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September 2003
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A big hello to everyone and welcome to the fourth Boure newsletter. It seems that Fall is here every morning, but luckily Summer returns by afternoon. In Durango that means rain in the afternoons, so ride early or ride wet. It also means people are starting to think about wool and thermal clothing, so let us know if we can help you out there. We have a couple items here that we hope you will find of interest and encourage one and all of you to write with suggestions or comments regarding this newsletter...or any other topic on which we may be of assistance or amusement.

1. Boure Bike Fest week is nigh...
2. The Boure Long Sleeve TEAM jersey is just in. If Wade remembered his camera, then you can see it right here:
3. A new web special has begun (sorry folks, you should have ordered that ELITE short last month, we did give you a few extra days!). The theme is protect your knees this fall, check here for new items featured this month:
4. Pictures, pictures, where are the pictures?
5. Ed Pavelka and another 400+ Americans recently completed Paris-Brest-Paris. He has interesting insights that come from many hours in the saddle. We invite you to read his reports from the Road Bike newsletters (issues; 108 - 08/28/03 and 109 - 09/04/03). See a description and links below.

1. The much anticipated (by us) Boure Bike Fest week is just around the corner (September 21 to 27). We have had many people write and call, and we hope for a strong showing. Ned is in great shape and tearing up the local A group rides of the Durango Wheel Club. Drew has been hitting the pavement and the single track getting ready to defend his honor from known rapscallions we expect from California. Wade, well Wade is currently "Under Construction" at home and is a better backhoe than index-shifting operator right now, but there are still two weeks to go

We have settled on a general plan for the week, which is very fluid depending on who shows up and the logistical challenges which may arise. We have a designated place for breakfast that is where we will start the ride, but certainly one can be enjoyed without the other. Breakfasts will be around 8 am which allows for time to digest before we start to ride at 9:30am. If you choose to skip breakfast or have other plans, that is fine, we will leave from the breakfast location at 9:30 and you can show up just prior to departure. A general idea of rides follows with detailed descriptions provided by our local experts available at:

Remember that any plan is subject to change by weather requirement so we need to know who will be here and how to contact them if required. Also, we will send more specific instructions on the ride locations and any changes to those who respond via e-mail the week before the ride. When we see what number of people will be here we will finalize our social plans for non-riding events. If you decide to show at the last minute, call us and let us know so we make sure you are up to date for the rides.

Sunday: Meet at Bread Bakery, then tour the south end of the Animas Valley and up to Lemon Reservoir. Approximately 3 hours and 45 miles.

Monday: Meet at Carvers Restaurant, and then do the Ignacio, Vallecito Reservoir to Durango loop. Approximately 70 miles and 4 hours.
*Confirmed as a "Ride with Ned" Day.

Tuesday: Meet at Potsie's for breakfast, then do the Elmore's Loop. Approximately 2 hours and 35 miles. If interested, you can also join the local club (5:30 pm) for the famous Tuesday night rides. Approximately 1-1/2 hours and 35 miles.

Wednesday: Meet at the Kennebec Café, 10 miles west of Durango at Hesperus. A road ride from Hesperus to Dolores and back. Approximately 80 miles and 5 hours.

Thursday: Meet at Oscars for breakfast, then ride to Coal Bank Pass and back. Approximately 4-5 hours (depending on how people are climbing) and 65 miles.
*Confirmed as a "Ride with Ned" Day.

Friday: Meet at Christina's Restaurant, then ride up Wildcat Canyon to Breen then to Mayday via Hesperus "out and back". Approximately 55 miles and 3-1/2 hours.

Saturday: Meet at Bread Bakery followed by a "Valley Ride" north of Durango. This ride takes about 1-1/2 to 2 hours (depending on how social we are and how the week has gone) and 30 miles. This may be the second most famous ride around Durango and is covered frequently by the club rides.

*Confirmed as a "Ride with Ned" Day. Ned will participate in at least one other day's rides as his schedule permits.

Hope to see you in Durango in a couple weeks. For complete ride descriptions:

2. Please check out the new Boure Long Sleeve Team jersey in orange, green and black. Made of the same lightweight material as the short sleeved version, the black long sleeves provide more solar gain to keep the chill out during your fall and spring rides. The additional black material may just make this a better looking version that the short sleeve style. Tell us what you think:

3. Fall is here (followed by winter in most locations) protect your knees this fall with Boure gear now on special and listed on our Web Specials page at:

4. We have received several pictures for the photo contest and several are quite good and now featured on the web site at:

We would like to get a few more before we announce he winners. Any bribes for the judges are encouraged. Please e-mail or snail mail your pictures to us, we know you have them, please share.

5. Ed Pavelka (of, cycling icon and long distance riding masochist has written two interesting summaries of this year's Paris-Brest-Paris adventure. Ed is working on a library of past RBR articles but has graciously allowed us to copy these articles on our web site for your reading pleasure. We are big fans of Ed, Fred and their newsletter and encourage you to sign up for the weekly newsletter and to read these specific articles:

Weasel Clause:
As always, it is not our intent to harass you, in any way. Really, we just want to encourage you and your friends to buy our excellent clothes and try to provide meaningful information to like-minded cyclists. That is why we will not give your personal information to anyone outside our company, at any time. We have developed our e-mail program to only include people for whom we believe we have permission to send these e-mail messages. If you have changed your mind or decided that these "every couple month" e-mails are not what you want. Please just reply to this e-mail and ask us to take you off of our e-mail list, and please accept our apology for wasting your time.

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