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February 2008
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Dear Cold Weather Readers,

This is our 25th Bouré newsletter - Late Winter 2008. And what a memorable Winter for Durango! We've enjoyed "way-above-average" snowfall, with mountain passes closed due to avalanches, stranded cattle, stranded elderly, and parents stranded at home with kids because of closed schools. We now sport Popeye-like muscles from all of the snow shoveling, and we can walk onto our roofs without using a ladder. Once it begins to melt, we expect a lot of mud, a splendid whitewater rafting season and our reservoirs filled to the brim. If you are a rafting, boating and/or cycling family, this may be a great summer to visit this corner of the world. To show you just how much snow we have in Durango, we've posted some pictures of the entrance to the Bouré Ultra-Mega Factory and Drew's household which you can see HERE. The Amgen Tour of California is underway, which seems a bit odd to us with the amount of snow we have here and across the country, but isn't it a great way to start looking forward to those long, warm summer days that will arrive soon? They will won't they, please?

We've received lots of e-mail this winter with pictures and ride descriptions from many of our Bouré friends. And we're always amazed to see the level of commitment in our customers. Miles in the snow with good sized groups of all ages are a great thing to see, and it's an indicator of the dedication and appeal of our cycling communities.

1. Web Specials and then some more Web Specials.
2. A bit of sad news for the cycling community.
3. Bike-oriented videos from the electronic universe.
4. Coupons? Anybody want a coupon?

1a. The 2008 Boure Team jerseys - both short sleeve and long sleeve with SPF-35 protection - are "in production" and we're offering them at a Special Pre-Sale price. And after years of groveling from some of our most devoted customers desiring a "Bouré Team Kit", we're finally offering matching Bouré Team shorts in 2008. All are On Sale through March 15th, with delivery on April 1st. See them all HERE.

1b. We still have many Closeout items on Super Special. The sizes and/or colors are becoming a bit limited, but they're all a great deal and you can see them HERE.

1c. We have our best-ever supply of Merino wool clothing right now. So if you are thinking of those cool Spring days - which we're sure will arrive one day soon - or if you just realize that this renewable natural material is one of the true miracle fabrics known to man, click HERE to see all of our Wool offerings.

2. Early this month, the Cycling community lost a legendary technical authority, mechanic, webmaster, humorist, and all-around smart guy Sheldon (Genius, But Modest) Brown. Those of you who have followed his web site, magazine articles or had the privilege to meet him, will surely miss him. Our best wishes go out to Sheldon's family and large circle of friends. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of meeting Sheldon or following his voluminous publications, we offer this sample of Sheldon's writings in tribute to his passing and his passion for what we all have in common - A Love of All Things Bicycle. His marvelous and creative mind produced some of the most insightful, practical and humorous articles on cycling you will ever read.

Here is some biographical information:
Sheldon's Home Page and Bio 
Entry in Wikipedia 

A couple of examples of Sheldon's humorous inclination:
How to Properly Clean a Chain
The Ultimate Drive and Aero Wheel 
Guide To Sheldon's Humorous Side 

Sheldon's blog about his struggles and triumphs dealing with Multiple Sclerosis:
Link to his blog on the day to day issues
Link to his discussion of the Bright Side of MS

Some Technical and How-To Articles:
How To Articles for Beginners
Links to Articles on Commuting and Lighting
How to "Do It Yourself

We hope you'll take a few minutes to think about life, health, humor and cycling. Then tip your hat to Sheldon "Captain Bike" Brown.

Sheldon AASHTA (As Always Sheldon Has the Answer) Brown, we'll miss you!

3. We've had a great response to the links we've provided to some of our favorite bicycle-oriented Internet videos. So in this Newsletter we offer more! Several of these were provided by our Bouré friends in response to our request to send us your favorites to share with others. So enjoy these and please keep sending us links to your favorite cycling related sites and videos.

1. Who Exactly are these Cyclists 
2. Silly Trackies 
3. The Best of the Worst 
4. A New Bike to Help you Ride Faster 
5. Forget Low Gearing, Here's the Solution we're Looking for...

4. It's time, and if you please we'd like to offer you a Coupon for your purchasing pleasure. Just type in coupon code DLNBW and you'll receive $10 off your Bouré purchase of $50 or more, until midnight March 31st, 2008 (California time).

"Wherever bicycles are broken or threatened by International Communism, we'll be there...",
Drew, Laverne, Ned, Brandon and Wade 

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