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Ed has nearly healed up, exactly two weeks after climbing off
his bike at the finish of Paris-Brest-Paris.

His concrete triceps are history. His ravaged crotch has new
skin. His chapped lips are once again kissable.

Even his mystery knee is fine. It never hurt before PBP and
it hasn't hurt since. Go figger.

Only numb fingers are reminders of the event's rigorous 773

The problem stems from the median nerve in his right palm.
It was injured by pressure against the handlebar or brake
lever. The first three fingers feel like they've been Novocained.

Ed's right-handed so he notices it when doing things like
clicking a mouse, holding a pen or grasping a water bottle.

It's especially weird trying to insert or remove contact
lenses. There's no feedback when his fingertip is touching
his eye.

If recovery is the same as from a similar hand injury at
PBP '99, he'll have feeling back just in time to decorate
Christmas cookies.

o^o o^o o^o o^o o^o o^o o^o o^o o^o o^o

Ed wants to thank everyone who thanked him for his
Paris-Brest-Paris account last week. He received dozens of
e-mails and hopes he didn't miss replying to anyone.

It looks like he got some of you fired up for PBP 2007!

There were several requests for advice about training and
techniques for endurance events.

There's a lot to say on those topics. Ed's advice could fill
a book. In fact, it did fill a book.

In 1999, he teamed with cycling physiologist Ed Burke, Ph.D.
(RIP), to write The Complete Book of Long-Distance Cycling.
Ironically, he was on manuscript deadline at PBP that year.
What a way to spend off-hours in Paris -- hunched over a
laptop in a hotel room.

It was worth it. The Complete Book of Long-Distance Cycling
has lots of anecdotes from PBP and other endurance events.
They help bring the information to life, making the book fun
to read as well as instructive.

If you're interested in PBP or any event that requires you
to ride longer than ever before, this guide to greater strength
and stamina is available in RBR's online Bookstore. You can
read an excerpt, the table of contents and reviews at

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