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February 2007
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Hey to everyone out there and thank you for following our Newsletters. This is the 20th Boure Newsletter - New Year 2007. Read on to find out what's going on, what's up, what's on special, and "Where's Ned O"? This time of year many Durangotans are cross training in the mountains on downhill, telemark and Nordic skis. Strange Michelin Man-like tourist are wandering around downtown among the Fort Lewis College students in shorts and rock-n-roll tee shirts. On the days it isn't actually snowing, we still ride. Sometimes when it's actually snowing, we're still riding. And as always in Southwest Colorado, after a snowfall it takes only 2-3 days to dry out the roads.

1. Jersey Sale and More,
2. "Where's Ned O?",
3. Boure Happenings!

1.  Jersey Sale and More

Winter Cash Flow Savings! Right now you can pre-buy our 2007 Boure TEAM jerseys and Save $10. We have our traditional short sleeve version and our widely acclaimed lightweight long sleeve version made of an SPF-50 material. We really like the way these look and think you'll agree. Like us and others, you'll find the LS version cooler in warm weather than your short sleeve jerseys. So, you can buy one now for $10 Off and receive delivery in early April.

On Valentine's Day, Wade added a metric ton of new items toWade's World and he lowered prices on dang darn near everything.To induce people to order Wade's World items, we're offering free shipping on those items (same rules as the regular web site) until March 18th. Go to the Wonderful World of Wade.

And we put some of our other "made-right-here-in-Durango" Jerseys on sale, so check them out on our Specialspage.

We received some more wool items in January, so we have a pretty good stock of Baselayers, Sock s, and Skull Caps. And we received a limited supply of great, new retro-styled Wool LongSleeve Jerseys and Trainers, see our Wool Clothing page.

We keep trying to add new movies and specialty bike items that we think may be unusual and of interest to you. If there's anything else you want, please tell us. We might be able to find it for you: Cages and Tools, DVDsand Books, Brooks Saddles and Bags, TomDanielson Coffee.

See these Specials and all of our Closeout Bargains.

2. "Where's Ned O?"

A great Friend of Boure (FOB), Mitch M., was in a remote Alaskan fishing village and shot an interesting photo of himself standing next to a pop machine emblazoned with none other than the Legendary Ned Overend's picture from his days racing for Mountain Dew/Specialized. Another FOB, Todd Wells, found a similar machine at Randolph Golf Course in Tucson just this winter. Those pictures have inspired us to start a new contest this year. We want to know "Where's Ned O?" (nods and tip 'o the glass toWaldo...) Please send in your photos of you and Ned, or Ned's image, or Ned and any other big stars. The winners will be determined by the most remote location you find Ned O, or his image, special circumstances (he is hugging your wife/girlfriend) or he was caught half-naked in an XTerra transition area, or playing Rock-Paper-Scissors with adoring Japanese fans, or was riding a non-Specialized bike,or?, or? Use your imagination, maybe make your own Ned O and take him somewhere cool! Send your photos to:

3. Boure Happenings!

Here in Boure Land we've had a few interesting items of note. First, Ned won the National Cyclocross Championship in the 50-54 category last Fall, so add yet another Championship to the Champ's resume. Locally Drew and Wade have helped start the Safe Roads Coalition. This group is dedicated to a Complete Streets Philosophy were every user of every street is considered in the design and construction. Please see the Safe Roads Coalition web site. As part of our work, we are currently assisting the Colorado Department of Transportation, City of Durango, County of LaPlata and Trails 2000 on a State-funded Grant which can add a significant chunk to our Animas River Trail and link it up to the new Mercy Medical Center and Three Springs community. We have just seen the latest version of the City of Durango's Comprehensive Plan (philosophical guidance document) which has included Complete Streets language for on-going construction.This philosophy is growing nationally and offers alternatives to traditional motor vehicle driven street designs. We recommend all cyclists learn more and help foster a faster transition for alternative methods of commuting and recreation, while helping build communities that don't force people to drive. 

If there is anything we can do to make your cycling life better, please let us know. And as always, thanks for reading!
Jacque, Ned, Brandon, Drew, Laverne and Wade

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