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August 2009
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This is our 36th Bouré Newsletter - The Post Tour Letdown Let's Ride Edition. The Tour de France has ended and we have emerged blinking in the morning, looking lost without our daily dose of Phil, Paul, Bobke and Craig. However, we've just found several hours each day of "extra time" and the inspiration to fill that time with bike rides.

This re-awakening has us looking forward to our 7th Annual Bike Fweest with renewed vigor. We must not be alone as many of our customers have begun to contact us about riding that week of September 27th to October 3rd. While we don't expect to climb roads like the Col du Galibier (at right, Benoit Faure and André Leducq in the 1930 Tour featured in, we have been inspired to add some new rides to the menu, and rest assured, we'll feature some unpaved roads. Read on for more news about the Fweest.

Hopefully, you too are inspired by the great summer weather (apologies to our friends in the Southern Hemisphere), the Tour, the smell of flowers or anything that has you out on your bike.

1. Elite Shorts Sale and New Products
2. Bike Fweest Update and Philosophy
3. Bouré Buddy Bonus Coupons

ELITE Shorts Sale, New Arrivals and Returning Products

After our always popular PRO Shorts Sale we decided to follow up with the ELITE shorts - which are Now on Sale.

Thanks to an ever more educated public and a great sun protection jersey design that really works, we've again run out of some sizes in the Men's & Women's Bouré Team SPF Long Sleeve jersey. Similarly, our low-graphics Bianchi Blue Men's & Women's Club SPF Long Sleeve jersey is now extinct in some sizes. Luckily, we saw this coming and have a big order to replace all the sold out sizes of the Bouré Team SPF Jersey and are working on the next Club SPF jersey, which will be Silver in honor of the nearby La Plata Mountains. We expect the Bouré Team SPF jerseys back in stock at the end of August, though you can order yours now. The new Silver Club jersey will arrive in mid-September, and we'll have that on the web site at Pre-Sale pricing shortly.

We have a few New Arrivals in stock and/or on the way you may find both interesting and useful. The 2009 Men's and Women's Bouré Team ThermoSensor jersey is into production and available now at a Pre-Sale discount for shipment September 1st. To help cover your sun protection needs, we've found a simple Arm Cooler from our jersey supplier Voler. These stretchy arm coolers are called Sol Skin Arm Coolers and come in bright white, which goes with every jersey color we can imagine, keeps you cool by eliminating solar gain on your arms and feature a 50+ UPF rating. These Sol Skins work really well and match any short sleeve jersey you'd like to wear them with. Lastly, we have a new color and design for our Bouré WOOL Tall socks, a light gray version of our popular 3-Season Wool cycling sock.

Men's & Women's
ELITE shorts
Regularly $105,
Now $95

ELITE bib shorts
Regularly $125,
Now $110

Men's & Women's
Bouré Team ThermoSensor
jersey with Full Zipper
Pre-Sale Price: $75
with Delivery on Sept 1st

Men's & Women's
Bouré Team SPF-35 LS
jersey with Full Zipper

Sol Skin Arm Coolers
Instant SPF-50 Skin Protection

Bouré WOOL Tall socks

Now Available in Gray

7th Annual Ned Overend & Bouré Bike Fweest Update
September 27 through October 3, 2009

The first thing you may be asking yourself is, "What the heck is a Fweest?" Well, a Fweest is a Fest (short for Festival) that lasts a Week (Week + Fest = Fweest). Next, we wanted to give you some of our thoughts on this Fweest, based on the questions we've been asked. Every year we try and explain that the rides are for anyone who can ride the distances. Sure, the longer rides usually attract a group that tends to tap out a pretty constant tempo, so they can complete those longer rides in a reasonable time. However, it's not a race pace, and most importantly, we encourage riders to go a pace that lets them arrive with energy to still go dancin' that evening, if they want.

To compliment that longer and generally faster ride, we always have a slower and shorter ride for folks who want less miles - for more dancin', drinkin', vacationin' or for those that simply want an easier ridin' day. Wade is always willing to ride at the slowest pace any rider wants to ride for the day. There is no time limit, no pressure to go faster than you want, and truly, all riders are welcome. We want to really encourage folks that thought that the longer rides might be too fast or too long to come and enjoy these alterna-rides. We've had tandems, fixed gears before, and expect more. Maybe this year we'll have our first Recumbent?!

We've worked with Ned to see which days he will join us and we'll have his schedule posted on the web site shortly. For the most up-to-date calender of rides, please check the web site at the Bouré Bike Fweest Home Page.

Remember, this year's ride week coincides with the splendor of fall foliage in the San Juan Mountains and we'll offer some new rides this year - offered distinctly at either a refined leisurely pace for the well-adjusted amongst you or at a tempo pace for the rabid remainder. New for this year will be a 200km (125-mile) ride to the cliff-dwellings of Mesa Verde and back (the shorter ride may feature a visit to the bakery in Mancos, so we don't lose too much weight!). As usual, we'll schedule a MTB ride (or two), take you high into the mountains, ride some of La Plata County's smoooooth dirt roads, and end with our traditional Vintage Bike ride.

Please let us know how we might be able to help get you and your bike here for a solid week of free rides.

Bouré Buddy Bonus Coupons

Our best advertising has always been you and we'd like to reward you for that. So, last Newsletter we announced a new "buddy" program and several astute customers have started taking advantage of this easy-to-earn discount. Here's the deal again, since we don't want anyone to miss out (and then we shan't bother you further). If you find a person you like and want them to be more comfortable when they ride, then suggest they buy some of the great Bouré clothing you have enjoyed. If they are a new customer to Bouré and they place an order, we'll e-mail you a $10 coupon toward your next purchase. There's no limit, so if you refer 30 new people and they each put "referred by Your Name" in the Comment section of their order, we will send you an e-mail to let you know that your $300 credit awaits. If you have any questions about this program, please let us know at

If we can help you make your cycling life better, please don't hesitate to call or write.
Ned, Drew, Laverne, Brandon and Wade

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