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August 2007
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A big HI to everyone out there and thank you for reading this Newsletter. (Your special Thank You is below!) This particular Newsletter is the 22nd Bouré Newsletter - Summer 2007. Read on to find out what's going on, up, and/or special. If you're like us, the last month or so has seemed a bit like the daytime soaps, hence the title of this epistle. We've had to rethink for two or three minutes to remember that we like our own riding first and pro riders maybe third or fourth, after bikes and cocktails with our friends. When we put those questionable training tactics into perspective, it doesn't bother us much. We hope you're back finding your riding roots and getting out on your bikes even more than normal. We're in full tourist cry in Durango, with no let-up until Labor Day, so parking is scarce and there usually a wait at the restaurants. Although we had a weak snow pack this Spring, we've also had abundant Summer rain. And someone up there must really like us as most of it has been conveniently at night. As a result, the rafting companies have been busy much longer than normal and all the fields are very green. We've designated the week for the Bouré Bike Fest and have the chance to add some more emphasis on mountain biking so please 'scheck it out below. We know we've led you along the gilded path before, but this time we really expect to have the new version of the web site up in the next few weeks. If you try it and have any issues or comments, please let me know at: We hope it will be even easier for you to use than the current site. 

1. Wool has arrived, best see 'em soon before they're gone again... oh, and some sales,
2. The Occasional Rant, with Accompanying Rave,
3. Bouré Bike Fest is September 16-22.

1. The much anticipated return of a new short sleeve Bouré Wool jersey has occurred. For once our foreshadowing didn't come unfulfilled. Not only do we have the cool new Orange wool jerseys, but we even acquired some super cool Retro-wool Shorts with Bouré embroidered on the legs, a la Coppi and Bartali pre-1960! Supplies are very limited so get 'em now or suffer the consequences of your lack of action. For the record, they are very nice, as you expect from Bouré and our supplier, Woolistic.

We've changed or are changing the materials in our PRO and CLASSIC jerseys, so we've deeply discounted the remaining stock of these two jerseys styles, so check them out on our Web Specials page.

We expect the arrival of our 2007 Bouré Team ThermoSensor long-sleeve jersey at the beginning of September, so until they get here take advantage of the Pre-Sale and Save $10.

Also, we looked around and found out we've been sitting on too many Men's and Women's ELITE Thermo tights. So if you're the type that can or does plan ahead, you'll find them on sale at the lowest prices we'll offer for our highly acclaimed ELITE Thermo tights.

Click here for all of our Web Specials and Closeout Bargains.

2a. Drew's Occasional Rant

There's a lot of attention given to the woes of our ways lately - global warming, pollution, sprawling growth, and congested, dilapidated roads - to name but a few (And I'm just talking about here in Durango!) But believe it or not, we cyclists can make a positive change. More people than ever now ride bikes for sport and recreation, but I can't help but notice that even MORE people are driving their bikes around on their cars. It would seem that we should use our super-duper fitness for more than just racing, centuries, peaceful rides, and the ability to finally pummel our buddies. As cyclists we can lead the way by also using our bikes for transportation, grocery shopping, and (gosh forbid) to get to where your ride starts. You've told us about your tales of extraordinary cycling prowess, so we know you can do it. So come on you super-fit athletes, instead of waiting for "something" to happen, you can start to eliminate the woes of our ways today by taking that bike off the roof. You might find that riding your bike to the store is a whole lot more fun than getting in your car, waiting in traffic, and looking for a place to park. If your area doesn't lend itself to "car-less" modes of transportation, then you should be actively advocating for change.

2b. Wade's Accompanying Rave

And another thing! If you are lucky, and your roads have a shoulder of more than 6 inches beyond the fog line, then maybe your local road crew sweeps the shoulder of your road once or twice per year. For a while it is perfect and you ride gleefully on the shoulder. Then, in direct proportion to the assumed lameness of your tire (oh no, I'll get a flat!) riders seem to migrate over toward or even in the vehicle lane. First, are you so worried about your tire that you'd risk being hit by a car rather than ride in a bit of rubble (mostly small rocks)? If you think about it even a minute you'd say no. If you think about it and still want to ride in the car lane then please ride by yourself so you aren't knocked into your fellow riders who are safely riding to the right, and in your deposition zone when you are rear ended and knocked into them like a bowling pin. Yep, that is really what will happen. Here's some ideas that might help avoid this situation. First, get a quality tire that can stand rolling over a bit of debris, there is just no justification for riding a tire that can't handle "normal" conditions. Next, how about all of us taking some responsibility and removing the most dangerous or largest items on the shoulder so we can all ride on them more safely. Try taking your foot out of the cleat for a minute a kick that dang tire tread or rock off the road, it only takes a second. Perhaps instead of shouting "rock!" or "bottle!" to the peleton, one of you removes it permanently. If you attack the guy who does that, then you just suck. Imagine that same rock that's been in the same place for months is now gone, wow! If you really want to take it further, and I suggest you do. Get your club or group of buddies to watch over your favorite section of road (maybe you do your commute) and just pay extra attention to keeping the big rocks off and maybe even sweep some glass. Drivers and other riders will see you and they will feel much better about cyclists in general, which may save a life or two.

3. Bouré Ride Week and Bike Fest!

I just couldn't decide which name to use so I'm using both of them, next year I may just change it to Fweest. Either way, we've decided to have this year's week of riding for free in Durango starting Sunday, September 16 and finishing with our vintage (optional) bike day on Saturday, September 22nd. The basic schedule follows with all the normal caveats: everything subject to change or cancelation based on any number of variables.

The basic schedule is below but this year we have the chance to add some extra Mountain Biking (you know, that perfectly good walk in the forest ruined by the addition of a mechanical transportation device) in the form of free clinics for any level rider with individualized attention from Charmin' Chad Cheeney, the Daisey Duke Donnin' Righteous Dude of Durango Devo  If you are interested in these free clinics, please let us know as soon as possible, so Chad can get them organized.

Over the years we have done these rides, we have been told that some people are intimidated by the idea of riding with the cyclists who show up on a typical Durango ride. We want to remove all of that anxiety by enforcing the "leave any time you want" and "leave early with Wade" options. Seriously, we've had every level of rider who thought they could make the distance of the ride or had planned a short cut. If you could make the route on your own, then you'll enjoy our rides and someone else will surely be going your pace. Wade usually takes off a bit early using either a short-cut or early-turn-around option to fit any ability and experience level. If you feel sporty, there's always a group that rides a nice, steady tempo. So come on, join us and bring your friend(s).

Daily Schedule:
We meet at different restaurants for breakfast, trying to commence around 7:45-8 am, which allows for time to digest before we start to ride at 9:30. If you choose to skip breakfast or have other plans, that is fine, we will leave from the breakfast location at 9:30 (possible exceptions would be Wednesday the 19th and the Mtn Bike Clinics)

Sunday. September 16, 2007
Trimble Loop-Lemon Dam (traditional group photo on Lemon)
*Ride with Ned Day*
Meet at bread (a bakery and gathering spot)
45 miles
3 hours
2250 feet of climbing

Monday September 17, 2007
Coal Bank Hill (or Molas Pass)
Meet at Oscar's Restaurant
75 miles (or 90+ miles)
5 to 6 hours
4500 (or 5500) feet of climbing

Tuesday September 18, 2007
We are not planning a road ride this day as we expect many people to attend the Durango Wheel Club Tuesday Night Worlds, as described by Tom Danielson and Todd Wells in VeloNews. Additional information as requested or check the Club Web site: DurangoWheelClub  

New Option for 2007, Chad Cheeney, USA Cycling Coach level 2 and Durango DEVO Team Coach has offered to put on a Mountain Bike Clinic. To pull this off, you'll need to let us know as soon as possible so we can get a head count, from that information Chad will plan his schedule. This is bound to be a low pressure/high reward clinic to advance your skills, at any level.

Wednesday September 19, 2007
Durango to Dolores
Meet at Christina's Bar and Grill at the Best Western Inn & Suites (1/2 mile West of Durango on Hwy 160)
Ride starts in Hesperus (12 miles west of town on Hwy 160) {**Likely to change}
70 miles (*or 95 miles)
4 to 5 hours
3750 feet of climbing (*or 5500 feet) 
*with optional extension from Bouré HQ in town with Drew - leave at 8:30*

New Option for 2007, Chad Cheeney, USA Cycling Coach level 2 and Durango DEVO Team Coach has offered to put on a Mountain Bike Clinic. To pull this off, you'll need to let us know as soon as possible so we can get a head count, from that information Chad will plan his schedule. This is bound to be a low pressure high reward clinic to advance your skills, at any level.

Thursday September 20, 2007
Hermosa Creek Mountain Bike Trail
*Ride with Ned Day*
Park at Trimble Hot Springs upper lot for shuttle.
(10 miles north of down town Durango on Hwy 550))
18 miles of single track, plus about 10 miles of dirt and paved roads
3 hours
Less than 1000 feet of climbing, around 4000 feet of descending

Friday September 21, 2007
Bondad-Ignacio-Bayfield Loop
Meet at Carver's Bakery
75 miles
4 hours
3250 feet of climbing

Saturday September 22, 2007
Baker's Bridge-Old Shalona
*Vintage Bike Day*
*Ride with Ned Day*
Meet at bread (the Bakery), but please don't drive there!
30 miles
2 hours
500 feet of climbing
*This day will be an optional Vintage Bike Day, bring your oldest steed for the ride and prizes will be awarded for several categories by our special judging group.

Totals: 320 miles to 360 miles, 20 hours, 15,000 to 18,000 feet of climbing

If there is anything we can do to make your cycling life better, please let us know. And as always, thanks for reading!
Brandon, Laverne, Jacque, Ned, Wade and Drew 

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