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May 2009
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This is our 34th Bouré Newsletter - Almost Summer 2009. The Iron Horse Bicycle Classic just happened last weekend, so that means summer weather will arrive in Durango this next weekend, along with the annual in-migration of visitors and blue birds. We hope if you were here for the Memorial Day weekend you got in enough riding, and weren't caught out by the unsettled weather. Our very own Ned Overend decided at the 11th hour to continue his streak of 27 straight attempts! He finished 15th, sprinting against racers 30 years his junior. Ned has now started every Durango-to-Silverton Road Race since 1982 (notwithstanding last year's cancellation), winning 5 times and finishing in the Top-3 another 12 times.

1. Clothing Updates and Coupon.
2. Colorado legislates safer conditions for cyclists.
3. Excellent bike-oriented video from the Interweb.
4. The 2009 Bike Fweest dates with conceptual ride schedule.

Clothing Updates & Coupon

We're giving all Newsletter Readers a special thank you Coupon Code to use for their purchases through June 30th. Use the coupon code 'fancypants' for $10 off any purchase over $50 as our way of saying, "Thanks for opening and reading our newsletter!" As always, you'll want to check our Closeout Specials and New Arrivals. For those who have patiently waited, we expect the second production run of our fast-selling, stylish 2009 Bouré Team short sleeve and long sleeve sun-protection jerseys to arrive at the Mega-Factory on June 15th for shipment. If you need immediate (and more stylishly subdued) protection from the sun, then note our newly arrived Bianchi Blue SPF-35 jersey is currently in stock in all sizes.

Men's & Women's
Bouré SPF-35 LS jersey
with Full Zipper
More available June 15th

Men's & Women's
Bouré Team SS jersey
More available June 15th

Men's & Women's
Club SPF-35 LS jersey
with Full Zipper
Now available

It's just about official, the Colorado Governor has signed a landmark Bicycle Safety Bill!

May 12, 2009 - Governor Ritter signed the Bicycle Safety Bill into law in Colorado Springs. Now the bill is an official "Act" and will take effect on August 5, 2009. Bicycle Colorado is working with statewide law enforcement training groups to make sure officers get details on the new law and with the Department of Revenue to update the Colorado Driver's Manual. SB 148 creates safe and common sense rules for bicycles and motor vehicles on public roads. Here are the highlights:

PASSING - The bill gives motorists more freedom to safely pass a bicyclist by allowing them to cross the centerline when safe to do so. By allowing three feet passing distance, it creates a safer environment on the road.
LANE POSITION - Clarifying language gives bicyclists the ability to ride as far right as is safe. Also on one-way roads with more than one lane, bicyclists may also ride as far left as is safe.
MORE THAN ONE RIDER - The bill clarifies that bicyclists may pass one another or ride side-by-side if they are not impeding the normal and reasonable movement of traffic.
ANTI-HARASSMENT - Language in the bill makes throwing an object towards a bicyclist a class 2 misdemeanor and driving towards a bicyclist in a dangerous manner a careless driving offense.

To read more information from Bicycle Colorado about this bill and other Colorado bicycling issues, please visit this LINK.

Bike Fweest

We're way ahead of schedule announcing the Bouré Bike Fweest this year and have a little information (OK, mostly just the new date and a few ideas) up on our web site. This year's Fweest is scheduled for Sunday, September 27 through Saturday, October 3, 2009. We hope you'll consider coming out to ride some of our fabulous Durango rides with us. Each year has been better attended and more fun, so we expect this year to be no different. This year's ride week coincides with the splendor of fall foliage in the San Juan Mountains and we'll plan some new rides this year - offered distinctly at either a leisurely pace for the well-adjusted amongst you or at a punishing pace for the penitent remainder. And, we think this is the year we'll tap out at least 200km on at least one of the rides. Mesa Verde and Red Mountain Pass sure are pretty that time of year!

Please let us know how we might be able to help you get here for a solid week of free rides. For more information and updates, check our Bouré Bike Fweest Home Page for the latest details and developments.

Bikes on the Web

Tracy, one of our best bike fiends, has offered us an excellent and entertaining Video for anyone with an interest in bikes, bicycling and cycling history. We'd love it if anyone could translate this for us, but as they say, a video is worth a hundred pictures plus a million words!

If we can help you make your cycling life better, please don't hesitate to call or write.
Ned, Drew, Laverne, Brandon and Wade

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