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3rd Annual Ned Overend & Bouré Bike Fest 2005 Photo Gallery
Molas Pass Ride - Monday, September 19, 2005

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Trimble-Lemon Dam Ride
Molas Pass Ride
Dolores Ride
Hermosa Creek Ride
Ignacio-Bayfield Ride
Vintage Day - Animas Valley Ride

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Group Photo at Oscar's Restaurant.

Ironmen Steve Lamont and Tom Hoefer with the legendary John Glover (back-to-front).

Brent Peffer, all the way from Austin, TX for the second consectutive year.

Eric Burris contemplating the distance to Molas Pass (#1 of 3 who went the full distance)

Hal McLean trys to sucks up extra oxygen for the ride to Molas Pass (#2 of 3 who went the full distance)

Sheriff Mike from Farmington (foreground) with journalist & ultramarathoner Mark Witkes (backgound).
Sheriff Mike's son, Ryan, making sure us old guys don't start the ride too slowly.

Drew, in the background (#3 of 3 who went the full distance to Molas), asks Grant Berry (local cycling star) if it's OK with his girlfriend for him to pull us all the way to the top of Coal Bank Pass. She gave him permission, lucky for us.

...but, wait just a minute while I fix this flat.

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