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September 2009
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The Fweest Is Coming... Hope You've Been Riding.
September 2009, Vol. #37

The Vuelta a España is under way, which can only mean that Fall weather is fast approaching and the world famous Bouré Bike Fweest is almost here. Don't be distracted by the minor Classics in Europe, Interbike, the Fall Blaze, Eurobike, The Single Speed World Championships (in Durango!), Durango Wheel Club Championships, or any other bike related activities. The real happening this Fall, just like the last six, is the Bouré Bike Fweest. An event so fantastic that it needed its own word!

Hopefully, you too are inspired by the late Summer weather, the Vuelta, the recent excitement of the Leadville 100, or anything that has you out on your bike.

1. ELITE Knickers Sale and New Arrivals
2. Bike Fweest Update
3. Upcoming Schedule of Events

ELITE Knickers Sale, New Arrivals and Back in Stock

With temperatures about to head lower, we've decided to entice you with a sale on our ever-popular ELITE knickers and ELITE Thermo knickers. Perfect for this time of year. The oft-sold-out Bouré Team SPF jerseys are again back in stock, and have been joined by the new arrival of our Bouré Team ThermoSensor jerseys - perfect for cooler weather with warmth-gaining black arms.

For our many aficionados of understated fashion, we have our next simple-yet-elegant SPF LS jersey on Pre-Sale for September 20th delivery. And our new Arm Coolers have been selling fast - a quick way to turn all your jerseys into cooler, sun-protective garments.

& Women's
ELITE Thermo knickers
Regularly $130,
Now $115

Men's ELITE Thermo bib knickers

Regularly $150,
Now $130

*Women's version available upon request

Men's & Women's
ELITE knickers
Regularly $110,
Now $90

bib knickers

Regularly $130,
Now $110

*Women's version available upon request

Men's & Women's
SPF-35 LS jersey
with Full-length zipper
Pre-Sale Price: $75
*with delivery on September 20th

Men's & Women's
ThermoSensor jersey
with Full-length zipper
Price: $85
Back in Stock

Men's & Women's
Bouré TEAM SPF-35 LS jersey
With Full-length zipper
Price: $85

Sol Skin Arm Coolers

Instant SPF-50 Skin Protection
Price: $35

7th Annual Ned Overend & Bouré Bike Fweest Update
September 27 through October 3, 2009

You may ask yourself, "Well... how did I get here? And you may ask yourself, how do I work this? And you may ask yourself, where is that large automobile?" Oh, Wait!!! That's a different song all together. Let's start again... you may be asking yourself, "What in the Wade's Wide World of Sports is a Fweest?" Well, a Fweest is a Fest (short for Festival) that lasts a Week (Week + Fest = Fweest). "How does the Fweest really work in this busy ride-a-day world?" Here we'd first have to say, drop the word "work", then imagine a beautiful world full of bikes, quiet roads and picturesque scenery. Then imagine yourself in that world where you'll meet everyday to eat breakfast at a new restaurant with fellow cyclists, exchanging profound thoughts and enjoying witty repartee. Then, at a preordained time, everyone would grab their bike and go for a nice, friendly ride with aforementioned philosophical discourse and outstanding scenery. So, that's the Fweest.

Won't I just get dropped and left for dead on the Fweest rides?:
Perhaps it's the magnitude of riding with the likes of Ned Overend, Matt Shriver, Todd Wells or other top level cycling professionals that affect some riders. In the past, we've noted a need by some (typically middle-aged male) riders to, as closely as we can determine, "attack", "turn the screws", or "force a selection" on this rolling bike party and hamper other rider's ability to continue their wide ranging verbal discourse on happy philosophical topics. Perhaps they are confused by this intelligent discussion. Or perhaps there is a yet undisclosed, underlying Freudian inadequacy? Maybe it's the easy joy of competing against those who are not competing against you? We just can't be certain, though we do find it a tad shameful. This year we've made special invitations to some strong riders, who otherwise make their living as henchmen, to help us maintain a proper tempo and the low stress atmosphere that attracts a wider range of riders to events such as the Fweest (as if there was anything "like" our Fweest!).

Tempo or not tempo?:
Our longer rides tend to attract a experienced group that tends to tap out a pretty constant tempo, so they can complete those longer rides in a reasonable time. Typical average speeds for these rides have been in the 18mph range. However, it's not a competitive pace, and most importantly, we encourage riders to go a pace that lets them arrive with enough energy to go dancing that evening, if they want. To compliment the longer and faster rides, we always have a slower and shorter ride for folks who want less miles - for their more dancin', drinkin', vacationin' lifestyles. Wade and his band of merry folk are always willing to ride at a pace to accommodate every rider who wants to take their time. There is no time limit, no pressure to go faster than you want, and truly, all riders are welcome. We want to really encourage riders that thought the longer rides might be too fast or too long to come and enjoy these Alterna-Rides. We've had tandems and fixed gears before, and expect more. Maybe this year we'll have our first Recumbent?!

Ride with Ned and meet cyclists from faraway places:
What could be better than that? We've worked with Ned to see which days he will join us, and so far he's committed to Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. So we've decided to bracket Wednesday's Mesa Verde "Queen Stage" (La Etapa de la Reina) with shorter rides that we can all do with Ned. We're excited by the promise of attendees from the planet of Boulder, states of New Mexico and Arizona, and that revolutionary province to the west of the United States, California. Will you be the one that comes from a spot further than those?

Fweest Week:
This year's Fweest coincides perfectly with the splendor of Fall foliage in our San Juan Mountains and we're introducing some new rides this year - offered distinctly at both a refined leisurely pace or a tempo pace. Wednesday's ride to Mesa Verde and back is 200 km, and will be a spectacular 8-hours in the saddle. As they would say it Spain, it will be La Etapa de la Reina, or the Queen Stage. As usual, the Fweest kicks off with a ride to Lemon Dam on Sunday, followed by a casual get-together in the Bourey Botanical Gardens. We'll show off the new pavement on La Posta Road on Tuesday, ride some Durango singletrack on Thursday, tour some of La Plata County's smoooooth dirt roads on Monday and Friday, and end with our traditional Vintage Bike ride on Saturday. Check the Bike Fweest Home Page for more information and the up-to-the-minute changes we'll surely make (just to keep you on your toes!).

Please let us know how we might be able to help get you and your bike here for a solid week of free rides, and the "aforementioned discourse".

Upcoming Schedule of Events

September 9-13
Durango Wheel Club Championships

September 19
Single Speed World Championships

September 21-25
Interbike Show

September 26
Durango Fall Blaze

September 27-October 3
Bouré Bike Fweest
Tentative Schedule - Pending UCI Approval

Sunday, September 27
Trimble Loop - Lemon Dam
*Ride with Ned Day*

Monday, September 28
Tour of the Dryside (aka Western La Plata County)

Tuesday, September 29
La Posta Road
*Ride with Ned Day*

Wednesday, September 30
La Etapa de la Reina
Mesa Verde 200km

Thursday, October 1
Durango MTB Ride
*Ride with Ned Day*

Friday, October 2
Tour of Eastern La Plata County

Saturday, October 3
Baker's Bridge-Old Shalona
*Vintage Bike Day*

Saturday, October 3
29th Annual Road Apple Rally
*Race against Ned Day (yeah, good luck!)*

If we can help you make your cycling life better, please don't hesitate to call or write.
Ned, Drew, Laverne, Brandon and Wade

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