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November 2008
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Dear Boure Newsletter Reader,

This is our 28th Bouré Newsletter - Late Fall 2008. We've had our first significant snowfall, which deposited about 3 inches in the lower valleys of Southwest Colorado. That small amount in town translated to 25 inches at Wolf Creek Ski Area, which is now open for your early skiing pleasure. Cyclocross is in full swing in this area, which has seen a significant increase in races and racers over the last few years. Local Olympian Todd Wells and his brother Troy are both off to great starts, along with other locals from both mountain and road biking backgrounds. In fact, Todd is in first place in the USGP Cyclocross Series after four races.

Drew and Wade have been working hard for the advocacy group Safe Roads Coalition (SRC), which they helped to establish. The SRC web site is up and functioning, and we hope you'll visit to learn about the nationwide movement toward Complete Streets to accommodate all users. We expect this movement to gain traction as gas prices climb over time and more people seek alternatives to the concept of one person=one car. So please visit the Safe Roads Coalition web site, take a look around and read our inaugural newsletter.

1. Fall Specials for your cold weather riding, and coming soon,
2. Resources on commuting from our friends at and others,
3. Updates to the Boure web site.

1. This early start to winter weather has reminded us that many folks are still commuting and training, so we've put our Elite Thermo tights and jerseys on Special to help. See our Web Specials Page for all of our current on-line specials. Remember that Christmas is next month (as are Drew and Wade's birthdays, if you feel generous), so watch for changing specials in the next 2-3 weeks and don't wait too long to take advantage of the current specials on warm clothes.

We also wanted to announce the appearance on the web site of the Roadie Pant from Showers Pass, the foul weather masters from Portland. We have carried Showers Pass products for years, with many of our customer's positive comments reinforcing this decision. This year Showers Pass has developed a soft, close-fitting foul weather pant that incorporates the highly breathable eVent membrane with a unique multi-material construction. While they may not be quite as comfortable as the Boure thermal tights, the wind-blocking capability allows them to be worn in colder conditions or wet, wintery weather. We've tested them and found them to be an excellent pant when you want (or need) to ride in sub-freezing temperatures or wet conditions.

2. If the thought of high gas prices or global warming or improved mental and physical health has you rethinking your commitment to your car, perhaps all you need to start bicycle commuting is some good information on how to get started. We didn't want to re-invent this particular proverbial wheel so we did some research for you. Our good friends at give their readers a chance to talk about their experiences, called the RBR Commuter Chronicles page, where you can find letters written by RBR Readers who have commuting insights to offer. This page also features the available e-book on more specifics, if you decide you want to look into this ecological, money-saving alternative.

Additional resources on bike commuting can be found here:
Arlington Virginia, Environmental Resources for an Eastern perspective on Commuting,
Bike Whenever, gives the California perspective, and
Bike, presents the Chicago perspective for those in the middle.

3. When we embarked on the overhaul of the Boure web site about a year ago, we had to put some housekeeping details on hold. The scales have finally tipped, okay so we had enough "Why haven't you posted the picture I sent 6 months ago?!" e-mails and couldn't put it off any longer. So, over the last few weeks we have caught up on the many customer comments and photos that you have sent in during recent months (years?). If you'd like to see yourself and/or your friends who have sent in photos go our Customers Photos page. The many customer comments we've received can bee seen at our Satisfied Customers page. We've also had a chance to update and add more photos to the Boure Bike Fweest page, so come and see them for each and all of our 6 Fweests. We encourage you to send in photos of yourself or your friends, resplendent in Boure gear doing fun and wondrous things to share with the Interweb community. Please e-mail them to when you have the time and inclination.

Let us know if we can help your cycling in any way!
Ned, Laverne, Drew, Brandon and Wade

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