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1st Annual Ned Overend & Bouré Bike Fest
September 21-27, 2003

Group Photo atop Lemon Dam.
Note the low level of the lake at the height of the drought.

First of all the weather cooperated nicely with crisp mornings and moderate days, as you would expect at elevation and at the height of the color change in Colorado. The mountains did not disappoint and provided us with the typical golden Aspens and bright orange scrub oaks all on the dark green background of the well know coniferous trees. The turn out was very nice, for our first event, and dominated by locals and a few close friends. You may have seen nice mention on by Fred Matheny who was nice enough to join us for one of our longer rides on the day that Drew had everyone over to his house for a very nice dinner and social gathering. We averaged 10-12 riders each week day and were astounded with 30-50 riders on the weekend days when we had great representation by the Durango Wheel club and other local cyclists. We had regular visits by some of Ned's playmates like professionals Frank Mapel, Todd Wells and Tom Danielson. While the pace was often brisk, the attitudes were left at home and everyone had a wonderful time. As promised, Wade struggled at the back while vowing to be in better shape for 2004. Oh yes, he also wants to thanks Hal and Michael for dropping back to give him moral support and conversation, when they could have been pushing the pace at the front. A special kudo to Rich Donley, who made every ride and every mile all week, he is given General Classification Championship for shear perseverance and guts, with all rights and privileges thereunto appertaining. In all, well over 350 miles were covered with over 20,000 feet of climbing. We learned a couple things, like a strong group likes to test each other and that next year we will plan for a day or two off and a few lighter days. We will also plan to break the group into smaller groups of similar condition and pace so the guys at the back with Wade aren't so thrashed trying to keep up. Special thanks to Kevin and Julian "Spunky Monkey" for coming out to represent California, your state's honor was nicely upheld. Who knows, that week may have even gotten Kevin engaged! Best wishes to Kevin and Carrie! The last thing we learned was that those of you who didn't make it missed a great week of riding and friendship building and even getting to meet a few cycling legends. We heard that there was some discussion traffic on the Serotta web site about a planned group of devotees who are going to come en masse this fall and we welcome them with open arms. To one and all, do your best to come this fall and then you'll be able to say, I know Bicycle Bob!

1st Annual Ned Overend & Bouré Bike Fest Itinerary

The much anticipated (by us) Bouré Bike Fest week is scheduled for September 21 to 27, 2003. The week will consist of a series of rides which we hope you will join. These rides are not supported and are for fun. This is not a race, we just want you to join us while we do a week of our favorite Durango rides, during the colorful Colorado fall. Riders of all abilities are welcome and we have chosen rides that show off the local scenery and variety of terrain. Most rides have longer additions, or short cuts, to match your needs (if not noted, please ask).

Drew, Ned (for several days) and Wade will join you for these rides. We can't force you, but we highly recommend helmets, we will be wearing ours. They are required for the Durango Wheel Club rides. Although we will provide any assistance we can, please be self supporting for road food, water and clothing. The weather is quite changeable and we will be out for many hours. Expect and be prepared for cold, rain, hot, dry, animals, sun, flats, mechanical problems, marauding banshees, etc.

**Remember that any plan is subject to change by weather requirement , so let us know if you're planning to ride with us and how to contact you if required (247-0339).

Daily Schedule:
Breakfasts will commence around 8:00am, which allows for time to digest before we start to ride at 9:30am. If you choose to skip breakfast or have other plans, that is fine, we will leave from the breakfast location at 9:30.

Sunday. September 21, 2003
Trimble Loop-Lemon Dam

45 miles
3-4 hours
2250 feet of climbing

The first day is a short, shake the kinks out day. We will meet at Bread Bakery. After sustenance, we will ride the short, south valley loop to Trimble Lane and circle back to town for a warm-up, and then climb up Florida Road to Lemon Reservoir. This two lane county road involves approximately 2000 feet of climbing over roughly 15 miles as it mostly follows the Florida River. The last pitch to the reservoir (up the "darn dam") will see up to a 10+% grade so save something or suffer. Well, actually you are likely to suffer anyway, but only for about a mile. Total mileage is around 45 and is expected to take around 3 hours.

Monday September 22, 2003
Bayfield-Vallecito Loop

65 miles
4-5 hours
3250 feet of climbing
*Confirmed as a "Ride with Ned" Day.

This day we will meet at Carver's restaurant, 1022 Main Avenue. We will ride southeast 18 miles toward Ignacio, home of the Southern Utes. Just before Ignacio, we turn east and swing north to Bayfield, then continue on to Vallecito Reservoir (roughly following the Los Pinos River {Pine River, for those who don't understand Spanish}. This is a mild grade for roughly 25 miles to Vallecito with a short steep pitch to the top of the dam. After collecting our thoughts we will return along the same route for approximately 5 miles until we turn back toward Durango on County Road 240/Florida Road, which involves climbing out of the Los Pinos River valley and over to the Florida River valley - about a 3 mile climb at 5% - then we return 14 miles along the route ridden Sunday to Lemon Reservoir, but without the steep pitch to the darn dam...

Tuesday September 23, 2003
Elmore's Corner Loop

25 miles
1-1/2 to 2 hours
1250 feet of climbing

This is potentially a two ride day. In the morning, we will meet at Potsie's Diner, in Bodo behind the South end of of the Quality Inn, right by the Bouré shop in Bodo. The morning ride will leave from Bouré travel southeast on or paralleling the highway to Farmington Hill a short (1/2 mile) steep climb up to the Florida Mesa. At the top of Farmington Hill we turn east climbing a bit more to state Hwy 172 (also CR 234) where we turn north through famous Elmore's Corner and up to the drop into the Florida River drainage. This is a steep drop so careful on the descent and S-curve at the bottom. We continue along the river drainage and climb out to join Florida Road/CR 240 where we descend back into town six miles and wind back to Bouré. (The first 7 miles are a part of Wade's commute.)

Wednesday September 24, 2003

70 miles (95 miles)
4-6 hours
3750 feet of climbing (5500 feet)

After meeting for breakfast at the Kennebec Café, (located 10 miles west on Highway 160 at Hesperus turn to Mayday) we will ride west. The ride follows US Hwy 160 to Mancos for approximately 16 miles with a long descent, a 500 foot climb up Mancos Hill, then down into Mancos. Here you turn toward Dolores, climbing several hundred feet to Summit lake (part of it twice), then rolling hills for the remainder of the 18 miles to Dolores. Returning along the same route, you slowly climb 500 feet back to Summit Lake, then 500 feet back up Mancos Hill, and 1000 feet back up to Hesperus. For those who want a little more, Drew has agreed to start at Bouré at 7:30am and ride to Hesperus/Kennebec Cafe, this adds 25 miles and 1500 feet of vertical.

Thursday September 25, 2003
Coal Bank Pass

75 miles (90 miles)
5-7 hours
4000 feet of climbing (5750 feet)
*Confirmed as a "Ride with Ned" Day.

This day will feature the the big climb that starts the race to Silverton. Breakfast at Oscar's restaurant, then we will depart for Coal Bank Pass and back. This ride entails about 4000 feet of fairly steady climbing in 35 miles (and 4000 feet of descending in 35 miles). This ride can be shortened by turning around prior to the top as it is an out and back. It can be lengthened by riding over Coal bank and up to Molas Pass for another 2000 feet of climbing in roughly 14 miles (out and back).

Friday September 26, 2003
Wildcat Canyon to Mayday

55 miles
3-4 hours
2750 feet of climbing

This day we meet at Christina's at the Best Western on Highway 160 west, about 1/2 mile west from the Hwy 550/160 intersection next to the DoubleTree Inn. Then the Durango, Breen, Hesperus out and back ride. This is the reverse of Ned's Wildcat Canyon loop without the time on Hwy 160 (unless you want the shortcut back to town or just want to hit 45 mph or better coming down US Hwy 160. This is Wade's favorite ride, it is about 18 miles of fairly steady up hill punctuated by a few rollers, over all you gain 2,000 feet (some of it you gain more than once). The trip up Wildcat is narrow and curvy so stay right and single file! The grade is very moderate so expect low teens average speeds to Hesperus. The return is fabulous, a tail wind is typical after noon and you will see sustained speeds of 30 mph with only a bit of effort. The final descent down Wildcat Canyon can see the sprinters heading well over 45 mph if they are feeling frisky.

Saturday September 27, 2003
Baker's Bridge Valley Loop

27.5 miles
1-1/2 to 2 hours
500 feet of climbing
*Confirmed as a "Ride with Ned" Day.

Meet at Bread Bakery then plan on riding the Baker's Bridge Valley loop. This ride features gently rolling river grades that hug both sides of the Animas Valley for an extremely scenic tour of the Durango Valley. A favorite of locals who just call it the "valley ride". This ride can include a 5 mile or longer extension for those who want to climb Shalona Hill and onward toward Silverton, or a shortcut at Trimble lane that cuts the ride in half if you need to leave early.

*Ned will participate in at least one other day's rides as his schedule permits.

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