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December 2003
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A big hello to everyone and welcome to the fifth Boure newsletter. Here at Boure we wish each of you the very best this holiday season and coming year. Winter has arrived in earnest across the country and we appreciate your patience recently as we quickly sold through our inventory of thermal wear and have been forced to make items "to order". We are getting caught up so shipments should be back to our timely previous standards. As always, if you have special timing needs, make sure we know what they are and we will do our best to meet them or will communicate with you if there is any issue that arises. We have some new items to announce and hope that you will find these and our winter tips of interest. As always we encourage one and all to write with suggestions or comments regarding this newsletter.

1. The winners of the photo contest are announced along with a new contest,
2. Ned has some tips for your winter riding,
3. We are now representing King Cages for beautiful H2O cages, Made in Durango,
4. Drew has redesigned the knee warmers and resized the other warmers,
5. New wool items are on the way, (and how do you wash them any way?),
6. Christmas Specials are announced.

1. We are happy to announce that we have four winners of the Boure photo contest. Each is identified on the web site and we have notified the winners so they can order their prizes in the proper size.

1st Place: shorts of his choice, goes to J. Reddoch
2nd Place: arm warmers or knee warmers, goes to P. Meyer
3rd Place: socks (black or white), goes to C. Miller

A Special Mention award was given to D. Socie, for the best and most obvious "attempt to influence the judges" by creating an actual advertisement for Boure. If any of you like his work, as we did, you may want to give him a chance to work on your next advertising campaign. For his extra efforts, we are giving him a pair of our newly redesigned kneewarmers. If you'd like to contact him, email us at

2. It took a bit of doing but, we chased Ned down and asked him what advice he has for us as we head into the winter. Here is a summary of Ned's shared thoughts and a way to access more of his advice on the subject:


I have a simple philosophy: Don't fight it. Winter is nature's way of making us take a break from routine riding, and that's good.

My approach in the off-season is to reduce saddle time, and Durango's winters force me to. Even where it's warm in midwinter, you should voluntarily cut back on cycling. The challenge then is to turn the off-season into a positive period. We all love to ride and we're used to doing it nearly every day. The key is to devise an alternative program that's fun and satisfying, and that will help you enter spring ready to ride or race even better than you did in the year just past.

A smart winter program helps build reserves. Here's how I think of it: Imagine you have a full tank of gas when you start the season. Gradually, through the year, you will use most of it. I'm not only talking about physical energy. I also mean the motivation to continue riding and racing. If you've emptied your tank completely you'll be off to the side, unable to make it back to the station. Winter is where you refill your tank with enough gas to last until the next off season.

I train with weights to get overall body conditioning. I want to strengthen the muscles that cycling misses as well as the muscles it uses. I do other sports for fun, variety and their aerobic benefits. I take some casual rides to keep me accustomed to pedaling. Sometimes I ride indoors when the weather prohibits getting out on my bike for an extended period. I don't force myself to follow a rigid program. Using this approach I feel refreshed and hungry for harder training when spring begins.

In winter, I like to crosstrain with running, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and swimming. All these sports, combined with some cycling, help maintain my cardiovascular system. Skiing and swimming have the added benefit of working my upper body. Snowshoeing, with its emphasis on the low back, quadriceps and glutes is probably the most complementary to cycling. It can be a real power workout on days you're feeling energetic.

My main objective in these other sports is to enjoy the exercise. I'm not doing them specifically to improve my cycling, but of course they do help by keeping me fit through the winter. I like the way they work different muscles and rejuvenate my body.

I hope this helps you stay focused and provides an outlet for your energy during this slow time.

A more complete summary of Ned's winter thoughts is available on the web site. These thoughts are excerpted from Ned's book, "Mountain Bike Like A Champion" available at this link:

3. We are very happy to announce a new line of bike goodies from King Cage. The owner and builder is our friend, Ron Andrews, who was one of the very talented frame builders at Yeti Cycles when they produced in Durango. Lucky for us, Ron stayed on when Yeti left and has developed an absolutely beautiful set of water bottle cages of titanium and stainless steel. We feel this is a great opportunity to represent another high quality Durango company and hope you will check out the product we have for sale on our web site at:

4. Drew has been busy in his secret development lab working on refining several products. The first to be released are our newly redesigned knee warmers. The design is based on our well received knickers, with no seam behind the knee or gripper at the bottom. They are articulated like our other "knee covering" items to eliminate bunching and stay put when you ride. Feel free to check them out on the web site, in the next few days as we get the page built and loaded ( If you can't wait for the page, call us and we will take your order over the phone.

5. We have received word from our Italian wool supplier that our new heavier long sleeve baselayers are ready for shipment in the next few days. They will be joined by a new heavy Trainer and a fresh supply of skull caps which have been moving quickly off the shelves. Stay tuned and watch the web site... While we are at it, we have received some care advice from our supplier and have posted it on the web site where you can review his advice on wool washing and care:

6. Check the web site for Christmas ideas in several price ranges: As always, if you have special timing needs, let us know and we will do our best to make sure you and your loved ones are taken care of.

Again, we wish you the very best during this holiday season.
And please let us know how we can help make your cycling more fun,
Ned, Drew, Wade and Laverne

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