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2nd Annual Ned Overend & Bouré Bike Fest
September 12-18, 2004

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Vintage Bike Day Awards,
"Second Bike Fest delivers fast, fun rides",
an article about the Fest by Marc Witkes, published in the Durango Herald.
The 2004 Schedule

The rides are complete and the results are in. This year's Boure Bike Fest was a superb time. We had visitors from out of town and lots of locals. Drew has set up the Boure Bike Fest Photo Gallery, so you can see pictures from the rides. Thursday was special as we did our first group mountain bike ride. Olympian Todd Wells was there and Ned brought his teammate Frank Mapel from the Specialized cycling team. They were very kind to stop regularly for the mere mortals who attended and all of us enjoyed a spectacular ride down Hermosa Creek (I kid you not, the ride is 15 miles of downhill with only about 3 miles of up!) The weather was perfect all week (lousy before and after). The ride to Mancos and Dolores was featured in an article in the local paper when Marc "Hold that Line" Witkes joined us and wrote it up for the Herald. See the full article by Clicking Here.

We gave away prizes for the best Vintage bikes on Saturday's tour of the Animas Valley, where we were joined by local and now Outdoor Life Network superstar Bob "Bobke" Roll on his now vintage DeRosa team bike. Scroll down for the complete Vintage Bike Day Awards. We had a great time and hope that more of you will come every year. The ride week will always be in the middle two week of September dependent on Ned's schedule. This year Ned arrived after having just won the Colorado State Elite Road Championship. How is that for a guy who just turned 49?! He followed that with another win of the Road Apple Rally in Farmington, NM. No less than the longest running mountain bike race in the country. Hey, who won the final sprint of the bike week?

Vintage Bike Day Awards
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Best Vintage Bikes
Bob "Bobke" Roll
Bicycle Bob Gregorio
Raleigh International
Tom Hoefer
Best Vintage Bike and Wardrobe
Hal McLean
Hoonved 7-11 Merckx and Team Kit
Rider and Bike Look-a-like Contest
Dominic Schiavone
No Photo Available
(we are negotiating with his "people")

Off and Running
by Marc Witkes

Second Bike Fest delivers fast, fun rides
Durango Herald
September 17, 2004

It was a little like adult baseball fantasy camp on bicycles.

The second annual Ned Overend & Boure Bike Fest has been taking place all week and continues through Saturday. With a different group ride scheduled every day and the chance to meet some of the area's top cyclists, many riders have joined in the fun and camaraderie for as many days as they could safely play hooky from work and family responsibilities.

Wednesday's ride traveled U.S. Highway 160 West to Mancos, Colorado Highway 184 to Dolores and returned along the same route. Twenty people gathered at the Kennebec Cafe, 1,500-feet above Durango at the mouth of La Plata Canyon for the 9:30 a.m. to 10ish start time.

Fashionably late and "Durango time" rules were obviously in effect. Some riders warmed up with a climb on Hesperus Hill while others opted to drive and meet for breakfast at the cafe. Total mileage for the day ranged from 70 to 95 miles.

Wade Moore, Boure sportswear employee who does everything except make clothes was, in his words, the designated "ride follower."

Guy Nethery, from a small bike club in Austin, the Texas Cyclones, came with his friend, Joe Udell. It was a good opportunity to get away from the oil fields for a week, see some new scenery, and get in some good riding. Nethery and Udell heard about the rides in one of the e-mail newsletters from Boure.

Pulling out of the cafe after breakfast of Canadian bacon, scrambled eggs, fruit, toast, black beans and Coca-Cola, cyclists seemed to have enough calories and caffeine to make it through the day. The pace while passing the Hesperus Ski area was pedestrian-like, but that didn't last long.

Olympian Todd Wells and perennial favorite and homegrown Durango High School graduate Frank Mapel pulled riders through the Mancos Valley and past Summit Lake. Everybody drafted on the wheels of these giants, but they still gasped for breath in the oxygen-deprived mountain air. Wells and Mapel pedaled with brutal efficiency in perfect circles. Both athletes are preparing for the Mammoth Mountain U.S. Mountain Bike National Championship, Thursday- Sept. 26 in California.

Like a child waiting for Christmas, Wells talked about the upcoming cyclocross season. "My buddy Matt Shriver is putting together a cyclocross race series at Fort Lewis College this winter," Wells said. "There used to be just a couple of guys doing cyclocross in Durango, but now there's quite a few, and we get together to practice once a week during the season." For a schedule of races and more information, see

Drew Bourey, owner of Boure, wore his factory clothing. The red, green and yellow colors on his shirt matched his helmet, bicycle, socks and shoes. "How do I get to a color coordinated outfit?", I asked. "All you need to do is spend a little money," Bourey quipped. "Maybe next year Miguel Indurain will join us on one of these rides."

Darlene Hogue, graciously drove a support vehicle for wayward, or otherwise, lost cyclists.

Tom Hoefer and Tracy Wilde, Mountain Bike Specialists employees, benefited from a day off from work.

3D bicycle manufacturer Chris Herting had a fast custom-bike to enjoy his ride.

All of the cyclists regrouped and caught their breath at the Dolores Grocery Store. Tradition dictated the rules, so Mapel treated riders to a box of Little Debbie Moon Pies. "If this ride gets much bigger, Frank will have to buy two boxes of those," someone said.

Craig Campbell, a Hassle Free wrench, and I left a few minutes before the rest of the group. We soft pedaled the back road up to the graveyard on Highway 184. The conversation had just turned from various bike lubes to past Death Rides when Wells, Mapel and company whizzed past.

Campbell caught on the train and just before I got dropped, hard, Mapel and I shared a few words. "Are you getting in a good workout?" I asked. "Any kind of riding you can do this late in the season and have some fun is good," Mapel said. "It's been a long year of racing."

It was a lonely 30-mile ride back to Durango for me. Automobile drivers don't pay much attention to elevation changes on the road, but the stretch between Mancos and Hesperus is not flat.

Meet today at Oscar's in the Town Plaza today and Bread Bakery at 9:30 a.m. Saturday Durango time for rides up Coal Bank Hill and through the Animas Valley to Baker's Bridge.

Missed out on the rides this year? Don't worry, you have another year to get in shape and lose that beer belly for Bike Fest 2005.

Marc Witkes is president of Durango Motorless Transit. He writes a bi-weekly column on outdoors adventure and running.He can be reached at 970-247-3116.

The 2nd Annual Ned Overend & Boure Bike Fest Schedule

This year's much anticipated (by us) Boure Bike Fest week is scheduled for September 12 to 18, 2004. The week will consist of a series of rides which we hope you will join. These rides are not supported and are for fun. This is not a race, we just want you to join us while we do a week of our favorite Durango rides, during the (usually) warm and dry mid-September. Riders of all abilities are welcome and we have chosen rides that show off the local scenery and variety of terrain. Most rides have longer additions, or short cuts, to match your needs.

After the success and learning of and from last year's rides we have altered the timing of the rides and added a new planned Mountain bike day. Ned will join us for several days but has not yet committed to which days. We can't force you, but we highly recommend helmets, we will be wearing ours. They are required for the Durango Wheel Club rides. Although we will provide any assistance we can, please be self supporting for road food, water and clothing. If you forget something, the local bike shops are very complete and happy to help.

*Remember that any plan is subject to change by weather requirement so we need to know who will be here and how to contact them if required.*

We will send more specific instructions on the ride locations and any changes to those people who request additional information, so unless we hear from you by e-mail or phone we won't be sending any more information to the general populace. When we see what number of people will be here we will finalize our social plans for non-riding events. If you decide to show at the last minute (highly encouraged), call us (888-889-9242 or locally 247-0339) and let us know so we make sure you are up-to-date for the rides.

The general plan for the week, which is very fluid depending on who shows up and the logistical challenges which may arise (weather, road closures, etc). We have a designated place for breakfast where we will start the ride, but certainly one can be enjoyed without the other.

*Please share this info with any friends, discussion groups or your local cycling club in case any of them want to come.*

Daily Schedule:
Breakfasts will commence around 7:45am, which allows for time to digest before we start to ride at 9:30. If you choose to skip breakfast or have other plans, that is fine, we will leave from the breakfast location at 9:30.

Sunday. September 12, 2004
Trimble Loop-Lemon Dam
Meet at Bread Bakery
45 miles
3 to 4 hours
2250 feet of climbing

Monday September 13, 2004
Ignacio-Bayfield-Vallecito Loop
Meet at Carver's Bakery
70 miles
4-5 hours
3250 feet of climbing

Tuesday September 14, 2004
We are not planning a ride this day as we expect many people to attend the Durango Wheel Club: Tuesday night Worlds as described by Tom Danielson and Todd Wells in VeloNews. Additional information as requested.

Wednesday September 15, 2004
Durango to Dolores

Meet at Kennebec Cafe in Hesperus (12 miles west of town)
70 miles (*95 miles)
4-6 hours
3750 feet of climbing (*5500 feet) 
*optional extension from the Boure factory in town

Thursday September 16, 2004
Hermosa Creek Mountain Bike Trail
Meeting place to be determined
18 miles of single track, with about 10 miles of dirt and paved roads
3 hours, plus or minus
Less than 1000 feet of climbing, around 4000 feet of descending

Friday September 17, 2004
Coal Bank Pass

Meet at Oscar's Restaurant
75 miles
5 hours
4500 feet of climbing

Saturday September 18, 2004
Baker's Bridge-Old Shalona Valley Loop
*Vintage Bike Day
Meet at Bread Bakery
30 miles
2 hours
500 feet of climbing
*This day will be an optional vintage bike day, bring your oldest steed for the ride and prizes will be awarded for several categories by our special judging group.

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