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December 2005
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Hello to All! Seasons Greetings from all of us to all of you! Welcome to the 15th Boure newsletter. We have been watching the orders and the Weather Channel and it sure seems that Old Man Winter has arrived nationwide! The La Plata Mountains behind Durango have been white on more than one occasion, but so far the clear skies have allowed enough solar gain to reach down and undo the cloud's work. So far, the majority of the skiing has been on man made snow on the bunny slopes. The good news is that the roads are dry and we have been checking out the thermal clothes, which are excellent across the board.

Please, Please, Please, if you need something by Christmas read #5!

While we have encouraged one and all to write to us, we have received few, but positive comments about the Newsletter and so will continue in the current manner until a good suggestion comes in, do you have that suggestion?

1. New Items have arrived and are looking for a new home,
2. The Truth is always stranger than Fiction,
3. Comments on Comments by Wady Rooney,
4. The "Holidays are Coming" understanding and...

1. Since the last Boure Newsletter, several new things have arrived at Boure. Not the least of these (although they are the least expensive) are the new wool socks by the Sock Guy with extra tall cuffs to keep your ankles warm. We got a roll of bright red SuperRoubaix material, allowing us to create a red version of the ELITE Thermo Jersey. We found a new high tech rain jacket made by Shower's Pass of eVent material. Even the U.S. Army is impressed with the breathability of this material and have tested it and found it excellent. Lastly, we have a box of shoe covers made of stretchy wind and water proof material made by our bootie friends in Italy. We will continue to look for items that are high quality and functional in areas where we don't have manufacturing capability.

2. A few days back, we received some unsolicited feedback on our PRO thermal jacket. I am not going to share his name but, this customer gets what we are all about, and it only took him one ride. Now remember that his friends think he is "picky" while he describes himself as "interested in quality". Here are a few of his comments:

Excellent workmanship (whether male or female); seams straight, ends oversewn, nice material, nice YKK zipper with solid installation, my favorite cuffs, extra long sleeves, conservative look, no "over-emblemization" (i.e. free advertising).

Great design; I really didn't think the jacket would keep me warm (with no underlayer) during my 40 mph decent at 25 degrees before I was really warmed up, but it did; the windbreak material is stylish and, more importantly, works well.

I thought the collar would be cold as the material is not "fuzzy", but it's not cold; in fact, because it's high, it really is warm.

The rotated sleeves are not a gimmick, as I suspected (sorry); they are surprisingly comfortable.

After 2-1/2 hours of hard riding I was warm, but not soggy, thanks to very breathable material.

The jacket fits well with no flapping; it's great not to feel like the Michelin Man when it's cold riding weather.

I like your "Guaranteed, Period!" approach; many large vendors don't do that; when buying via the Internet, you can't feel or try on clothing, so it's a big risk if you can't return without a penalty.

When I e-mailed to ask a date of arrival, I like that someone went to the trouble to check the UPS site and get back to me.

I like buying from a small company trying to compete with behemoths in a dog-eat-dog business environment; I will support you!

3. This time of year we see a lot of comments in the Comment Section of various orders. Of course, most of them are related to a gift of some sort, but they make us think, and we like that. Now part of what we think about is often that the comment seems silly or misplaced (read humorous). For those of you who have used us for gift giving or receiving, you will know that, if we can see that it is a gift (a "gift type" comment or it is clearly going to be sent to a different individual are our usual tips), we will send the purchaser the invoice and we will send a "packing list" with no prices to the recipient, assuming that they have a different address. If you didn't know that, well now you do, so feel free to use this service. We will carefully transcribe your comment onto the invoice and the packing list, so both sender and receiver see the excellent heartfelt carefully worded comment. These "comments" are either directed to us (please make sure I have this on such and such date, or "you guys rock!") or it is directed to the recipient (Enjoy these when it is cold, Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, etc.)

I though I'd share a few comments with you for your entertainment. So if you recognize your own silly comment, don't take it personally, we have seen variations on each of these over and over. Obviously the world, or our need for task completion, has made us move too fast and we haven't really thought things through...

One of the most common is the gift we aren't really sending. We see a very nice comment like, "For John with all my love, Virginia". Yep you guessed it, the address is Virginia's and we guess that John will never see the invoice, we have so carefully transcribed her comment onto.

Another good one is the polygamist message, "For John, All my Love, your Wife Betty". So Does John not remember that Betty is his wife? Does he have more than one Betty or Wife?

How about Bill? A really nice guy who is buying his buddy John a new pair of shorts, no doubt to correct a nasty visibility issue. So Bill writes a scathing diatribe to John (excellent and worthy of publication), but alas, the purchase and the shipping address are both Bill's.

4. This time every year we try to remind everyone about Holiday timing. Please remember that if you use our "free shipping" we will use either U.S. Mail or Priority Mail for orders that weigh less than one pound (95% of our single items and most of our shorts AND short sleeve jersey combinations, excepting maybe XXL or larger item combinations), or if it is a single heavy item or multiple times which add up to over one pound, we will use UPS Ground service. So if you are in a hurry, or if you live far from Boure, like New England, keep in mind that UPS can take up to six business days from the shipping date. If you have a deadline (like Christmas Eve), please let us know so we can call and tell you if we think it will make it or suggest an expedited shipping method. As always, if you have a question going in, please put it in the Comment Section, we really read them and we really respond.

The winner is... Boure Customers who have found Wade's World on our web site. Lots of people are looking and the sales are starting to get steady. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, we sold about a dozen items from Wade's World and thanks to a good friend in California, most of the time Wade remembers to put an "Updated On" date at the top of the list. The deals are good and keep changing and local Durangotangs are no longer the only recipients!

Once again, all of us at Boure wish you and yours the very best this Holiday Season and the coming year. If there is anything we can do to make your cycling life better, please let us know.

As always, thanks for reading!
Ned, Wade, Drew, Laverne, Jacque and Brandon

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