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"I was on a tour with Bikestyle, a group of Australians I have done all three major tours with in Europe. They are a great bunch of people; very easy going and relaxed bunch. We were on our way to the start of one stage of the Giro when we detoured to climb a bunch of hills and finally end up at Coppi's hometown and memorial. It was a very quiet, rural place with literally nobody around. When we rode up to the church with the memorial there were a couple of guys there on bikes, and it turned out to be Zinn and Moser. Again, other than these two guys there was nobody else to be seen until the caretakers emerged from their home next to the church. It was an older couple that turned out to be Coppi's cousins. They got very excited about Moser being there and they went and got a couple of bottles of homemade wine."

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