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Ned Overend's bicycling clothes and outdoor apparel for road cycling, mountain biking, and Nordic skiing designed and manufactured in Durango, Colorado.

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The Latest Edition

Bouré Bicycle Clothing
Cycling Clothing for Long Lasting Comfort
Designed, Tested & Sewn in Durango, Colorado USA
What A Fast Paced and Busy Time It's Been
October 2009, Vol. #38

Wow! What a time we've had here in Durango since we last wrote to our extended family. Your Bouré folks have been busy with a number of bicycle related activities. We helped the artistically creative sponsors of the successful 2009 Single Speed World Championships, hosted the Bouré Bike Fweest, watched Ned win the latest version of the oldest mountain bike race in America - The Road Apple Rally, AND noted the induction of our outstanding endurance rider, RAAM record-setter David "Donkey" Jones, in the Furnace Creek 508 Hall of Fame.

As founding members of the Safe Roads Coalition, Drew and Wade were instrumental in helping Colorado continue to move to the forefront of bike friendly states. Sure it took us a bit longer than some, but we're way ahead of many states with the passage of a new Bicycle Pedestrian Policy by the Colorado Department of Transportation. The practical application of this new policy is under construction as you read this electronic epistle, but the essence of the Policy is that Bike and Pedestrian accommodations will be a routine part of all future State Road Projects.

To capture the spirit of these and future events, we've established the new Bouré Blog (see below) so you can better follow the comings and goings of your favorite clothing supplier. But please, we ask that you don't develop any expectations about the material being only cycling-specific, as it could and/or will be about anything and/or everything.

Once again and as usual, we've cleverly timed our sale on season-specific items to actually match the season. No clearance of last season's leftovers here, just spot-on what you need, when you need it Sales for our dedicated customers. Read on to find out what's on Sale, what's new and where to find fun and entertaining bicycling (or not) related subjects.

1. Thermo Tights Sale and New Arrivals
2. New Bouré Blog on the front page of the web site, where you can find it!
3. Two of the funnier videos we've seen in awhile.

Thermo Tights Sale and New Arrivals

As temperatures head lower on the old fashioned mercury thermometer (or counter clockwise on those new fangled circular versions), we've made a timely move to put our nice and warm full-length Thermo tights on sale. Since they're all on sale, we expect that we can fulfill any and all desires in the thermal tight department at an excellent discount. For those among you paying close attention to these Newsletters, did you notice that we put the full-length thermal version on sale right after the 2/3-length knickers were taken off sale? How's that for season-specific sales to keep you in the right gear at the right time? We have some new inventory arrivals for beer and/or bike fans and soft, comfy wool products fans.

& Women's
ELITE Thermo tights
Regularly $125,
Now $110

& Women's
ELITE Thermo bib cycling tights (with chamois)
Regularly $160,
Now $140

& Women's
ELITE Thermo bib tights (without chamois)
Regularly $135,
Now $120

Thermal Traveler pants
Regularly $110,
Now $95

Colorado Kolsch jersey

by Steamworks Brewery
of Durango

Merino Wool Cap
Traditional, Reversible
Cycling Cap

Bouré Blog

Well, we did it. We joined the third most recent form of electronic media. No tweets or actual teleportation into your homes, but we do have a BLOG. This is where we can easily (read, more frequently) post information on events in and around Durango both past and future, or our travels, or totally random musings, or botanical information, or worthy customer photos, or whatever moves us that day. The recent Durango events (described in our intro above) have been captured in photo essay and minimal editorial fashion. Check it out frequently as it can change at the speed of electrons.

The Latest News from Bouré Bicycle Clothing, Ned Overend & the Principality of Durango.

"It may just be drivel,
but it's good drivel."

•New CDOT Bike-Ped Policy
•Not About The Bike
•David Jones FC508
•Bicyclettes à Portland
•Caffè a Portland
•SSWC09, v2
•Ned Wins Road Apple #29
•BBF No.7

Our Video Picks

Okay, so these are mostly for adults as they contain adult bicycle situations using actual and immature adult language. Be forewarned that if that sort of language doesn't put you off, you might laugh off your early winter fat in one viewing and the subsequent finger typing used to send these links to all your friends!

Hitler Wants To Ride His Mountain Bike
"Performance" by MC SpandX

Don't forget, you too can send us links to good pictures or videos so we can share them with other cyclists in need.

If we can help you make your cycling life better, please don't hesitate to call or write.
Drew, Ned, Laverne, Brandon and Wade

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