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July 2009
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This is our 35th Bouré Newsletter - The Fairly Annual Le Tour de France PRO Shorts Sale Edition. The Tour De France has just started it's 106th year for the 96th race edition. The race was cancelled 11 times during the two World Wars. The racers who make it to the finish will have ridden 3500 km (2,170 miles) in 21 stages over 23 days when they arrive in Paris. In order to be able to compete and finish a race like this, they must be in top physical and mental condition, enjoy the very best medical care, employ dedicated professional mechanics and wear clothing that's both comfortable and functional. This year's Tour has received renewed publicity and interest with Lance Armstrong coming back to the sport after "retiring" in 2005. Lance will definitely be part of the story this year, but will it be as super domestique, winner or some sort of executioner? The next three weeks will tell in what is lining up to be one of the most competitive and legendary Tours ever. The daily stages and recaps will be broadcast in the USA on the Versus Channel, and here's their schedule.

1. Le Tour de France PRO Shorts Sale.
2. Got Cycling Friends? You could Earn a Free Pair of Shorts!
3. Durango Hires a Multi Modal Transportation Coordinator.
4. Bike Fweest Update and Other Durango Cycling Events.

Fairly Annual Le Tour de France Pro Shorts Sale

Mostly an annual tradition, we're putting our Mens and Women's PRO shorts on Sale to honor the 96th running of the most famous bike race in the world, one of the few that are more famous than our local Iron Horse Bicycle Classic. As always, you'll want to check our Closeout Specials and New Arrivals. For those who've patiently waited, we've received our second production run of our fast-selling, stylish 2009 Bouré Team short sleeve jersey and long sleeve sun-protection (SPF-35) jersey. As of right now, they're in stock in all sizes. But act soon if you want one, as that won't last long.

Men's & Women's
PRO shorts
Regularly $90,
Now $80

PRO bib shorts
Regularly $105,
Now $90

Men's & Women's
Bouré Team
Short Sleeve jersey
Now Back in Stock

Men's & Women's
Bouré Team
SPF-35 LS jersey
with Full Zipper
Now Back in Stock

Tell Your Friends about Bouré,
Earn our undying affection,
and maybe a new pair of Shorts.

Over the years, we've found our best source of referrals are our many happy customers. While many companies may claim this, our scientific studies deep in the Ultra-Mega-Factory (UMF) have clinically proven it. So what are we going to do about it you ask? Well, something... OK, here's the deal. If you find a person you like and want them to be more comfortable when they ride, then suggest they buy some of the great Boure clothing you have enjoyed. If they are a new customer to Boure and they place an order, you will get a $10 credit toward a purchase of your choice. There is no limit, so if you refer 20 new people and they each put "referred by Your Name" in the Comment section of their order, we will send you an e-mail to let you know that your $200 credit awaits. If you have any questions about this program, please let us know at

Durango moves into a new transportation paradigm with the addition of Amber Blake, The City of Durango's New (and First) Multi Modal Transportation Coordinator!

After years of recognition for fabulous scenery, visitor friendliness, cycling events, world class hiking and biking trails, spectacular mountains and good ol' fashioned bike-vs-train races, the greater Durango community has acquired one of its most valuable assets to date - a new Multi Modal Transportation Coordinator! Amber Blake started her new job with the City of Durango by diving into the many transit grants that fund our local bus services and "under construction" Transit Center on April 8th. As soon as she could finalize transit grants and fit in a family vacation, she jumped right into working on a Multi Modal Master Plan, expected to be completed and operational in March of 2010.

Many local advocacy groups can take pleasure in this addition to city staff after working for years as "outside advisors" (or was it agitators?) to the City, County and State. Amber will have an opportunity to push for more bike, pedestrian and transit opportunities for our area from the inside. Last year Durango was awarded "Silver" Bicycle Friendly Community Status by the League of American Wheelmen, and the number one recommendation from the accompanying Bicycle Summit was for the creation of this government-based position. That Summit was put on by Bicycle Friendly Durango, Healthy Lifestyle La Plata Coalition, Trails 2000 and the Safe Roads Coalition. Drew, Ned, Wade and Brandon all spend countless hours as active volunteers in these efforts to make Durango more bicycle and pedestrian friendly. We hope you'll join us by working in your community.

Amber Blake graduated from Telluride High School (just over the mountains), received her B.A. in Political Science from Villanova University, and holds a Master of Arts from the University of Montana. Prior to her move to Durango, Amber served as a Transportation Planner for the Baltimore Metropolitan Council and managed their bicycle and pedestrian planning program. Amber brings her husband David (the Destroyer) Blake, who has joined the Biology Department at Fort Lewis College, and their son Austin of 16 months.

Amber's been out in the community seeking input and help from the community and has several public events coming up. She's looking for volunteers on some of these events, like the long awaited bicycle count on local roads and a bicycle parade for the festive opening of the new Durango Transit Center. To find out more, or to participate in these or other public events, see the public Calender on the Safe Roads Coalition web site or contact her at

To learn more about Amber we have several links to recent articles:

City of Durango web site
Interview on Local KDUR radio
Durango Telegraph Article

Bike Fweest Update and Other Durango Cycling Events

We're so far ahead of schedule announcing the Bouré Bike Fweest this year that we even have time to entice you with other cycling events near the Fweest Dates that may be of interest to you. As you know, this year's Fweest is scheduled for Sunday, September 27 through Saturday, October 3, 2009. We hope you'll consider coming out to ride some of our favorite Durango rides with us. This year's ride week coincides with the splendor of fall foliage in the San Juan Mountains and we'll plan some new rides this year - offered distinctly at either a refined leisurely pace for the well-adjusted amongst you or at a more up-tempo pace for the rabid remainder. New for this year will be a 200km (125 mile) ride to the cliff-dwellings of Mesa Verde and back. It's sure to be absolutely beautiful with the full variety of fall foliage typical that time of year!

Please let us know how we might be able to help you get here for a solid week of free rides. For more information and updates, check our Bouré Bike Fweest Home Page for the latest details and developments.

For some real big-time fun, the Single Speed World Championships will be held in Durango from September 16-20. This is one of the best spectator bike races in the world. Often the adult fun can get intense, so keep the kids close by! If you've never heard about this race, or how it moves from location to location, you might enjoy learning more about it. For this year's race, our own Righteous Chad Cheeney won the right to bring it to Durango by winning the "Decider Contest" at last year's event, in a nerve-wracking competition of Bowling and Ms. Pac Man!

For a good idea of how this race really unfolds and a look at it's unique breed of competitor, we recommend reading the story of the 2008 SSWC by Mountain Flyer or the Durango Telegraph.

The Durango Fall Blaze Century Ride is scheduled for the day before the Fweest starts (September 26th). So easy to attend both, since we begin the Fweest with an easier ride the next day. The best news is that we will honor your Blaze entry for all the Fweest Rides, so no extra cost! You can imagine how much fun this event is by just looking at the mug of the founder and event guru Larry Goldstein (just behind Marchell Fletcher).

If we can help you make your cycling life better, please don't hesitate to call or write.
Ned, Drew, Laverne, Brandon and Wade

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