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Designed & Sewn in Durango, Colorado USA... Tested the World Over

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This is a birthday present to myself on my 62nd birthday this Saturday. These shorts are the best. Before I hurt my back (again) and was doing 300k and 400K rides here in Virginia, I would wear these shorts with a Brooks saddle and not have a worry in the world about spending that much time in the saddle. Thanks for creating a product that really lives up to expectations!


I wanted to let you know that I received my shorts and new Club SPF jersey a few weeks ago. I LOVE ‘EM! This is the 5th pair of Boure shorts I’ve owned and my 3rd jersey. It’s the best bicycling clothing I’ve ever worn and I won’t buy any other.

Thank you

Can I just take a moment to let you know how nice it is to do business with such a great company. You guys are awesome. I placed an order on Friday at 4:15 and today my wife called to tell me my item arrived with the mail delivery. Your customer service focus and dedication are so appreciated that I wanted to let you know how satisfying it is to deal with your company. I only wish all bicycle merchandise companies were as good as you guys are. I will be a loyal customer for years to come.

Thanks again!

Thank you! You're customer service is the best I've seen with an online clothing vendor.


Thanks so much for your great service.


I love your shorts. They are my favorite and all that I wear.

Your support has become legendary. Keep up the great work to make people’s PBP dreams a successful reality. You can’t put a price on that.


Thanks Wade. Pleasure doing business with you.

It's funny how I end up buying less after dealing with you. I end up expecting others to be as helpful and informative. I just got a note from another seller who was curt and not useful -- as if I was bothering them. I'll be avoiding that purchase for a while. The shorts I'm ordering today are the result of you being as engaged as you are. Not rocket science, but it seems like a lot of companies don't get it. In any case, thanks.


As I have been riding more miles, I have been tossing shorts by other companies that just don't work well for me over a few hours. Just tossed a nice Italian pair, they may be fancy but they are not comfortable. And the Boure Elite shorts are the standard by which all other shorts are measured. It is purely selfish on my part!


Subject: Hit by a SUV !

The Boure arm warmers, Boure knee warmers, Boure vest, and shorts have no damage at all. I was glad since I did not want to have to replace them and the clothes keep the street grime from getting in the road rash. That Boure stuff is made tuff.


By the way, your men’s Elite shorts are the best I’ve ever used, by a long shot. Kudos.


As an everyday rider and commuter on my twenty-five year old Schwinn World Sport, your cycling clothing makes me feel like a pro. At 6'5", I was first drawn to your company for extended sizing you offer, but have now made you my only cycling gear supplier. The quality, fit, and durability of your products is unsurpassed.


So far I love the stuff I bought from you. That and your customer service is developing a loyal customer, which means you'll be named in the divorce papers when my wife finds out how much I'm spending on biking.


Hi Wade,

My wife got her vest today. She is very happy. Great product at a fair price. I just wanted to let you know you guys have first class customer service. You are the model of what web buyers are looking for in a trusted place to purchase from.

Thanks for taking such good care of us. I'll make sure all of my friends in the Great Northwest know about your company and how you take care of them.


Thank you Bouré Sportswear:

My order arrived today and I couldn’t be more pleased. I am a full-figured woman in my mid-forties, living in picturesque Seattle and have recently taken up cycling. I made a commitment to commute to work by bike daily last summer and did great. I was so excited by this accomplishment that I made an additional commitment to continue riding during the fall and winter months.

Riding a bicycle over bridges and close to the shore makes for a chilly and sometimes windy commute; and its only October. I knew I didn’t have the right clothing, so looked for plus-size cold weather gear locally without success. Undeterred, I searched the web and found your company. I was impressed by comments from your satisfied customers, your newsletter, cycling resources, and annual cycling events, but most of all by your quality control and guarantees. I ordered your Women's Elite Thermo Bib Cycling Tights (with chamois). My tights arrived today and they look, feel and fit great! (I am wearing them as I write this.)

I am now confident that I can continue cycling year round. I know that I am not alone in my quest for well manufactured, stylish cycling clothing in plus sizes. Don’t stop! I promise to sing your praises at every opportunity and recommend your company’s products to anyone that inquires. Besides, everyone can see where I get my awesome gear from your strategically placed reflective logos.

I will be a repeat customer; there are a couple of other items I have my eye on. Maybe, someday, I will venture to Durango to participate in Bike Fest.

Yours truly,

Not only are your shorts good stuff, but you folks are efficient, prompt, great to deal with. Thank you.


Thanks for making great gear. You're stuff really holds up and the longer you own it the more its quality is revealed.


Hi Wade,

My Bouré goodies arrived the other day. Since you wre asking where I heard about Bouré, I thought you might like some feedback, as well. For starters, wow! Really nice clothes, top quality, and so comfortable!! I don't want to take them off. I work outdoors as a letter carrier and have worn the base garment every day since it arrived. Extremely comfy and warm, and still smells like it just came out of the packaging. I've also been wearing the trainer to and from work, and it's brilliant AND stylish ;-) I'll be trying out one of the jerseys and some socks this week in the woods, but I already know they'll be my favourite riding clothes. So, thank you very much. Best purchase I've made in a long time, and worth every penny.

Take care,

Thanks received my order yesterday - GREAT jerseys, looking forward to wearing them. Want to thank you & all the people at Boure for the excellent products that I purchased. The riding shorts became my favorites quickly this last summer, after a lot of long rides they show no wear and feel as good as the first time I put them on. Again thanks for a great quality product.


As a middle-aged teacher, I am just getting back into cycling after a couple of decades. In looking for “Tall Sized Cycling Clothing” on the internet, I saw your company referenced in a bike forum.

I placed my first order two weeks ago (#27438), and happily wore my bright yellow Boure Team Jersey this week. Both the long sleeve and short sleeve version fit like a glove. At 6’5”, I am thrilled by the fit, believe me. I expected high quality from the descriptions at your website, and wasn’t disappointed. I am also very pleased to be able to purchase cycling clothing that is made in the USA.

I just placed a second order. With your tall sizing, I may never have to shop anywhere else for cycling clothing.


P.S. Would love to to post a "satisfied customer" remark and feel free to include anything I've said!! AWESOME is the best word to describe your stuff. I can't remember the last time I wore tights, knickers that didn't bother me at some point. I'll be doing a 10-day (over 900 miles) bicycle tour in June and the shorts are 1st on the list. Everyone else will be suffering and I'll be sitting pretty!!


Hey Wade, ... you guys make the best shorts in the world--at least my world here in Wyoming. I have 3 other pair of Elites and love 'em. Thanks!


I can't say enough about your customer service/Wade. To be able to talk to someone who knows so much and know that he cares it truly wonderful. I will be sure to tell the owner of Kegel's bike shop in Rockford about your custom fitting service!


Wade & Drew,

Just got my custom bib shorts and they’re great, just like the custom jerseys you made for me the last couple weeks. I’m so glad I found Boure, and really appreciate all the rush work to get me outfitted for my trip this week.

Thanks again – you guys are the best.


Spencer Klaassen rode the 1400k London-Edinburgh-London ride last week. We had a get together Sunday night at a local bar so he could tell us about the trip.

There were over 600 riders from 30 some countries. Just thought I would pass on to you guys. Spencer wore his Boure knickers the entire ride. He also said that about every American rider he saw also had on Boure clothing.



Thanks for the socks. You guys have some of the best customer service in the biz. I buy all my clothes from Boure and encourage my friends to do the same. Hopefully, my wife will be doing some Christmas shopping here as there are a few things on my list. Thanks again and happy holidays.


Hello Wade,

Thank you for pointing this out to me. I have worn Boure cycling clothes for several years now and have found them to be of high quality. Now I can tell my friends that the customer service is as good as the product. Thanks again.


---- "Bouré Sportswear" <> wrote:
Dear Seth,

I see that you are a returning customer that is on our e-mail Newsletter list with a valid e-mail address. I didn't notice any mention of the e-mail Newsletter coupon although your timing suggests that you just got it. Perhaps you forgot or haven't read your Newsletter fully since you were so excited to place an order. In case you forgot, I have given you the special discount noted in the Newsletter. I suggest rereading your Newsletter in case you can take advantage of further specials or missed something critical.

Thanks for the opportunity to give you a ribbing!

Let me know if you have any questions.

Ride On and Happy Holidays!

Wade Moore
Boure Sportswear

I thought you might like to know that a pair of Boure bib shorts were destroyed beyond all recognition when they gave their life to save mine. While wearing them, I suffered a heart attack last May 28th bicycle commuting to work here in the Seattle area.

Fortunately, I was riding past the University of Washington Hospital, so I coasted in to the emergency turn around and was fortunate enough have my life saved by some of the most talented and gifted cardiac surgeons and nurses in the country. They had to cut the Boure bib shorts off me while doing CPR...for 45 minutes. They nicknamed me "Lazarus" at the hospital.

Two stents and 70 pounds later, I am continuing to faithfully commute on my bicycling -- yes even in the rain and cold of the Seattle winter.

But I've desperately missed those wonderful Boure bib shorts. During the winter, I've been building up a vintage Merlin MTB frame to use as my new commuter bicycle. And it just doesn't seem right not to have a nice pair of those Boure shorts for the maiden voyage (commute) in a few weeks after all the parts arrive. I just ordered some bib shorts and a jersey off your website.

I thought you all there at Boure would like to know about the unusual demise of one of your fine products. Perhaps your well-made shorts have powerful, life-saving properties that you are not fully advertising... 8^) Thanks to the availability of size 3XL shorts, I was able to begin bicycle commuting when I did -- who knows where I would have been otherwise.

If you are ever interested in using my story to advertise your shorts, please let me know. More complete details of my heart attack are on my blog:


I just want you guys to know that I think it is TOTALLY RAD that you shut down shop over spring break.

I hope your entire customer base respects this and supports this business/life practice as much as I do.


Thanks! I love your products, and your personalized service.


I rode last weekend with my SPF jersey and love it. Your products and customer service rock!


Thank you for your awesome service on my last order that I messed up and you corrected. If every company in the US would follow your lead we would not be in such an economic disaster.


very good stuff, made here in the USA too! i'm getting very good life out of my shorts and kickers. great service. will buy more this spring...

Love my Boure Elite bib shorts! Never any trouble. Never use chamois "products." Wore two pairs over 4 days of LEL comfortably. Boure has outstanding customer service. Great, small US company. Nice people. Don't think twice, just do it!


Lot's of snow here. Skiing is great. But I am still looking forward to a great season on the road this spring and there is no better set of bibs out there than yours. The ONLY brand I ever ride on. My butt thanks you.


Dear Boure Staff,

I just wanted to thank you for offering "normal" women's bib tights and knickers. I hate the monobib women's tights offered by most manufacturers, if they offer bibs for women at all, and almost no one offers bib knickers for women. I've spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect tights and knickers and when someone sent me a link your web site a couple of months ago, I was really excited. I ordered a pair of your women's bib tights w/ chamois and a pair of Elite women's knickers with the optional bib top. I absolutely love both garments. Thanks again for offering these products; I make it a point to tell everyone I can about them.


I thought that I would let you know that I have been doing a very heavy training week of 10 hours cycling per day - testing out all my new shorts that you had made and sent to me.Well, they are SUPERB!!! I haven't had a single scuff, or any sort of soreness. (one day was a marathon spin session in my gym - got hot, but not sore) I am very very impressed with them. I am so glad that I purchased them from you - 7 pairs in total for me, and a pair for Toby. And the knee warmers feel like silk!

Best wishes
Ann from the UK

The tights just arrived and they are fantastic! These tights are one of the few cycling items that fit me perfectly other than my bike. I ride 4 days a week, usually three of them on the road in any weather and so I know I will make very good use of these. Up until now I have had to make do with less than perfect options.

Thanks a million,.

Wow!  Ordered on Thursday and received on Saturday and had my first ride on Sunday in my new Boure bibs. I am now a very satisfied customer.

Thank you,


Drew, spent 4 hrs in the saddle on Saturday, the knickers were fantastic.

Thanks very much!

Hi Wade,

Loved my Boure shorts on the first 600K of the Shenandoah 1200 (DNF).  Took your advice and skipped the Lantiseptic until the second half of the second day and had very few butt issues.


You really deserve a favorable comment for these, so here goes:

I had looked around for a long time for reasonable winter sports tights. My XC-specific stuff was not cutting it any more and fall biking in the Midwest is chilly enough as it is. Finally with winter bike commuting looming I decided I needed to do something about it. None of the big manufacturers had anything I wanted. Everything was too constricting or cut in some weird way and did not keep to the basics of being flexible and did not seem as though they'd be particularly warm either. Rather as a last resort I ordered the Boure Elite tights. Perfect cut, very comfortable, warm enough, and not like tourniquets on your thighs and knees. And a good cut for skate-style XC skiing too.


By the way i really do like your shorts - i have tried the high price Assos and they in no way compare in comfort to your shorts - I have a couple of the pro-shorts and look forward to trying these new shorts.

Thank you,

Anyway, I had to tell you that the pro shorts I bought last fall (my first pair of Boure bibs and customized with XL spenders on L bottoms to accommodate my tall frame) got their first big test. I have ridden with them a lot but nothing more than 2 or 3 hours. On Sunday I wore them for the Durango 100. Despite the fact that I really suffered the last 30 miles (damn I should have trained more) I was amazed when I got home and realized that I had actually never felt my shorts the entire ride. I was in and out of the saddle in every position imaginable trying to coax my bike back up to Durango and can testify that they are the most comfortable shorts I have ever had. I can't believe that after over 4.5 hours or riding I not only had no saddle sores, but it was like my crotch had not even been on a bike seat. Your pro jersey was also perfect for starting the ride at 55 degrees and ending at 90. It was all I needed to wear. The long zipper with the flow through side panels is a great concept.

Keep up the good work, your stuff rocks!


I should have added that I brought along two spare pairs of shorts just in case.  But then I should also add that my son did the ride with me wearing a pair of our "tried and true" broken in shorts from another manufacturer.  He suffered from chaffing during the ride.  The ride was three 100K loops that started and ended in the same place so he had an opporutunity to change into one of the spare pairs of shorts before the start of the third and final loop.  It was a hot and unusually humid day for Oregon.  I think that contributed to his problems because we had only minor problems with chaffing on a 220 mile ride the Saturday before. I think the Boure Pro shorts did more than just pass the test.


Love your shorts! I took a pair of Elite shorts on a recent PAC Tour (Elite transcon) and I ended up washing the Boure shorts every day because the others were not working for me for 170 miles per day for 17 days straight.


You guys ROCK! The Pro shorts are the best I've used. Riding 600k's on a fixie are hard enough. These shorts, my Brooks and the right chamois creme completely eliminate any backside issues. I'm stocking up for PBP 2007!


Congratulations on your burgeoning business enterprise.  Your services come very highly recommended.  A rare thing these days.


I received my Elite bib shorts today, and I must say they absolutely rock!  I was a little anxious after ordering them since I don't know anyone who owns a pair, but as soon as they arrived today I took them out for 30 miles and they were great.  Perfect fit.  Thanks for a great product!


I just wanted to tell you about how pleased I am with the performance of a boure wool long sleeve jersey I got from you guys a couple of years back.  I rode it last weekend in southern utah for a group ride into zion natl park.  The day was cool with high temps in the 50's, and with start up temps in the morning much cooler. Anyway, I wore the aforementioned jersey and a long sleeve bottom layer and was comfortable through the whole day and through a wide range of temps. Great jersey!

Still happy with my boure wool,

The cold finally got here (well, 47 counts for cold this year) and the Thermo bib knickers got to go for a ride. The fit was excellent (got some smiles from the ladies!) and my legs stayed warm despite a steady drizzle and lots of standing water on the trails. I should of had these when I did the Telluride to Durango ride on the Colorado Trail.

Again, thanks for a great product.

I just had to drop you a line and tell you how pleased I am with your products. I'm a big guy, 6' 3" 220 lbs. I recently purchased an Elite Thermo Jersey and a pair of Elite Thermo Tights. Wow, these things fit like they were custom made for me! Great job! Thanks for thinking of us "big guys".

P.S. The quality is second to none!

Best tights I have ever had or have seen. I loved them so much that the day I got them I wore them all day because they looked and felt so cool. I use one pair for kayaking under a dry suit and one pair for biking. You were right I will need a glove liner for under the gloves I ordered. So can you please send out a pair.


Hi Wade,

On Autumn rides, people always ask me what I think of my Boure knickers.  I tell them that if they want the best ones around, then Boure is the clear choice.  In my experience, your Boure knickers simply have no equal.  Thanks for making such a wonderful product.


Just wanted to thank you for making this great bib.  I just found out about you last week in the RBR Newsletter and ordered a pair of XXLs. I'm 6'5" and 230lbs. They fit perfectly and have been great so far on the few short rides I've been able to get in with them. I'm just delighted to have found someone who makes high quality riding clothes for "big people." I'm 62 and love to ride here in the Dayton, OH area. I'll definitely buy more of your stuff soon and recommend you guys to my riding friends.


Hi Wade,

Rode my first century of the season today and wore the bibs and jersey. The ride was awesome and the kit worked so well. It was super comfy all day! It's really tested now and I give my full stamp of approval :o)

Thanks again for some awesome product. Cheers!

I imagine that you sometimes get some complaints so I thought for the weekend I'd send off an "anti complaint."Over the past year or so I've ordered several pairs of shorts and a number of jerseys. I rank all of the items at the very top in terms of both comfort and workmanship.  Now that I have several pair of your Elite bib shorts I actually threw out a two year old pair of Assos bibs as yours are much more comfortable.Have a great weekend.  And, oh its in the mid 80's here in Tucson and our pleasant cycling season is just beginning. 


I'll be sure to let everyone I ride with know how great Boure is to deal with, and how nice your clothes are! I think I'll use the tights for x-c skiing this winter too (it's coming up fast!)

Cheers, and thanks again!

I had a nasty crash about three weeks ago. Road rash and bruised under my Elite bib shorts, but the shorts themselves showed absolutely NO sign of damage....not even a scuff mark of the lycra fabric. AMAZING! The only problem with these shorts concerns your business...they simply do NOT wear out. I use 'em andwash 'em all the time and they hold up beautifully. Good stuff!!


Received the bibs Monday (along with some socks!) - thanks for the excellent customer service.  I did a training ride this past weekend wearing your clothing - it exceeded my expectations for comfort; great product and great service.


Thanks a lot. Your clothes are great, can't believe what a difference riding with your Elite Bibs makes, the difference is night and day!!!


I learned more talking to Wade in 15 minutes, than I have in 5 years of going in
and out of bike shops and reading what now seems like misinformation on the web. Sometime the simpliest things are always over looked. If your shorts are as good as Wade was in talking with me and answering all my questions you'll have a customer for a long time.

THANKS WADE !!!!!!!!!!

Hi, I wanted to let you know that these shorts are working out very well. This past weekend, I wore them in a 12 hour race and I was quite happy with how they felt. One thing I really like about them is that they work well with either of the saddles I use. With some of the other brands I have tried, I have found that their shorts only feel good one one saddle, or the other. Thanks for saving my butt!



Thanks for your reply. I was almost sure the second I sent my email I would get it the next day! Actually, got it on Saturday. Great jerseys, I have about 6 now and like the improvements in fit and comfort. I race and clothes are something you don't want to have to think about.

Enjoy the products,

Alright Wade, you win.

The Elite Bibs that I just ordered are pretty awesome. I couldn't believe how wonderful they performed and felt once I got on the bike. You just earned a lifetime brand loyal customer. Watch for an increase in sales from the Northern Kentucky/ Southern Ohio (Cincinnati) Area. I'll be sharing my discovery of Boure Bib Shorts with everyone that I ride with. Once my Boure team jersey and cap get here in mid April I'll really be set. If the jersey fits well, I might order last years green team jersey as well. At least my searching for good shorts has come to an end.


I ordered earlier in the year the 2005 Elite bib shorts & elite shorts - I now love the bibs shorts - outstanding comfort for me- I used them in a 400 km ride last Saturday (6 AM - midnight) - and plan to do the Cascade 1200 km ride.


I received a set of your recumbent pro bib shorts for Christmas.  Let me say they are the most comfortable piece of cycling clothing I have used.  I will be ordering another pair soon and have two pair for summer.Excellent product, I have washed them 10 times or so and they still look like new.


Thanks Drew,

BTW, The Elite Thermal Bibs I purchased earlier this year have received nearly daily use and they are, without a doubt the best bib tights I have every used. My order for the bib shorts will be placed within minutes. Please keep up the great work.


About two weeks ago, I went on a 200K brevet and after about 70K I could barely sit on my saddle because of a huge welt. So, I called your company and spoke to a rep about my problems. At the end of the call, I decided to forgo chamois butter and Body Glide, and switch to Boure shorts. The dividends paid off immediately. Yesterday, I went on a double century ride, and at the end of it, there was no irritation, no welt, no inflammation, nothing. This, despite the fact that I rode in a downpour for an hour, and my chamois stayed wet for several hours after that.

Anyone who is experiencing saddle sores that aren't caused by rubbing or friction, should get some Boure shorts and throw away all their cremes, salves, and balms.

You have a great product. My undercarriage thanks you.

Hi, Wade!

Came home from work to find your package had arrived, quick delivery, thanks! I am, as I have always been with Boure', very pleased.You were right on with your advice on sizing for the eVent rain jacket.  It's a fitted cut, so the large, with my winter-weight wool jersey underneath, will suit me just right, and it'll be just as fine in the summer, I'm sure.  It seems perfect in all other dimensions; I look forward to riding in it, the near future a good opportunity in the latest NYC weather conditions.  I also look forward to trying the booties on the new shoes that I've just bought, as I do the socks.  Thanks, too, for enclosing the eco-friendly detergent sample, which my family will embrace.If Boure's own manufactured products weren't of such good quality, I'd order more often, but my past purchases from you have still been going strong. ;-)  I think that I'll be needing some new clothes later this year, however, so we'll correspond again.I DO recommend Boure' to my NYCC colleagues, tho not knowing if that comes to fruition.  I will continue to take the opportunity to do so, particularly as I suspect that these latest purchases will draw comment.

Best wishes, until next time,

You guys have such a great thing going.  Thanks for the news letter with all the special deals on it.I was always raving about the thermo knickers then I bought a pair of the bib thermo knickers.  The bib version is by far the most comfortable and cozy pair of short/knickers I’ve ever ridden in.  I also own multiple pairs of your pro shorts which are far superior to any other brand I’ve ever worn and I’ve tried quite a few in the last 15 years.  I also have a heavy black woolistic under shirt as well as a light weight sleeveless version (both great).  No stink and I stay warm while someone fixes this or that on a wet cold day. The wool skull cap you sell now is fucking unbelievably perfect; covers the ears and fits under a helmet.  It’s almost like you guys actually wear the stuff you sell?!Slowly over the last few years my cycling apparel has transformed into almost exclusively Boure products.  This didn’t happen by design.  The fact that Boure is a great company, because of the great people, is enough for me to support it.  The reality is the products are far superior to any alternative.  When I get a news letter as personalized and appreciative as the one you sent out I just have to reply and thank you.  Thank you.I just saw the new wool long sleeve jersey (bianchi blue).  You hit the nail on the head; simple design and wool.  I have a Castelli jersey of the same cut and material, bought quite some time ago.  It is my favorite over layer but I don’t care too much for having the name all across my chest (although it’s kind of retro looking and therefore sufferable).  An emblem such as your own is acceptable and tasteful.  I can’t wait to get mine.  Please offer thin short sleeve versions with the same theme; simple and not too flashy.

Thank you,

The bib tights fit great! I have about 400 miles on the first bibs that you sent. No bunching or sagging, they fit like they were made for me. They kept me nice and warm, too. So now I can cycle, ski, and play hockey all on the same day. Gotta love Colorado - and Boure too. Tell Ned "Old Guys Rule!" 55 and still getting better.


This is 3rd pair of bibs I have ordered in last year. I love them! I prefer the pro chamois over the elite. You make a great product. I ride 12,000+ miles a year and can't wear them out. I am a member of UMCA and first learned about your products through them. Keep up the good work!



Perhaps it's good to know you made a difference. I would like to thank everyone at Boure' who helped get my new Thermosensor LS jersey to me on such short notice during the bike fest last week.My Sept century began on Sunday with a brisk six-mile downhill grade on the Trail of the Coeur D'Alenes in northern Idaho. There was frost on the side of the mountain and, on the north face, ice capped puddles beside the asphalt. But the day became ethereal, a ride through swirling Aspen leaves, past blue lakes, turkeys and ospreys. It was... perfect. And warm in my new jersey.



I wanted to let you know that I received my knickers and had a ride today wearing them. I found them to be very comfortable. I plan on riding next Sunday with Lance Armstrong here in Portland, Oregon. The ride benefits the Oregon Health Sciences University Cancer Institute and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.I will be shopping with Boure again.

Thank you,

I want to truly thank you for all you did to make sure I received the jacket and pants for my Dad's B'day! You guys are the best! He is going to love them!


Thank you so much for the quick exchange on my bibs.  I really like your products and your customer service is absolutely incredible.  Really can't say express how happy I am to have done business with you.  Keep up the good work, and best of luck to everyone at Boure.


Hi Wade,

Wanted to out a few miles into the shorts before writing back...Really great fit and comfort.  That chamois is so much more substantial than what I am used to, yet does not feel bulky in any way. Hasn't been cool enough for the knickers, really, but on just trying them on, the fit and feel is comparable.Like many great bike products, these shorts are "set-it-and-forget-it".  I don't even think about them when riding. I will certainly be posting a positive review on MTBR, appreciate the fine American-made product!


I received my custom fit leg warmers and stock size arm warmers today - just as promised.  I want to commend you on your very high level of customer service.  I ordered these items on Tuesday, March 4 and received them on Friday, March 7 for use the following morning, even though the leg warmers had to be special made.  I think this is great service!!

Thank you very much!

Wade, you guys are great. Sure beats doing business with them huge, impersonal catalog companies. And, oh yes... Long Live WOOL!!!


Hey I got the shorts in large today. They fit great.  So much better than the ones I was using, the size and placement of the chamois is perfect.  Just enough padding and supportive where it counts. Really Nice.



As you may remember I wrote to Boure a little while ago asking some technical questions regarding the bib shorts. . As this was my first purchase of any type of biking shorts I was a little apprehensive, but your recommendations as to size, care, and fitment of the garment were very specific and detailed; much to my surprise! . And, BTW..........I have now had several rides wearing the Boure Elite bibs and taking your recommendations to heart and leaving off the Bag Balm, etc. prior to a ride has definitely eliminated my saddle sores. I want to let you know how well pleased I am with my first purchase from Boure.


I must have 6 or 8 brands of cycling shorts in my drawer.  As I sort them out and try them out in preparation for La Marmotte (Croix de Fer, Telegraphe, Galibier, Alpe d'Huez) ahead of le Tour on 09 July, I want you to know how WONDERFUl your Boure' Elites feel.  They are substantial weight fabric, the fit is "just right" and the faux chamoix insert is terrific, even compared to Pearl Izumi's vaunted (but "fake") new insert.  The highest compliment I can give these shorts is that I don't think about them during my rides.  Thank dog I bought a regular pair and a "bib" pair (so I can look even MORE like a Euro geek cyclist on my eye-talian frame).

DHS 1958/59
Regards to fellow Lifeguard Mike Elliott

Wow!  I ordered your new LS team jersey on Wednesday.  It arrived on Friday.  I took it out for a full day of riding on Saturday, under the hot Miami sun.  The jersey kept me cool, and the SPF 50+ performed like a champ.  This is a terrific jersey.  You guys rock!

Many thanks,

I've been buying your shorts almost exclusively for 6 years now. Great product!!



I just received my Elite Thermo Cycling Tights (invoice #: 00014509) and couldn't be happier. The construction and quality cannot be beat. This is perhaps the finest piece of cycling clothing I now have in my collection. Early Michigan springs will not keep me off the road now. I'll definitely be ordering from you in the future--and I'll be passing the word along.

Thanks again,

Excellent quality & craftsmanship. I wore the shorts to the local bike shop & they wanted to know where I got them. Outstanding, keeping up the good work!


Thanks also for your good service - you seem to be one of the few companies that has the good service based online order system down - which is vital for customer confidence and guarantees that when people are after some cycling gear, you'll be the first door they knock on.


I recently received a wool jersey ordered from your clearance items. I wanted to tell you that I think that it has the highest quality I have ever seen. It fits and feels better than the brand "S" wool jersey I already have! Keep up he good work!


I recently purchased your Pro bib shorts without padding and PRO jersey with side pockets for use on recumbents from Calhoun Cyclery. It finally warmed up enough to try them out. I am very pleased with quality and fit. I will gladly purchase more of your products in the future.

Thank You,

What an amazing jersey. Great workmanship. The best actually. The fix is perfect. It was just what I was looking for. I could go on, and on and....Oh, the shorts are so good I'm heading to your site to order some more and look into some tights. Thanks for all your correspondence and help. Your company will be the first source I will use before I look anywhere else.

And thanks again,

You guys are redefining customer service. Thanks a lot for your making up the new pair. I will be sure to tell all my cycling friends about this fantastic service.

Thanks again,

Dear Drew,

Thank you very much for the duds. I like them a lot!!! The long sleeve jersey is perfect. Yesterday I received my new bike and your clothes and took them both for a test spin. Heads were turning! I look forward to getting more clothes from you in the future. Please count on me to spread the word about your company.

Best wishes,

Thank you for your prompt reply. I would also like to thank you and your staff for being such a pleasure to work with. I have been using your products for over three years and have been completely satisfied with every one. Your staff is always great to work with as well. Boure's combination of great products and excellent customer service have led me to sing your praises to anyone who will listen. I even go so far as to pack my Boure t-shirt (when it's clean) in my bag when I travel to "spread the word" in a t-shirt kind of way.

Thanks again for great cycling clothes, the kind that let me enjoy my ride and clear my head, rather than pulling on my shorts or jersey, and having great people to get them from.

All the Best to you and your staff during the holidays and in the coming year.

I have three pairs of these shorts and they are great! They last a long time (indefinitely, if you're not riding!) and are very comfortable, even on longer rides. Keep up the good work!


I tried out my new cycling outfit yesterday evening and it feels great. This is my first pair of cycling shorts and now I'm wondering how I have managed all those long cycling outings without one!! I hope to do business again with your company some time in the very near future. Thanks for the great service.

Best regards

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