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October 2005
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Hi! All you cyclists in Newsletter land and welcome to the 14th Boure newsletter. Fall has officially arrived as defined by Drew firing up his boiler and the end of the Boure Bike Fest The college students have arrived at Fort Lewis, which means the average age of the county road riders has dropped by 10 years and the average level of body art and jewelry has increased by at least 50 percent. Mornings are now requiring thermal material of some sort, although we can get away with shorts and short sleeves during the afternoons. We have seen snow in the La Platas on several mornings, but so far it hasn't stuck for the winter.

As always we encourage one and all to write with suggestions or comments regarding this newsletter or the web site.

1. The Third Annual Boure Bike Fest is over and a good time was had by all,
2. Follow the Bouncing Newsletter,
3. Boure Bike Fest Gossip and inside thoughts,
4. The other stuff.

1. We had another successful Boure Bike Fest, which finished September 24th with the Second Annual Vintage Bike day. We will soon post pictures from the rides on the web site at this address - Boure Bike Fest 2005. The weekday rides averaged about 20 people this year and the locals came out in force on the weekend rides to make it 40 riders. And we had visitors from Connecticut, Hawaii, Texas, New Mexico and several visitors from around Colorado.

As usual, Drew, Ned and Wade had fun. Drew, Wade, Steve and Tom each did every ride and knocked out between 320 and 365 miles and between 12-18,000 feet of climbing. As in past years, Wade followed the groups to insure everyone could ride at the pace of their choice. Drew tried to keep an eye on the front group to make sure they had someone to spur them on to greater feats. Ned showed us all what longevity means and prudently chose his rides to to be sure he could talk with everyone interested while schooling anyone who thought they might be having too good of a day.

See Drew's comments below for more Bike Fest gossip and info.

2. If you haven't been getting this newsletter and wondered "why?", we may have a reason. We started these newsletters a few years back, to nearly total acceptance by our loyal customers. We did what we could to insure that no one received them who didn't want them, (yeah, we remember that one guy who said, "Leave Me Alone". After the first few Newsletters, we found that it was problematic to send groups of 40 e-mails at a time to comply with the rules of our ISP. So we found with the help of one of the programmers who help with our site. They are an E-mail data base manager designed to launch large mailings. They have very strict rules so they keep the Spammers out and require their users to comply with current Internet mass mailing rules and regulations.

Recently we noticed that a significant number, about 1/3 of all of our addresses, had been "Bounced". In the Vertical-Response world, this means that the address was bad, the server returned the mail or it wasn't deliverable for 3 days. We contacted several of our close, technically oriented, friends on that "Bounce" list who claim they could not have been legitimately bounced. We contacted Vertical-Response and they claim only legitimate bounces could fall into that category.

Obviously, something is rotten in Denmark. So lacking the proper Danish skills to facilitate a proper solution between these experts who exceed our knowledge in these areas, we opted for the simple solution. We had all the "bounces" changed back to active and have included them in this Newsletter.

So if you have received this Newsletter at an address that you don't want us to use, please hit the "unsubscribe" link below and your address will be removed, or if you prefer, reply to the e-mail and let us know to change or "unsubscribe" your address. If you want us to change an e-mail address, please tell us both the old and new addresses, as we have no simple way to find the "old" address, they are entered "as is" without a cross reference to your name or new address.

3. Well, another fun and tiring Boure Bike Fest has passed, so it seams appropriate to hand out a few randomly inspired awards to deserving participants (of course, Boure employees and their family are not eligible). Prizes will be available to winners for pick-up at Boure HQ.

Super Gregario Award - Mitch Carrier (local cycling strongman and legend) must have set pace for at least 50 of the 95 miles ridden on Wednesday to Dolores and back. All riders that dared to test their legs by matching his relentless, steady pace all experienced an untimely departure from the lead group.

Iron Man Award - Tom Hoefer (cycle industry purchasing guru) and Steve Lamont (former grocer turned real estate mogul) came and rode with us every day throughout the week. Thank goodness for someone else as tired as us.

Most Aggressive Rider Award - Chris Herting (the usually serene owner of 3D Racing) refused to let any hill pass on our Friday ride to Ignacio-Bayfield without an explosive attack that had riders at the rear chasing back over the top of every hill. Good thing I carried a turkey and cheese sandwich to eat that day.

"Group Mountain Bike Ride" is an Oxymoron Award - Craig Campbell (cycling mechanic with a pedigree dating back to Eddy B.) who left a minute early on our Hermosa Creek ride to get a little head start before we all passed him. After the usual variety of group photos, mechanicals, and crashes we finally saw him when he came back up the trail at the end of the day to find us.

Attention to Detail/Vintage Bike Award - Tracy Wilde (the Rhoda Morganstern of Mountain Bike Specialist window displays) and her lovely pink Gios Torino with complementary pink Shimano Sante gruppo. Bella! Pictures to come at Boure Bike Fest.

4. We want to thank the many people who have discovered Wade's World on our web site. Those of you who have found it have enjoyed some pretty major discounts on excellent Boure clothing. We invite all of you to check it out from time to time as the deals keep coming and the inventory keeps changing.

Time is running out for this year's contest. Please take a minute and write us a story about cycling, bikes or some other aspect of life. If you jot it down and e-mail it to we will enter your offering in our contest. We will award prizes to the best stories and announce their names (if they let us) after the end of the year.

As always, thanks for reading!
Ned, Wade, Drew, Laverne, and Jacque

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