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Report on the 5th Annual Ned Overend & Bouré Bike Fweest
September 16-22, 2007

Once again bike aficionados from across the country (okay from Missouri to California) descended on Durango during the third week of September for a week of riding. The first day, Sunday, always has the highest attendance and this year was no different - we counted upwards of 80 at the turn-around. Our good friend Rob (of the local bakery and rider-meeting-spot, bread) was his usual kind and generous self, providing coffee, coffee cakes, energy cookies, juice and soda at both the start and the turn-around at Lemon Reservoir Dam, and all served by our good buddy and road-advocate extraordinaire, Just-One-Goat. We had a very windy storm come in right after the first ride which forced us to postpone the Monday Coal Bank Pass day to Tuesday, the same day as our first Mountain Bike Clinic Day (though a few of the most robust still took a short ride on the storm day). All of the rides were well attended as this bike week continues to grow. The Fweest week this year was a tad colder than normal (as the Indian Summer hadn't arrived yet) so we all got to use a wide variety of Boure clothing to stay comfy in all conditions.

    The Mountain Bike Clinic with Chainsaw Chad Cheeney was attended by half a dozen riders of all abilities and everyone learned something to make their future MTB rides easier, more fun and safer. Most of them used their new skills for one of the two options on Mountain Bike Day, where the new route around Graysill Mountain showed itself to be an excellent option. The riders down Hermosa Creek sustained the first ever Bike Fweest injury, when one of the riders tumbled and broke a wrist. The other riders rallied well and solicited the help of some conveniently placed hunters who drove the injured rider out on an ATV. Meanwhile, the newly crowned Mountain Richard walked both his and her bikes back up to the vehicles and finally got to use that pedal wrench he's carried on every ride for years to take off the pedals so he could walk two bikes up a single track path.

   The new ride out in the west part of the county Cherry Creek showed us which riders have self control and which riders just have to compete, even with no prize list and against others who aren't racing them. We also discovered that some drivers have incredibly good eyes, those that can spot a shriveled hot dog at 60 mph and 100 yards. The following was reported in the Durango Herald police blotter that day:

11a.m. Several bicyclists were exposing themselves in the
15300 block of Colorado Highway 140, in the Breen area.

   We're surely forced to laugh at this description as Wade photographed the riders who decided to take a nature break in Breen. Even upon close inspection of the photos using a high-resolution camera, digital enhancement and a lighted magnifying glass couldn't actually discover any personal parts being "exposed". Makes you wonder about tolerance sometimes...

   The remainder of the week was less eventful and the word must be getting out about the Vintage Bike day as the turnout was especially strong with some fine Vintage bikes, clothing and attitudes of "riding for riding's sake". One of the nice young fellows even led Old Wade out to win the finishing sprint in his leather Kucharick hair net and on his Campy-only, friction shifting 1980 Tommasini.

The 5th Annual Boure Bike Fest Schedule

The basic schedule is below but this year we have the chance to add some extra Mountain Biking (you know, that perfectly good walk in the forest ruined by the addition of a mechanical transportation device) in the form of free clinics for any level rider with individualized attention from Charmin' Chad Cheeney, the Daisey Duke Donnin' Righteous Dude of Durango Devo  If you are interested in these free clinics, please let us know as soon as possible, so Chad can get them organized.

Over the years we have done these rides, we have been told that some people are intimidated by the idea of riding with the cyclists who show up on a typical Durango ride. We want to remove all of that anxiety by enforcing the "leave any time you want" and "leave early with Wade" options. Seriously, we've had every level of rider who thought they could make the distance of the ride or had planned a short cut. If you could make the route on your own, then you'll enjoy our rides and someone else will surely be going your pace. Wade usually takes off a bit early using either a short-cut or early-turn-around option to fit any ability and experience level. If you feel sporty, there's always a group that rides a nice, steady tempo. So come on, join us and bring your friend(s).

Daily Schedule:
We meet at different restaurants for breakfast, trying to commence around 7:45-8 am, which allows for time to digest before we start to ride at 9:30. If you choose to skip breakfast or have other plans, that is fine, we will leave from the breakfast location at 9:30 (possible exceptions would be Wednesday the 19th and the Mtn Bike Clinics)

Sunday. September 16, 2007
Trimble Loop-Lemon Dam (traditional group photo on Lemon)
*Ride with Ned Day*
Meet at bread (a bakery and gathering spot)
45 miles
3 hours
2500 feet of climbing

Monday September 17, 2007
Needles Store, Coal Bank Hill, or Molas Pass
Meet at Oscar's Restaurant
50, 75 miles, or 90 miles
5 to 6 hours
2500, 4500, or 6500 feet of climbing

Tuesday September 18, 2007
MTB Clinic with Chad "Chainsaw" Cheeney, USA Cycling Coach Level 2 and Durango DEVO Team Coach.
Meet at the Durango Diner
*Reservations Requred (247.0339)*

Wednesday September 19, 2007
Breen Loop or Red Mesa-to-Cherry Creek Loop*
*Those wishing to ride the Cherry Creek Road should expect road-bike-suitable dirt roads.*
Meet at Christina's Bar and Grill at the Best Western Inn & Suites (1/2 mile West of Durango on Hwy 160)
35 or 60* miles
2 to 4 hours
2000 to 3000 feet of climbing

Thursday September 20, 2007
Hermosa Creek Mountain Bike Trail
*Ride with Ned Day*
Park at Trimble Hot Springs upper lot for shuttle.
(10 miles north of downtown Durango on Hwy 550)
Starting 3 miles up Hermosa Creek Road from US 160.
18 miles of single track, plus about 10 miles of dirt and paved roads
3 hours
Less than 1000 feet of climbing, around 4000 feet of descending


Around Graysill MTB Ride - Cascade Divide Rd-Colorado Trail to Bolam Pass*-Relay Creek Rd
(*with option of continuing to Hotel Draw-Hermosa Creek Rd).
Starting 3 miles up Hermosa Creek Road from US 160.
30 (or *40 miles)
4 to 6 hours
6000 (or *9000) feet of climbing

Friday September 21, 2007
Bondad-Ignacio-Bayfield Loop
Meet at CJ's Diner at Bodo (located 2 buildings south of Boure Sportswear)
60 to 75 miles
4 hours
3250 feet of climbing

Saturday September 22, 2007
Baker's Bridge-Old Shalona
*Vintage Bike Day*
*Ride with Ned Day*

Meet at bread (the Bakery), but please don't drive there!
30 miles
2 hours
500 feet of climbing
*This day will be an optional Vintage Bike Day, bring your oldest steed for the ride and prizes will be awarded for several categories by our special judging group.

250 to 350 miles
20+ hours
12,000 to 20,000 feet of climbing

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