The Bouré Bicycle Clothing Catalogue
Ned Overend's bicycling clothes and outdoor apparel for road cycling, mountain biking, and Nordic skiing designed and manufactured in Durango, Colorado.

x This Week's Holiday Sale Items
ELITE Thermo Knickers
Designed and cut to fit an active cycling position, with articulated hips and knees that keep them comfortable during your ride and securely in place, creating a superior fitting knicker.

Men's ELITE Thermo bib knickers
Regularly $170, Now $160

Men's ELITE Thermo knickers
Regularly $150, Now $140

Women's ELITE Thermo knickers
Regularly $150, Now $140

ELITE Shorts
The choice of our many ultra-distance customers due to the
highly supportive fit and feel of the ACTION fabric and ELITE pad.

Men's ELITE shorts
Regularly $120, Now $110

Women's ELITE shorts
Regularly $120, Now $110

Men's ELITE bib shorts
Regularly $140, Now $130

2019 Bouré Team Jerseys

Men's & Women's
Bouré Thermo jersey
Regularly $100, Now $90

Men's & Women's
Bouré UPF-28 jersey
Regularly $100, Now $90

Men's & Women's
Bouré jersey
Regularly $80, Now $70
x Some Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Bouré WOOL Beanie

WOOL Cycling Cap

WOOL Euro Cap

TurboWOOL Tall Socks

WOOL Tall Socks

Hi-Viz Socks
x Wool Jerseys
Our retro Boure WOOL jerseys have a traditional cut which offers a sleek fit, with the unsurpassed performance of 100% extra fine Merino wool. Beautiful chain-stitch embroidered logos on front, back, and sleeves make this wool jersey a one-of-a-kind in the market. Bella!

Bouré Embroidered Wool Jersey

Bouré Embroidered Wool LS Jersey
x GeoTherm Jerseys
Lightweight GeoTherm Jerseys for comfortable cool weather riding with bright-colored styling to keep you seen and safe on the road.

Men's Bright Orange Thermo jersey

Men's Hi-Viz Yellow Thermo jersey

Women's Hi-Viz Yellow Thermo jersey

Men's 2018 Bouré Thermo jersey
Regularly $100, Now $80

Women's 2018 Bouré Thermo jersey
Regularly $100, Now $80

Men's Hi-Viz Orange Thermo jersey
Regularly $100, Now $80
Sizes Small, Medium, XL & 3X Available

Women's Hi-Viz Orange Thermo jersey
Regularly $100, Now $80
Sizes Small & Medium Available

Milled in Italy, GeoTherm combines breathable, quick drying, ultra-soft, 100% micro-poly fabric with fleeced backing for retaining warmth and utilizing heavyweight construction for durability.
x Bouré Cycling Shorts
PRO shorts
Our long time favorite and standard for all-around cycling performance, with our time-tested PRO chamois for daily comfort and trouble-free use.

Men's PRO shorts

Women's PRO shorts

Men's PRO bib shorts

CLASSIC shorts
Designed with a more traditional upright cut with a full-rise front, and the CLASSIC Microtex® chamois offers simple, trouble-free, and quick-drying comfort.

Men's CLASSIC shorts

Women's CLASSIC shorts

Men's CLASSIC bib shorts
x Clearance Specials
Sizes & Quantities Limited

Men's 2018 Bouré jersey
Regularly $80, Now $65

Women's 2018 Bouré jersey
Regularly $80, Now $65

Men's 2018 Bouré Sleeveless jersey
Regularly $80, Now $55

Men's 2018 Bouré UPF-28 jersey
Regularly $100, Now $80
Most Sizes Available

Women's 2018 Bouré UPF-28 jersey
Regularly $100, Now $80
Sizes XS & Small

Women's Hi-Viz Orange UPF-28 jersey
Regularly $100, Now $70
Sizes Small & Medium

Ska Modus Mandarina jersey
Regularly $90, Now $70

Ska Hop Ivy Ale jersey
Regularly $90, Now $70
x Odd Lots Super Clearance
Up to 50% Off the Items in our Bargain Basement!
Sizes & Quantities Limited

Web Specials

• Lightweight and superior sun protection.
• Made from Quantum DSX - designed to reduce wind drag, be highly breathable, with great compression and durability.
• 50+ UPF Sun Protection Rating.
• Gripper Elastic Top & Bottom to secure them in place.
• Perfect for warm spring or summer days.
Price: $40


Zinn takes his maintenance show on the road with this instructional DVD based on his bestselling book Zinn & the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance. The DVD format allows viewers to quickly and easily reference specific steps of a repair. Disc brakes, wheels, forks, pedals, cartridge-style spindle bottom brackets, and rear suspensions are explained with perfect digital clarity. Troubleshoot and fix your bike yourself, with Lennard's help.
Approx. 4 hours
Price: $30 (includes shipping)


"The Tour Baby!" chronicles Scott Coady's amazing journey following the entire Tour de France. Watch as Scott embarks on an adventure of a lifetime armed only with a Sony digital camera, his passion for cycling, and a beat up Avis rental van he called home for a month. Experience first-hand the excitement and drama of the world's most difficult and grueling sporting event.
Price: $30 (includes shipping)


DVD about the birth and growth of mountain bikes. In the late 1960's and early 1970's a handful of hippie cyclists literally reinvented the wheel. These early pioneers scavenged frames from dumpsters and junkyards, lifted parts from road bikes and motorcycles to build a better way down the mountain. Little did they realize that their obsessive tinkering would ultimately lead to the birth of a multi-billion dollar industry and an Olympic sport. These modified biked became affectionately known as "Klunkerz". For anyone who loves the sport and wants a taste of the history, personality, and spirit of the first mountain bikers from back in the day, this DVD will be extremely entertaining and informative. Great footage never before seen anywhere.
Price: $30 (includes shipping)


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