast or have other plans, that is fine, we will leave from the breakfast location at 9:30.

Sunday. September 17, 2006
Trimble Loop-Lemon Dam
*Ride with Ned Day*

Meet at Bread Bakery
45 miles
3 hours
2250 feet of climbing

Monday September 18, 2006
Coal Bank Hill (or Molas Pass)

Meet at Oscar's Restaurant
75 miles (or 90+ miles)
5 to 6 hours
4500 (or 5500) feet of climbing

Tuesday September 19, 2006
We are not planning a ride this day as we expect many people to attend the Durango Wheel Club Tuesday night Worlds, as described by Tom Danielson and Todd Wells in VeloNews. Additional information as requested.

Wednesday September 20, 2006
Durango to Dolores

Meet at Christina's Bar and Grill at the Best Western Inn & Suites (1/2 mile west of Durango on Hwy 160)
Ride starts at Kennebec Cafe in Hesperus (12 miles west of town on Hwy 160)
70 miles (*or 95 miles)
4 to 5 hours
3750 feet of climbing (*or 5500 feet) 
*with optional extension from Boure HQ in town - leave at 8:30*

Thursday September 21, 2006
Hermosa Creek Mountain Bike Trail
*Ride with Ned Day*

Park at Trimble Hot Springs upper lot for shuttle.
(10 miles north of down town Durango on Hwy 550))
18 miles of single track, plus about 10 miles of dirt and paved roads
3 hours
Less than 1000 feet of climbing, around 4000 feet of descending

Friday September 22, 2006
Bondad-Ignacio-Bayfield Loop

Meet at Carver's Bakery
75 miles
4 hours
3250 feet of climbing

Saturday September 23, 2006
Baker's Bridge-Old Shalona
*Vintage Bike Day*
*Ride with Ned Day*

Meet at Bread Bakery, but don't drive there!
30 miles
2 hours
500 feet of climbing
*This day will be an optional vintage bike day, bring your oldest steed for the ride and prizes will be awarded for several categories by our special judging group.

320 miles (or 360 miles)
20 hours
15,000 feet (or 18,000 feet) of climbing

As added bonuses this year, if you arrive early, or if you can stay a bit longer. The folks who put on the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic are putting on a Mountain Bike Tour on September , you can get more information by writing to them at:

And Fort Lewis College, (Alma Mater of Tom Danielson of the Discovery Team), are putting on a fall tour called The Durango Fall Blaze. This is a fundraiser for the Tom Danielson Scholarship Fund at Fort Lewis and it takes place September 30th, 2006. You can see more about it and sign up by following this link:

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