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October 2008
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Dear Boure Newsletter Receiver,

This is our 28th Bouré Newsletter - Boure Bike Fweest VI Wrap Up. We spent the last week riding with friends for a total of 22 hours (if you went the full distance) of road and mountain bike riding around Durango. The weather was so nice that we only saw the colors start to change at the end of the week. We've yet to have a night in town with freezing temperatures, so if you've a mind to come ride and camp, come soon. The first wave of hunters are arriving in Durango, and at this point they are the safer (look before you shoot) variety that hunt soberly with bows, arrows, and black powder. The daily temperatures are still in the 70's, perfect for short or long rides in Southwest Colorado. The majority of our vacationing visitors are now back at home with kids in school, so if you are an "empty nester" with some free time, come on out. The restaurants have a table for you, the hotels have rooms and the volume is down. 

1. Fweest Wrap Up and Cycling in Durango
2. New Sales and Discounts for Fall Riding
3. Bike-oriented Videos from the Interweb
4. A Quick Ned Update

1. The 6th Annual Boure Bike Fweest went off with nary a hitch. We had perfect weather and toured roads that many locals had never ridden. We changed some of the rides from past years so that every ride left from Durango proper. We added another day of mountain bike riding by adding the "best ride in Southwest Colorado" (as claimed by our MTB Clinic leader and lifestyle guru Chad Cheeney) and rode up the Colorado Trail from town to just below Kennebec Pass. The weekend rides were well attended by working locals, so we had big groups of up to 60 riders filling the roads like a not-so-professional peleton. The weekday road rides all included sections of dirt road that the La Plata County Road Department had in near perfect condition for our mid-teen sized groups (Thanks Doyle Villers!). And Ned led a group of nearly 20 mountain bike riders on Telegraph Trail system, accessed just 1/2-mile from downtown Durango, but physically separated by Raiders Ridge just several hundred feet above town. Thanks to our friends from Arizona, New Mexico, California and other states that attended this year, we enjoyed your company!  Watch the web site for pictures, and if you were here and took some pictures, please send them in for posting. We are already looking forward to next year, although Wade admits he will need to be in better shape!

By the way, Chad Cheeney (local MTB guru and DEVO MTB Team leader mentioned above) has the current distinction and notoriety of being known as the "Decider" in the wacky world of BVD-clad single-speed MTB racers. He recently attended the Single Speed World Championships competition in Sonoma, California and after a grueling competition of bowling and Ms. Pacman got to "Decide" that the 2009 Single Speed World Championship will be held in, you've got it, Durango! Stay tuned for updates on this semi-underground, half-naked, quasi-inebriated event as the plans come together. For more information, click this link from the Durango Telegraph or go to the official Single Speed World Championships 2008 blog site for more pictures and commentary.

Upcoming Cycling Events in Durango

October 4 - Road Apple Rally
Located in Farmington, NM (one hour south of Durango) The Road Apple Rally is the longest running annual mountain bike race and this year they celebrate the 28th Anniversary of the event that started in 1981. Come join us for what many of the participants call the most fun mountain bike race there is. The Road Apple Rally offers classes for everyone.

October 12 - Tour of Durango
Non-competitive tour of Durango’s world class single track trail systems including River Trail, Horse Gulch, Animas Mountain, Dalla Mountain Park and Durango Mountain Park – a true 360 degree tour of Durango’s finest trails.

2. After the success of our last "Indecision Coupon", we have some Fall-oriented products on Sale to help you stay warm and comfy as the weather turns brisk. Men's and Women's ELITE Thermo knickers, ELITE Thermo bib knickers, and the recently arrived Men's and Women's Boure TEAM Thermo jersey have all been put on Sale in the last week. Or go here to see all Boure Sale & Clearance Items.

3. We received a recent e-mail link from a customer that we thought you'd all enjoy and added one from a local group who ride every Sunday here in Durango, We think you'll like them both:
i) Bamboo Bikes are Coming of Age.
ii) The Church of the High Pines web site and Blog.

4. Ned Overend -World Champion, Cycling Legend, and Boure Dignitary - keeps extending his palmares. In a town that includes such notable riders as Olympian Todd Wells, recent National Champion Chris Wherry, and other notable bike professionals like Travis Brown, Matt Shriver, John Tomac and many others - Ned has defended his crown to become the 2008 Champion of the Durango Wheel Club, one of, if not the longest standing cycling clubs in America. Although few current professionals showed up for enough races to contest the omnium with Ned, Durango is home to countless professional looking riders who sure look like they could compete in the Tour De France, so the competiton was intense in each of four events of the Omnium. In fact, Ned didn't sew it up until the fourth and final event, his specialty, the mountain bike time trial. For complete information and details, visit the Durango Wheel Club site.

Let the Fweest Recovery Begin!
Ned, Laverne, Wade, Drew and Brandon

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