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November 2006
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Hello to everyone out there in Newsletter Land, and welcome to the 19th Boure Newsletter - Fall Is Here 2006. Read onto find out what is going on, what is new, and what is on special. This time of year Durango warms into the 50's during the day, but the nights are frozen, so don't leave the hose attached. Tourism has slowed way down, they must be heading to Arizona and Florida this time of year. The Fort Lewis College kids are here, so tattoos and body piercings are abundant in the coffee shops. The LaPlata mountains are already covered with snow, but we still have time before winter to get in a few last rides.

1. Sale Items and New Stuff,
2. Boure Bike Fest stage results and gossip,
3. It's that time of year again,
4. Boure Happenings!

1.  Since last we wrote, we have put new things on sale and expect or have received some new items.

-- I couldn't wait to let you know (and they aren't here as of this writing), but coming to the Boure web site on your very own web browser, Brooks Saddles, Tool Bags, and Accessories. Our good friend, horse trainer, dog lover, love dogger and mixologist extraordinaré - Brett Hahn - is with Highway Two, the new distributor for Continental Tires and the Sella Royal Group. Brooks Saddles are a part of the Sella Royal Group, and Brett is hooking us up. We love them and know that many of our customers do, too. You've told us hundreds of times, usually something like "what's the best short for my Brooks B-17?". So check right now, but depending on stock you may have to waita week or two. Isn't it finally time to get that leather grip material and seat bag to match your saddle?

-- We received a new short sleeve wool jersey with a nice simple color scheme. Check them out here: Gray Wool S/S  

-- We have had a lot of things on sale recently and will start our annual big Christmas Sale at the end of November (watch foryour post card!) Right now you can stock up on some of those Fall thermal items you've been looking for. Currently on sale, we have:

Men's & Women'sELITE Thermo knickers,
Men's ELITE Thermo bib knickers,
Men's & Women'sPRO Thermal jersey,
Men's & Women'sBouré Thermo LS TEAM jersey,
Men's & Women'sTHERMAL jersey.

-- See them all, and many Closeout bargains at WebSpecials.

2. Boure Bike Fest week went off as scheduled (mostly) September 17-23, 2006, Watch for the Life magazine style photo essay coming to the Web site real soon.

We sure had fun, although for the first time we had some wet weather. A couple rides got back just before the skies cut loose and one ride was cancelled. At the last minute, Ned moved the mountain bike ride to a location that wouldn't involve flooding or a possible back-country rescue. We split the riders into more groups this year and that was quite successful. The stronger riders weren't held back and the less strong rides didn't have to kill themselves to try and do the distance nor the speed, unless they wanted to.

The extra moisture seemed to bring more people to breakfast and we had a great time talking about cycling and life, especially on the day we had to cancel our ride. Luckily the weather left Friday and we had a great ride for the final Vintage Bike Day.

We had customers from the Front Range, New Mexico, the Empire of Texas, and the Planet of California. We had the usual contingent of locals and special help from Robert Candelaria, who helpedWade (in his baby and chest cold weakened state) follow each ride and make sure everyone was happy and safe. That and Robert makes the best Carne Adovada in Southwest Colorado!

We held a party the first day at Drew's house and kicked everything into a social and happy environment after about 70 people cruised the Valley and up to Lemon Reservoir. This seemed to set the stage for a very congenial week both on and off the bike. 

With the cancelled stage, we lost track of the combined stage results so we've come up with these completely arbitrary and subjective winners:
Robert Candelaria 1st Place - Rear Watcher
Rob Kaberry 1st Place - Furtive Flour Fondler

If you didn't get to join us, think about coming next year. No doubt it will again be the second or third week in September, Ned's schedule dependent. Bring a group and ride as much or as little as you like. Come for the breakfast even if you don't want to ride. You can't beat the price, company or terrain of the Boure Bike Fest.

3. Get out and vote! Local governments have taken on many of the tasks and responsibilities previously left up to the federal government. So pay special attention to your local and state initiatives. Try and find out how your elected officials feel about cycling as a viable alternative mode of transportation as well as healthy activity. Electing someone based solely on their fiscal conservation isn't going to help when the question of reorganizing your streets to accommodate pedestrian and bicycle commuters. We need to pay better attention to local issues as it will be cities and states that will or won't adopt complete streets philosophies as we move forward. As you see regularly, cyclists get forgotten in most street designs. Unfortunately, that can mean serious injury or death to someone who is trying to be healthy while reducing congestion and pollution. Whether you tend left, right centrist or are just plain frustrated by your choices, please add an emphasis for safer streets for everyone to your checklist of political items. 

4. If you think we've been a little scattered lately, you are probably right. Over the last few months, our landlord has rebuilt part of our building. We moved our entrance roughly 90 degrees and are now in the process of moving our inventory, production and office areas. It is quite distracting, so if we are a bit slow, please keep that in mind. We are going into the super-busy Christmas season so we will likely stop moving things midstream to try and keep up with holiday sales. Wade continues to suffer from baby induced insomnia. Drew has been busy bringing out three new thermal jerseys, and we have both been to Vegas and back looking for new and exciting items to sell that you can't getat your local shop. Watch that web site, they are starting to appear. We expect to have new coffee from Tom Danielson, Lennard Zinn's books and DVDs, a new sock design, pizza cutters, the list goes on and on. So check frequently and if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!

If there is anything we can do to make your cycling life better, please let us know. And as always, thanks for reading!
Jacque, Ned, Brandon, Drew, Laverne and Wade

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