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May 2007
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A big HI to everyone out there and thank you for following our Newsletters. This is the 21st Boure Newsletter - Spring 2007. Read on to find out what's going on, what's up, and what's on special. This time of year all of the organized and unorganized rides around Durango are all bulging with full-time cycling, semi-retired 50-somethings looking to fill those slots at the Tour De France left open by Operation Puerto suspects. Even the "C" Ride was recruiting for neo-pros Tuesday night! We are just now seeing regular days in the mid 60's to lower 70's and the snow is starting to melt in yonder hills. If you haven't been here in the Spring, come and try it, not too hot, nor are the summer tourists here to fill up the hotels and restaurants. And if you stay until Memorial day, you can even ride the world famous Iron Horse Bicycle Classic.

1. ELITE Shorts and more Now on Sale,
2. Who's Your Neighbor?
3. Durango Happenin's,
4. Counting the SPF Numbers... and our newest LS SPF jersey.

1.  ELITE Shorts and more Now on Sale!

Well everyone has their favorite and the votes for an ELITE Short Sale have won out for this month. Both Men's and Women's ELITE shorts are on sale for this once(?) a year happening.

Our PRO and CLASSIC jerseys are on sale while we run down the colors on hand and look to new colors and fabrics for later this year, so check them out on our Web Specials page.

He won't say when, but our Swiss wool clothing supplier has told us that our Wool shorts and a newly designed Boure Wool jersey are on the way. Keep your fingers crossed and remember I don't have them until you see them on line.

We keep trying to add new movies and specialty bike items that we think may be unusual and of interest to you. If there's anything else you want, please tell us. We might be able to find it for you. Click here for Cages and Tools, DVDs and Books, Brooks Saddles and Bags, and Tom Danielson Coffees

See all of our Web Specials and Closeout Bargains.

2. My Heros or my Neighbors?
by Brandon Donahue

When I was a kid I had three posters of my wall; one of Ned Overend, one of Myles Rockwell, and one of Jack Johnson when he was still a surfer.  Growing up in Southern California those three athletes were the ones that I looked to, to motivate me, inspire me and challenge me. When I came to Durango, those posters didn't survive the move but I was well aware of Durango's reputation as a Mecca for professional cyclists. There are quite a few places with a high density of professional athletes, especially cyclists, but I don't see any of them comparing to Durango. Many things separate Durango and its athletes from other hot-spots-one of which is its size. Durango is deceptively small town. When I moved to Durango I hoped to run into some of its celebrity athletes, like Ned Overend, Bob Roll, Todd Wells, Myles Rockwell, Travis Brown, and Tom Danielson, but I never imagined that I would form friendships with them. The reality is that Durango is a small town filled with amazing people who appreciate living here-It's easy to meet people in Durango, regardless of who they are, because we all have one thing in common, we appreciate where we are. It's exciting and motivating to live in a town with so much talent-now if only Jack Johnson would move to Durango, I could run into my three hero's downtown on a Friday night!

3. Durango Happenings!

The Iron Horse Bicycle Classic is just a couple weeks away and the excitement and last minute training programs are running high. This year the Iron Horse has had to limit field sizes and has initiated a time limit so that the inevitable highway opening doesn't send the delayed motorists stampeding into oxygen starved cyclists who haven't made the safety of Silverton under the time limit. For those of you who haven't tried the Iron Horse, it is both a classic race and tour. This is one of the major events in our town and one of the races that started Ned Overend's career. The primary event is the ride to Silverton, but it also includes many other events over the Memorial Day weekend - including road, mountain and cruiser racing, along with a triathlon, an individual swim, a 10-mile run and much more.

This year the City of Durango adopted an updated Comprehensive Plan which includes language that says roadways will be designed with the Complete Streets philosophy in mind. This is a huge step forward and a major accomplishment of many devoted volunteers who both educated planners and attended meetings to get this language inserted. With this language it will be easier to follow up in public forums to make sure that pedestrians, disabled people, children, cyclists and transit users will be accommodated in future road designs. This is a major step toward our hope that Durango will attain Gold status as a Bicycle Friendly community in the near future.

4. SPF Numbers are Changing... and our New LS SPF jersey.

As most of you are aware, we have our sublimation-printed jerseys made by Voler in Grover Beach, California. They recently called us to inform us that the SQ Pro® with Mynx UV fabric used for our Long Sleeve SPF jerseys had been tested by the manufacturer and that it was now claimed to be SPF 35 (and no longer SPF 50). I asked if the material had changed and was told that the material is the same as it was before but that the SPF number had changed. From our standpoint we want to pass that along to our customers and focus on the large number of positive comments we have received since this material became available. This material has really been very well accepted since we first came out with these jerseys two years ago in a long sleeve jersey. Sun-sensitive customers have raved about it's ability to keep the sun off. Long distance riders have been impressed with it's ability to keep them both cooler in the hot sun and warmer as the evening temperature drops. 

And... we have added to our line of Long Sleeve SPF jerseys this year with a simple and bright yellow design for the customers who have asked for a plain SPF LS jersey. It's flying out the door, so see them here before they're gone: New Men's SPF Jersey and Women's SPF Jersey. You can see our other SPF jersey style on the Men's and Women's Jersey pages.

If there is anything we can do to make your cycling life better, please let us know. And as always, thanks for reading!
Jacque, Ned, Brandon, Drew, Laverne and Wade

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