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Ned's Driveway - Durango, CO

An old picture of Ned when Jeff Candelaria interviewed him for the Ignacio High School paperMitch.

August 1995
Telegraph Hill - Durango, CO

Ned and me on Telegraph Hill, Durango, 1995, as I recall. It was Ned's birthday, and he was kind enough to honor me and my good friend, Duke (the photographer), by joining us on our lunch-time ride. Great ride, great company, and great tips from Deadly Nedly. The session ranks at the top of my favorite mtb experiences.

Chas Schmidt
Performance Bicycle
Chapel Hill, NC

Petersburg, AK - along the Inside Passage.

A definite surprise to me asthe area is not one where a lycra'ed bike rider would be lookedhighly upon. You might think of Petersburg as the placewhere one would film an episode of "Most Dangerous Occupations"...atown of tough Norwegian fisherfolk, and its small seaside townpark is built around a statue of a fisherman with plaques uponwhich the engraved names of the local fisherman who "losttheir lives at sea" are etched.


January 29, 2007
Vending machine at the Randolph Golf Course in Tucson.

Just 10 years ago XC mountain bike racingand Ned were "extreme" enough to go on the MountainDew soda machines, now you have to do double back flips on adirt bike to get on there.


August 2006
South Rim of the Grand Canyon Visitors Center


I thought you'd get a chuckleout of this. I'm just back from a Grand Canyon raft trip andsnapped this shot at the South Rim visitor center before hikingdown to the river.
Looking fierce.



Ned leads his disciples in a game of Rock,Paper, Scissors for give-away prizes.

May 1997
Indian Creek, UT

Bouré Primitive Camping Weekend

Ned and Mini-Me

January 2005
Chain Reaction Bicycles in Gainesville, FL

With adoring fan, Lily, prior to the annual Tour de Felasco 50-mile ride.

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