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January 2009
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Dear Boure Newsletter Reader,

This is our 30th Bouré Newsletter - Happy New Year 2009. We hope you enjoyed your holiday season and both gave and received gifts that were appreciated and appropriate. As you may have noticed, we have shortened our Newsletters to take less of your time and focus on fewer topics. This is part of our 2009 Stimulus Package, where we will stimulate you slightly more often, but less thoroughly.

We want to thank all of you who have and will stick with cycling, and support us through these tough economic times. We hope that you'll join us in our optimism for the future of cycling in this country as a sustainable, environmentally friendly and healthy pastime. We don't know of any other single thing you can do that has so many positive impacts.

Ned News

In case you've been out of the country or down in Carlsbad Caverns for the last few months, our corporate mascot Ned Overend has added to his palmares with yet another Cyclocross National Championship in the Masters Men 50-54 Age Group. He joins two other fellow Durangoans, "I want to be like Walt" Axthelm (Masters Men 70+) and Martha Iverson (Masters Women 60+) as age group national champions in this increasingly popular version of bike racing for cyclists who like to quickly and repeatedly get on and off their bikes, play in the mud, and bunny-hop over barriers and each other.

After the Holi-Daze Sale

As you can surely imagine, our Holiday Specials are history and New Web Specials have been added. We're offering great prices on some of our most popular styles, such as our...
Bouré WOOL Trainer, jersey, and shorts
Bouré Team jerseys and shorts
Men's & Women's ELITE Thermo knickers

Jersey Clearance Sale

Additionally, we're having a Jersey Clearance Sale on an additional dozen jersey styles. These and more are all 35% to 50% Off and will be available while our limited styles and sizes last.

We all wish you the very best for 2009. And if there's anything we can do to make your upcoming cycling season more comfortable, please let us know.
Ned, Drew, Laverne, Brandon and Wade

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