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January 2008
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Happy New Year Readers,

This is our 24th Bouré Newsletter - New Year 2008. We've made it round the annual bend, where for our convenience time is restarted with 01/01 (are you remembering to put 2008 on the checks you write these days?) Those of you who follow Ned's advice on winter training are now getting in a quick season of non-cycling exercise and rest, or practicing your track stand indoors. While the rest of you are likely testing the limits of your cold weather clothes and hearty commuters are doing their best version of a pursuit to make it to and from work in a limited amount of daylight... dreaming of the Daylight Savings Time change and getting to shed your jacket because you're too hot.  

    This morning we hit -17°F at Wade's house and his 25-year old Volvo decided that was just too dang cold. A Swedish car that doesn't start on a cold morning has to be on it's last legs, so watch for notification of Wade's new ride in future newsletters! Let's all hope that it is an electric-assist pedal sports car! Read on to find out how things are going and what's in store for the New Year.

1. New Products and Web Specials.
2. 2007 National Cyclocross Championships.
3. Bike-oriented videos from Durango and the universe beyond.
4. And lo' it has been done...

1a. We know it's amazing, but it's also true. We have Boure Wool short sleeve jerseys, Boure Wool shorts, Boure Wool trainers, Wool skull caps and Wool long sleeve baselayers in stock in all sizes. We even have the beautiful new Boure Wool trainers in sizing up to 4X! See them all here: WOOL clothing

1b. The 2008 Boure Team jerseys - both short sleeve and long sleeve SPF-35 - are in progress and once again we are offering them at a special Pre-Sale price until they arrive. To accompany them, after years of begging from our "team kit" oriented customers, we are offering matching Boure Team shorts in 2008. And after taking our year-end inventory, we have chosen LOTS of Closeout items and put them on Special. Some are only in limited sizes and/or colors, but all of them are a great deal and you can see them all here: Web Specials and Closeout Bargains

2. A few stylish Durango cyclists won National Championships in Boure clothing while competing in Kansas City during December's Cyclocross National Championships. Ned Overend has repeated as the Men's National 50-55 Cyclocross Champion, while first time competitor and local Durango legend Walt Axthelm won the 70+ National Cyclocross Championship. Ned is well known to most of you and it is hard to be surprised that he has won again in his age group. For those of you who don't know, Walt is a local legend who is regularly seen dragging younger riders around on the roads near Durango. Walt's strength and calm "conquer all" demeanor has inspired the popular "I want to be Like Walt" stickers seen on bikes and cars in our area. It's no small wonder that this Senior Games Champion and record holder (Walt refers to them as the "Geezer Games") was able to best the competition and be invited up as a guest announcer at the National Cyclocross Championships. We say, "Congratulations Champions from Boure!"

3. Once again we have pulled together some bicycle-oriented humor, public service videos, or in the case of Thomas Edison, simply an amazing cool, old bike video. If you are aware of something particularly fun, intriguing, or that includes some Boure clothing like #3, please send it to us and we may include it in future Newsletters.

1. Bicycle Repair Man
2. Thomas Edison on a Fixie
3. Flying the Colors
4. Safe Roads Coalition
5. Durango Bike-To-Work Days

4. In our last Newsletter we informed everyone that we were going to have a price increase after the New Year. Due entirely to overloaded schedules, partially impacted by lots of snow, we left the Christmas sale items up later than expected and waited until January 16th to make the price changes. A few of you were on top of things and took advantage of our tardiness. What you'll see is that the more expensive the materials (which generally originate in Italy) and the more of them we use, the higher the price increase. We factored in not just the 25% increase in our material costs, but also an extensive product comparison to our competitors at other respected retailers. With all that said, the price increases reflect our commitment to continue to use the best available materials in our products, uncompromising construction, and our commitment to continue to provide an excellent, long-lasting product at a fair competitive price. We hope you will continue to agree.

"Wherever bicycles are broken or threatened by International Communism, we'll be there...",
Laverne, Drew, Wade, Brandon and Ned

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