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December 2007
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Howdy out there in Newsletter Land,

This particular Newsletter is the 23rd Bouré Newsletter - Holidaze 2007. Read on to find out what's going down or around. We are happy to announce that the new web site seems to be working fine and extend a big Thank You to all the folks who helped us test it and dial in the little things that make it our special place in cyber-world. We had a prolonged Indian Summer in Durango with 60s and 70s right up until Thanksgiving. Now we are facing our second big winter storm and the ski Gosh(es) blessed those who dwell at Purgatory with snow for opening day last weekend. If you need a break from your bike this coming Spring, remember that Durango Mountain Resort (known to locals by it's previous moniker of "Purgatory") has consistently ranked at the top of North American ski areas for Spring skiing.

We have moved to the year's dark days, which make commuting tricky and planning who picks up Mini Me at daycare most critical. Nights in Durango are well below freezing this time of year, often in the single digits, and the coldest days will soon only reach into the 30s. That said, we generally enjoy sunny, clear days that make it feel warmer once the sun attains it's higherst declination each day. Read on to find out how things are going and what we have in store for the Holidays.

1. With Christmas around the corner, we have new Web Specials.
2. A report on the 5th Annual Bouré Bike Fweest.
3. Some Bike Humor to brighten your day, if you can bear it.
4. Don't say we didn't warn you...

1. We've just changed our Web Specials to provide a variety of items for every bicycle enthusiast's budget, which will last 'till the turn of the year. Men's and Women's ELITE shorts, along with Men's and Women's ELITE Thermo Knickers, and our special low-graphic, yellow Sun Protection LS Jerseys are now on sale. Accompanying them are the super-duper-rare Bouré-embroidered WOOL shorts and WOOL jerseys (which really, we never put on sale). To round things out, our indispensable PRO kneewarmers and PRO wnd vests are also on sale through this month.
Web Specials and Closeout Bargains

Psssst... these just arrived.
WOOL skull caps are back in stock. Get 'em while we have 'em.

2. Once again bike aficionados from across the country (okay from Missouri to California) descended on Durango during the third week of September for a week of riding. The first day, Sunday, always has the highest attendance and this year was no different - we counted upwards of 80 at the turn-around. Our good friend Rob (of the local bakery and rider-meeting-spot, bread) was his usual kind and generous self, providing coffee, coffee cakes, energy cookies, juice and soda at both the start and the turn-around at Lemon Reservoir Dam, and all served by our good buddy and road-advocate extraordinaire, Just-One-Goat. We had a very windy storm come in right after the first ride which forced us to postpone the Monday Coal Bank Pass day to Tuesday, the same day as our first Mountain Bike Clinic Day (though a few of the most robust still took a short ride on the storm day). All of the rides were well attended as this bike week continues to grow. The Fweest week this year was a tad colder than normal (as the Indian Summer hadn't arrived yet) so we all got to use a wide variety of Boure clothing to stay comfy in all conditions.

The Mountain Bike Clinic with Chainsaw Chad Cheeney was attended by half a dozen riders of all abilities and everyone learned something to make their future MTB rides easier, more fun and safer. Most of them used their new skills for one of the two options on Mountain Bike Day, where the new route around Graysill Mountain showed itself to be an excellent option. The riders down Hermosa Creek sustained the first ever Bike Fweest injury, when one of the riders tumbled and broke a wrist. The other riders rallied well and solicited the help of some conveniently placed hunters who drove the injured rider out on an ATV. Meanwhile, the newly crowned Mountain Richard walked both his and her bikes back up to the vehicles and finally got to use that pedal wrench he's carried on every ride for years to take off the pedals so he could walk two bikes up a single track path.

The new ride out in the west part of the county Cherry Creek showed us which riders have self control and which riders just have to compete, even with no prize list and against others who aren't racing them. We also discovered that some drivers have incredibly good eyes, those that can spot a shriveled hot dog at 60 mph and 100 yards. The following was reported in the Durango Herald police blotter that day:

11a.m. Several bicyclists were exposing themselves in the
15300 block of Colorado Highway 140, in the Breen area.

We're surely forced to laugh at this description as Wade photographed the riders who decided to take a nature break in Breen. Even upon close inspection of the photos using a high-resolution camera, digital enhancement and a lighted magnifying glass couldn't actually discover any personal parts being "exposed". Makes you wonder about tolerance sometimes...

The remainder of the week was less eventful and the word must be getting out about the Vintage Bike day as the turnout was especially strong with some fine Vintage bikes, clothing and attitudes of "riding for riding's sake". One of the nice young fellows even led Old Wade out to win the finishing sprint in his leather Kucharick hair net and on his Campy-only, friction shifting 1980 Tommasini.

3. Alright, it's getting dark early and we're doing more reading and internet surfing with the help of Randy Young Brandon. He's collected the following links to some on and some off color humor/amusement about bikes (or not). So we'll warn you right now, if you are easily offended, don't look! If you like to be offended or are still trying to find something that offends you, these just might be the ones for you. If you look and are offended, then perhaps you didn't read the disclaimer very carefully and must take responsibility for your actions. Sort of like riding far out into the traffic lane and wondering why you got honked at, bumped, flipped off or arrested. So, here you go... with the humor starting "on", and desceding downwards to "off":

Specialized Christmas Greeting
Finally... Shower Without Joy
I Hate Voting
Lance & Matthew
Mountain Biker Orgy Day
Biker Placed On Probation
The Landlord

4. Two years ago, about this time of year, we informed customers that we had to make a price adjustment on a number of our products. Well, we tried hard to hold our prices as long as we could and unfortunately the dollar just isn't keeping up with the Euro, which unfortunately is the currency where some of our raw materials come from. For those of you who are math inclined, the Euro has moved from $1.18 to $1.46 in that time frame - an approximate 24% increase. It's not that we prefer to use overseas fabrics, but those Italians really understand how to make excellent fabrics especially for us cyclists. They're all about cycling over there, and they make the best.

We're not raising prices quite that much, but they do need to move. We've surveyed the competition and found that many of their prices have gone up even more than 24%, so you will still find Bouré to be the value and comfort leader in 2008. If there's something you've been thinking about buying for awhile, we'd sure suggest buying it before the end of the year.

If there is anything we can do to make your cycling life better, please let us know. And as always, thanks for reading!

Brandon, Laverne, Ned, Wade and Drew

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