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October 2009
1. Thermo Tights Sale and New Arrivals
2. New Bouré Blog on the front page of the web site, where you can find it!
3. Two of the funnier videos we've seen in awhile.

September 2009
1. Elite Knickers Sale & New Arrivals
2. Bike Fweest Update
3. Upcoming Schedule of Events

August 2009
1. Elite Shorts Sale and New Products
2. Bike Fweest Update and Philosophy
3. Bouré Buddy Bonus Coupons

July 2009
1. Le Tour de France PRO Shorts Sale.
2. Got Cycling Friends? You could Earn a Free Pair of Shorts!
3. Durango Hires a Multi Modal Transportation Coordinator.
4. Bike Fweest Update and Other Durango Cycling Events.

May 2009
1. Clothing Updates and Coupon.
2. Colorado legislates safer conditions for cyclists.
3. Excellent bike-oriented video from the Interweb.
4. The 2009 Bike Fweest dates with conceptual ride schedule.

April 2009
1. "Spring, eh?", an Ode,
2. Pre-Sale on our SPF-35 LS jerseys,
3. New Arrivals & Sale Items
4. Bike & Ned News.

February 2009
1. Bikes and Love,
2. Bike News,
3. New Specials, Closeout Items & thoughts on our 2009 Team jersey.

January 2009
1. Ned wins another Cyclocross National title,
2. After the Holi-Daze Sale
3. Jersey Clearance Sale.

November 2008
1. Fall Specials for your cold weather riding, and coming soon,
2. Resources on commuting from our friends at and others,
3. Updates to the Boure web site.

October 2008
1. Fweest Wrap Up and Cycling in Durango
2. New Sales and Discounts for Fall Riding
3. Bike-oriented Videos from the Interweb
4. A Quick Ned Update

August 2008
1. An Indecision Coupon
2. Upcoming cycling events in Durango, including The 6th Annual Boure Bike Fweest
3. Bike-oriented videos from the Interweb.

May 2008
1. Web Specials change all the time, so come see what is on sale.
2. Commuters unite! And help personally clear the streets that you ride on.
3. Bike-oriented videos from the Interweb.
4. The 6th Annual Boure Bike Fweest has been scheduled for September 14-20!
5. Durango Receives Silver Bicycle Friendly Community Award

February 2008
1. Web Specials and then some more Web Specials.
2. A bit of sad news for the cycling community.
3. Bike-oriented videos from the electronic universe.
4. Coupons? Anybody want a coupon?

January 2008
1. New Products and Web Specials.
2. 2007 National Cyclocross Championships.
3. Bike-oriented videos from Durango and the universe beyond.
4. And lo' it has been done...

December 2007
1. With Christmas around the corner, we have new Web Specials.
2. A report on the 5th Annual Bouré Bike Fweest.
3. Some Bike Humor to brighten your day, if you can bear it.
4. Don't say we didn't warn you...

August 2007
1. Wool has arrived, best see 'em soon before they're gone again... oh, and some sales,
2. The Occasional Rant, with Accompanying Rave,
3. Bouré Bike Fest is September 16-22.

May 2007
1. ELITE Shorts and more Now on Sale,
2. Who's Your Neighbor?
3. Durango Happenin's,
4. Counting the SPF Numbers... and our newest LS SPF jersey.

February 2007
1. Jersey Sale Items and New Stuff,
2. "Where's Ned 'O",
3. Boure Happenings!

November 2006
1. Sale Items and New Stuff,
2. Boure Bike Fest stage results and gossip,
3. It's that time of year again,
4. Boure Happenings!

August 2006
1. Sale Items and New Stuff,
2. Bouré Bike Fest Schedule,
3. It's that time of year... or Wade's rant,
4. A Long Sleeve Sunscreen jersey for hot weather? This rider says yes and we agree!

June 2006
1. Sale Items and Cool, New Stuff.
2. Getting Dirty in Durango.
3. Cyclists Pay Their Fair Share.
4. Boure Bike Fest.
5. Wade's World, Wade's World.

February 2006
1. Some suggestions on commuting,  
2. Why commute? I ask, why drive?
3. New Items have arrived and are looking for new homes,
4. Sale Items changes,
5. Boure Happenin's.

December 2005
1. New Items have arrived and are looking for a new home,
2. The Truth is always stranger than Fiction,
3. Comments on Comments by Wady Rooney,
4. The "Holidays are Coming" understanding and...

October 2005
1. The Third Annual Boure Bike Fest is over and a good time was had by all,
2. Follow the Bouncing Newsletter,
3. Boure Bike Fest Gossip and inside thoughts,
4. The other stuff.

August 2005
-- The Third Annual Boure Bike Fest week has a schedule, September 18-24,
-- Racer, rider, tourist, win the ride, who are we?
-- The 2005 Thermal Team Jersey is in,
-- You do know who he is, but how long can he last?
-- The inevitable price increases and how to take advantage of that information,
-- The other stuff.

July 2005
-- The Third Annual Boure Bike Week is scheduled for September 18-24
-- How crazy can a bike make a person?
-- Sales, sales and more sales,
-- The other stuff...

May 2005
-- Drew gives you his personal background which shows why industry visionaries can't follow the crowd,
-- Fred matheny seems to agree,
-- New Boure gear on the web site,
-- The other stuff...

February 2005
-- Some clothing suggestions excerpted from the Frequently Asked Questions page,
-- Late winter specials and a pre-order special on the 2005 Boure Team jerseys,
-- Announcing a fun new contest,
-- Wade's filler...

December 2004
-- A quick bit of advice on indoor training tires,
-- Holiday specials at Boure,
-- A new winter outfit for the serious winter cyclist,
-- How to help us make sure we meet your needs.

October 2004
-- Another successful Boure Bike Fest week,
-- Be a safe cycling advocate and help transform your local area,
-- Fall-o-Ween sale has begun,
-- Coming soon, web site improvements.

July 2004
-- We look forward to the 2004 Boure Bike week and hope you will come,
-- Our good friend Fred Matheny has some words of wisdom for your fitness,
-- What are these crazy soaps I get in my Boure packages?,
-- Changes to the Boure Custom-Fit service.

February 2004
-- We digress and report on the Boure Bike Week,
-- Ned has some skills tips as you finish winter and think about Spring,
-- We are taking applications for the Boure product development team,
-- Additional product refinements and a new catalogue,
-- What's Happening in Durango? SNOWDOWN!!,
-- The Opinionator has opined!

December 2003
-- The winners of the photo contest are announced along with a new contest,
-- Ned has some tips for your winter riding,
-- We are now representing King Cages for beautiful H2O cages, Made in Durango,
-- Drew has redesigned the knee warmers and resized the other warmers,
-- New wool items are on the way, and how do you wash them any way?

September 2003
-- Boure Bike Fest week is nigh...
-- The Boure Long Sleeve TEAM jersey is just in.
-- Pictures, pictures, where are the pictures?
-- Ed Pavelka and another 400+ Americans recently completed Paris-Brest-Paris. He has interesting insights that come from many hours in the saddle.

July 2003
--What is the most common question we hear?
--Free pair of Boure shorts anyone?
--Durango hosts the NORBA National Finals, the MTB100, and the 2nd Annual Durango Century.

May 2003:
--Information on and Ned's Tips for a successful Iron Horse Classic ride.
--Layering your clothes, be prepared for what nature can throw at you.

February 2003:

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