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April 2009
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Bouré Bicycle Clothing
Cycling Clothing for Long Lasting Comfort
Designed, Tested & Sewn in Durango, Colorado USA

This is our 33rd Bouré Newsletter - Spring 2009. Beautiful Spring weather arrived in Durango on a Sunday morning (April 19th) at 8am, stayed for just a couple of glorious days, then hit the road and hasn't been seen or heard from since. In honor of this arrival and the wishful banishment of snowy, blowy, rainy, dusty and/or general lousy weather, we present to you the following:

Spring has sprung the grass is ris',
I wonder where my bike pump is,
The chain is old,
The seat has mold,
My hubs need grease, but my chamois doesn't,
I checked for my patch kit and it sure wasn't,

I see my friends and they're in shape,
But, I can't find my old rain cape,
So lube the chain and adjust those brakes,
I'll be the one who shows those flakes,
It's about the zen and my relation,
To all that beer and good libations!

Pre-Sale Jerseys
We're sending this quick note to let each and every one of you know about this year's "soon-to-arrive" Low Graphics sun protection jersey. We've chosen sky blue for low solar gain and high visibility - and are introducing Full-Length zippers for all of our long sleeve SPF jerseys this year. The continuation of our Special Spring Pre-Arrival Sale Pricing (the SSPASP Plan) goes through next Wednesday, May 6th, with delivery beginning just thereafter.

As for our 2009 Bouré Team jersey... well, they've enjoyed popularity beyond our expectations and now we are down to dribs and drabs, and almost Sold Out - especially for the LS version. We've ordered more and expect them by June 15th. So, hurry if you want one now, but if your size is currently unavailable, we can ship you one just after June 15th.

Men's & Women's
SPF-35 LS, Full-Zip jersey
Will be $85, Now $75

Men's & Women's
Bouré Team jerseys
Many Sizes available,
with all available June 15

& Women's Bouré Team
SPF-35 LS, Full-Zip jerseys
Not-as-many Sizes available,
with all available June 15

New Arrival & Sale Items
We have just produced our 2009 series of CLASSIC jerseys and placed them on our web site. So, if your one of our many customers who like to de-geek their cycling look, check these out. Our CLASSIC jerseys are available in Sizing up to 4X, and are designed for a non-aero, flattering fit. And just to make the world go 'round, we've put our CLASSIC shorts on Sale, too.

CLASSIC jerseys
Lime yellow, Teal blue & Adobe red

Men's & Women's
CLASSIC shorts
Was $75, Now $65

CLASSIC bib shorts

Was $95, Now $80

Bike & Ned News
If you were at the Sea Otter Classic you may have seen Ned wandering around a bit dazed and confused after auguring in on his mountain bike. This is a very rare occurrence with handling skills like the Champ possess and we suspect excessive fun may have been involved. An unidentified fan provided us with a secret video which may show the cause, and you can see it HERE.

This is an excellent time to visit Durango, perhaps for the upcoming Iron Horse Bicycle Classic, one of the longest continuous annual events in American cycling. For more information look HERE.

As always, if we can help you make your cycling life better please don't hesitate to call or write.
Ned, Drew, Laverne, Brandon and Wade

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