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July 2003
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1. What is the most common question we hear?
2. Free pair of Boure shorts anyone?
3. Durango hosts NORBA Nationals and the MTB100
4. The 2nd Annual Durango Century

1. When Drew and I discussed writing this, newsletter, I suggested a discussion of the most common question I have heard since coming to Boure 10 months ago. The most common question has to be: "What is your best short?" and if stated slightly differently: "What is the best chamois?" Those of you who have asked that question were probably then asked questions about your likes and dislikes or riding style or issue with current shorts.

Many people confuse "most expensive" with best. In fact, the "best" shorts are those that fit and are most comfortable to you. Quite simply, different shorts models (ours or brand-X) are usually constructed of differing materials and differing chamois inserts. How they fit you is a function of your anatomy, seat, riding style and type of riding. There are no two butt, seat, chamois and skin types that are the same. What is perfect for your friend may not work for you. As most of you know, your friends have little taste and no feeling in their butt. At least, their butt doesn't seem nearly as sensitive as your own refined buttocks.

Lycra and for that matter, most fabrics are ultimately sold by the pound (excluding highly specialized or limited editions). As the fabric gets heavier, the fabric gets more expensive. Our 8-ounce (ELITE) fabric is more expensive than our 6-ounce (PRO) material. Is it "better", well that depends on what you like. If you want to feel like you are wearing nothing at all, you want a light, high quality material and we would steer you toward the PRO shorts. If you like the feeling of support you would gravitate to the ELITE material, which at 8 ounces, will feel more "firm" on your legs. Both of these materials are field-tested and last many years. The two short's designs are identical. Our CLASSIC shorts are designed differently with a higher rise in the front and a more upright bend in the hip all for a more relaxed style and fit. The CLASSIC material is also near 6 ounces and has a more traditional finish than the PRO or ELITE material.

The other variable that has to be considered is the chamois insert used for the short. We have three different chamois inserts and some of our customers prefer a different combination than the "standard model". This is one of the places that Boure can help people, whose idea of the "perfect fit" is a little different.

Our three chamois inserts have different characteristics. When someone calls up and says they want the thinnest chamois we offer, that falls to the PRO chamois. If they want the most "high-tech" chamois we steer them to the ELITE. If someone calls and wants the thickest chamois we offer, they get the CLASSIC. For touring cyclists who will wear the same two pairs of shorts over and over (hopefully washing them each day), we recommend either the CLASSIC or ELITE as they tend to dry faster than the PRO. However, some riders who have experienced a real leather chamois and want to re-create that experience for its lubricating moisture feel, we steer them to the PRO chamois. CLASSIC shorts with their casual cut are often a nice fit for those of us with a tad more tummy to cover as they rise up to meet the challenge. Additionally, their higher rise makes them more comfortable (and less revealing) when you are walking around, off your bike.

Let's face it, we have hundreds or even thousands of pairs of shorts out there. For some customers the thickest chamois combined with a light material is the ticket (Why do you think we call it the "CLASSIC"?). For others, the firm support and high tech chamois of the ELITE is a perfect fit. We have long distance cyclists, tourists, racers and zealots in all three types of shorts. We have resolved some long-term crotch damage issues (ouch!) for customers by being able to combine an ELITE Chamois with the PRO material and vice versa. We have a few local racers who bring in their high dollar team issue shorts and we replace brand new Brand-X chamois inserts with their personal favorite Boure chamois.

We ride all models of Boure shorts and although from time to time we gravitate to one or the other for a period we often move to something else just to eliminate a familiarity issue. Just like music, food and life, your butt sometimes just needs a change to be happy.

2. We want to set up a new web site section showing Boure clothing wearers doing what they like to do best in our clothes. We need your help and pictures of you and your friends in your Boure wear. To encourage you to send us electronic (or snail mail hard copies) of your pictures, we are offering a free pair of shorts (your choice) to the person who sends us the best Boure clothing picture as judged by the esteemed panel of Ned, Drew and Wade. Feel free to send anything that you don't mind the three of us viewing. We will exercise discretion on pictures that are not G rated as far as what goes on the web site, but send what you want, you won't offend the panel. Arm warmers and then socks will be given to the second and third place pictures. Send pictures to:

3. We welcome you back to Durango, where the cowboys run rampant, the air is thin, and the fun flows fast. The NORBA (National Off-Road Bicycle Association) National Championship Series is North America's premier off-road cycling series. NORBA Managing Director, Eric Moore, says: "It's always special when NORBA goes to Durango, so we're proud to take the national series back to such a supportive mountain bike community. When it comes to the city of Durango and Ed Zink, there's no doubt it's going to be an awesome event.
"This year Durango is privileged to host the NCS Finals, August 14-17, 2003, at Durango Mountain Resort. We'll have downhill, cross country, short track, mountain cross, and even a 100-mile race going on all at the same time. We're going back to mountain biking's beginnings - this is all about the sport and the fun! Remember that?

Concurrently, The 1st annual Durango MTB 100 will be held August 16th in conjunction with the NORBA National Finals in Durango. So, pack up your gear and head to the Southwest for a weekend of world class mountain biking. The Durango MTB 100 offers a spectacular course that begins at the base of Durango Mountain Resort and climbs to 11,500 feet in elevation. Racers will be rewarded with the most beautiful views that the San Juan Mountains have to offer. With a course that will take riders over 17,000 feet in elevation gain, rider's will test their mental and physical limits. Riders can choose two courses; the 100 mile course or the 100 kilometer course or can race in the 100 mile 3 person relay.
More info at:

4. The Durango Century, July 27, 2003.
This Century is Fun, Fast, and Scenic. The loop route descends from the San Juan Mountains of Durango to the Colorado Plateau of Farmington, and returns near the La Plata Mountains of southern Colorado. Hosted by Velo de Animas of Farmington, NM, & the Durango Wheel Club. FOR MORE INFO AND TO REGISTER GO TO:

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