The Bouré Bicycle Clothing Catalogue
Ned Overend's bicycling clothes and outdoor apparel for road cycling, mountain biking, and Nordic skiing designed and manufactured in Durango, Colorado.

The Owners of Bouré

Ned Overend
Company Mascot & Product Tester

What can we say...Ned's "The Champ". 1990 UCI World Champion, 6-time NORBA National Champion, and at age 50-55, the current National Cyclocross Champion. Ned is a renaissance man who somehow balances training, family, and duties with Specialized and Bouré. He promotes Bouré Bicycle Clothing by using our clothing for his racing and training, and uses that experience to help develop and refine our clothing to insure that it performs flawlessly for you.

Drew Bourey
Designer, Cutter & Fausto Coppi Wannabe

Drew started the company in 1988 and designed all of our clothing. He cuts fabric, designs the clothing, postcards and webpage, takes out the trash, and makes sure the checkbook balances. He loves what we do, rides his bike to work everyday, and wants our clothing to be the best in the world. Drew has done a lot of bike and Nordic ski racing, and still makes a sometimes futile effort to stay in good shape.

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