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8. I'm going to ride the "Ride the Rockies" this year in your shorts. Do I need to add any lubricant? Will that harm the shorts?

Our thoughts on Chamois cream are that it softens your skin making it more easily abraded and that it can clog your pores giving you the dreaded butt zit syndrome. I don't know what each cream is made of but, if you are using them regularly, I would highly recommend a clean rinsing detergent such as Asko-SportWash or Planet-Biodegradable delicate/regular wash. I am concerned that the cream will accumulate and make the chamois less breathable and then less able to loft to its full height. Both of these manufacturer's soaps are clean rinsing detergents and I believe that aspect in and of itself will resolve most pimple type saddle sores. If the cream includes any petroleum products or similar substances that could break down another petroleum product (chamois.foam pad, shorts lycra), then it will slowly break down, not just the chamois foam but, the shorts material itself.

My other thought is that this sport is complicated enough and adding another thing to keep track of, worry about when you loose it, or become dependent on is not a good idea. My golf coach suggested that I not use a glove for that reason. One less expense, one les thing to keep track of, leave behind, etc. My hand toughened up and I believe you have a better feel without it. Not to mention, I don't have to take it off and put it on every time I putt. So for me, I wouldn't use a cream unless I had exhausted all other remedies.

That said, there are a lot of people who use creams. Although it seems to me that those people have a higher incidence of saddle sores, but then maybe they are more sensitive down there and thus more likely to be looking for solutions and/or noting the results (hard to say which came first: saddle sores or chamois cream). Assos says that their product will not damage the chamois. I don't know how many people would report back to Assos nor do I know how many they have heard from and subsequently ignored, when the customer claimed that the cream damaged their shorts, so I can't say whether that is fact or hype.

I certainly would try it for some time before I set out to do a full tour, you don't want any surprises that might make your well earned vacation less enjoyable.

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