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Durango Road Rides
Baker's Bridge
This 30-mile loop begins on North Main Avenue at City Market.Turn right on 32nd Street and ride until it ends at County Road250, then turn left. County Road 250 will take you all the wayto Baker's Bridge, winding through the lush Animas Valley. Travelsouth over the bridge and straight to the intersection at Highway550. Turn left on 550 and ride it past Honeyville to Hermosawhere you get on County Road 203. The turn onto CR 203 is onthe right, just past the railroad tracks and it will bring youback into Durango. This ride is also referred to as "TheLong Valley" by area bikers.

Trimble Loop
This is a shortened version of Baker's Bridge, also referredto as "The Short Valley". The total distance is about15 miles. Begin at County Road 250, riding until you reach CountyRoad 252. Turn left, riding past Dalton Ranch and across Highway550. Turn left on County Road 203, which will take you back toDurango.

Elmore's Loop
Elmore's Loop starts on Historical 3rd Avenue. Head north on3rd Avenue, which will become Florida Road(County Road 240.)Once on Florida Road, there will be a steady 6-mile climb thatends at Edgemont Ranch. About a mile after Edgemont Ranch, atthe bottom of the descent, take a right on County Road 234, atthe fire station. CR 234 connects with Highway 160 after about12 miles. Head west on Highway 160 back to Durango.This loopis approximately 26 miles.

Durango/Bayfield Loop
This ride is about 45 miles long with a few steep climbs. Theride starts out the same as Elmore's Loop on Florida (CR 240.)Stay on CR 240 past the turn-off for Elmore's Loop. When youreach the bridge, turn right, crossing the Florida River. Whenyou reach the intersection of CR 501, turn right. Follow CR 501to Highway 160. Head west on Highway 160 back to Durango.

Durango to Silverton
This ride one-way totals 50 miles and includes two mountain passesand scenic views; Coal Bank Pass, at 10,660 feet and Molas Pass,at 10,900 feet. There is about 6,000 feet of climbing on theway to Silverton. The trip begins on Main Avenue (Highway 550)in Durango. Highway 550 winds through the mountains to Silvertonpassing Purgatory and the Hermosa Cliffs along the way. The rideis easier traveling from Silverton to Durango, but be sure towarm up before you start because it begins on a mountain pass.You can make arrangements to ride the train to Silverton andride your bike to Durango.

Wildcat Canyon Loop
Wildcat Canyon Loop begins on Highway 160 W, with a long 10-mileclimb then a short descent to Hesperus Store. Turn left at thestore on Hwy 140. The road has a gradual decline for a few miles.Take your first paved left onto County Road 141, which is WildcatCanyon Road and is on a climb up from a bridge. County Road 141has gently rolling hills that will take you back to Hwy 160 justwest of Durango. The loop is about 35 miles long and can be takenin either direction.

Durango to Pagosa Springs
This ride is 60 miles, one-way. Take Highway 160 east from Durangoall the way to Pagosa Springs. There are a few steep climbs,but primarily rolling hills. You can soak in the hot springsto relax your tired muscles once you arrive in Pagosa Springs.

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