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October 2004
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Hello everyone and welcome to the eighth Boure newsletter. Fall is upon us and the weather is changing across the country. We get a good read on the weather as our orders have switched from shorts to tights, long sleeves and thermal wear. Durango has been through a pretty good monsoon season, which started the day after the Boure Bike Fest week finished. We hope this bodes well for a good ski season and for the water we so desperately need during the hot dry summer. The colors were fantastic this year. The cold snap we received after our ride week turned the Colorado Southwest into a fantastic mixture of reds and yellows against the backdrop of the persistently green conifers.

Our efforts are directed at making thermal clothes for the winter time and trying to sneak in some rides when the weather cooperates. In between rides, we are adding to the web site some new and fun areas that encourage customer participation. We hope you will find a place where you can participate or you may see your old question presented anonymously to help your similarly challenged fellow rider(s). While we are generally considered experts in pretty much everything, we hope that some of you may be even more expert and willing to share your knowledge with the masses.

As always we encourage one and all to write with suggestions or comments regarding this newsletter.

1. Another successful Boure Bike Fest week,
2. Be a safe cycling advocate and help transform your local area,
3. Fall-o-Ween sale has begun,
4. Coming soon, web site improvement

1. The rides are complete and the results are in. This year's Boure Bike Fest was a superb time. We had visitors from out of town and lots of locals. Drew has set up the Boure Bike Fest Photo Gallery, so you can see pictures from the rides. Thursday was special as we did our first group mountain bike ride. Olympian Todd Wells was there and Ned brought his teammate Frank Mapel from the Specialized cycling team. They were very kind to stop regularly for the mere mortals who attended and all of us enjoyed a spectacular ride down Hermosa Creek (I kid you not, the ride is 15 miles of downhill with only about 3 miles of up!) The weather was perfect all week (lousy before and after). The ride to Mancos and Dolores was featured in an article in the local paper when Marc "Hold that Line" Witkes joined us and wrote it up for the Durango Herald.

We gave away prizes for the best Vintage bikes on Saturday's tour of the Animas Valley, where we were joined by local and now Outdoor Life Network superstar Bob "Bobke" Roll on his now vintage DeRosa team bike. Go to our Bike Fest Home Page for the complete Vintage Bike Day Awards. We had a great time and hope that more of you will come every year. The ride week will always be in the middle two week of September dependent on Ned's schedule. This year Ned arrived after having just won the Colorado State Elite Road Championship. How is that for a guy who just turned 49?! He followed that with another win of the Road Apple Rally in Farmington, NM. No less than the longest running mountain bike race in the country. Hey, who won the final sprint of the bike week?

2. Here in Durango, we have been working with the Colorado Department of Transportation who have been quite helpful by installing "Share the Road" and "Turning Vehicles Yield to Cyclist" signs at most of the bigger intersections on the state highways. We encourage you to participate with your local governments and highway departments to improve road safety for all cyclists and pedestrians. We have found them accepting and helpful. Sometimes they just need to be reminded that we share the roads before the engineering for a new or renovated stretch of highway is complete and they can add safety features such as signage and bike lanes. Waiting until after they are done to complain is just frustrating for everyone, so get involved early in the process and you will see better success. Remember that you pay highway taxes through the fuel in your car and taxes you pay so demand safety as a motorist that also cycles. Don't let them separate you as a non-tax paying cyclist which is the group you will be shuttled to if they don't want to hear your suggestions. Set up an advocacy group in your local club and try to attend planning meetings so you can speak up. If you share the load with multiple people you can rotate the duty as many planning meeting are at night and there are a lot of them that include some road aspect which we need to participate in. Try to make personal connections with the planners and engineers so they remember you and what you stand for when they work on the many road improvement projects they deal with each year. Think long term, implementing change takes time, you need to be in the long term plan before you can affect the short term plan. This is an election year so ask the local politicians how they feel about road use. Do they consider that all roads should be designed for multi use? Do they ride and understand your needs? How do they feel about safe routes to school for children who walk or ride? Do they view cycling as a legitimate way to reduce noise and air pollution in your area, which should be encouraged? While cycling may not be as big an issue as the Iraq war, the current long term road plan, in your area, may affect you personally for the next 20 years every time you ride so why not ask? Feel free to share local results or suggestions, back to us so we can all benefit. We will set up an area on the Boure web site for submitted ideas and reports if we receive them.

3. The Boure Fall-o-Ween Sale began October 14th. Get ready for cooler weather by covering your top in various thermal thicknesses or grab the warmers you need in a buy as the temperatures drop and the cycling remains excellent. We have put the Elite Thermal Jersey and Boure Long Sleeve Team jerseys on sale, along with discounting the '04 Boure Team WOOL jersey and a special Warmer Grab-Bag. Check out these web specials at

4. Over the next few weeks we will be enhancing the web site with some helpful and fun additions. We will be adding a FAQs page with some of the more persistent and helpful questions and answers we have received and sent. The FAQs will feature fitting questions, temperature suggestions and a '"what to wear, when.." area. We encourage you to write in with your clothing suggestions for your local area, which we will incorporate. For a huge salary increase, Wade has decided to let you into a small part of his world, and a strange and wonderful place it is too! Wade will show you what and where we are riding and create a place to sell some of our returns or outdated garments at a discount. Check in from time to time and see if you can find a steal on clothes or maybe learn a little about our bikes and our lives. We will encourage customers to join Wade's World with pictures and descriptions of their own rides. Who knows, you may find a great idea to call your own.

As always, if you have special timing needs, let us know and we will do our best to make sure you and your loved ones are taken care of.

Again, we wish you all the very best, and please let us know how we can help make your cycling more fun,
Ned, Drew, Wade, Laverne and Jacque

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