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7. My shorts are showing wear and collecting crud in strange places. Can you help me?

We received your shorts and have enclosed a replacement pair. It is fairly obvious to us that the wear spot on your shorts is a result of an abrasion. Something on your bike, bike saddle, seat bag, seat post is rubbing the shorts. The Lycra simply doesn't spontaneously abrade. Almost every time we see this, it is due to rubbing that can be identified. Unfortunately, you need someone to watch you on your bike to catch the culprit. Most often the source is further than you think and appears to be innocuous. With another person to watch, you will find that a part of your leg is touching something on the bike, of which you are unaware.

What is happening is a rough surface is breaking the super-small fibers of elastic inside the fabric. Then the ends of the broken elastic pop up and bundle together as you continue to rub the same spot, lightly over and over again.

Any sort of fabric (like the outside of a Velcro strap, or the seam of a bike bag or event the bike bag itself) can cause the problem. A rough spot on the seat post (scratch or burr) or on the seat (a tear or abrasion on the nose of the saddle) can cause the Lycra to prematurely wear and abrade. A wide area like the one abraded on your shorts, located just behind the imaginary inseam, is usually from a seat bag rather than the seat post or saddle.

Most people can't feel the abrasion happening. Unfortunately, if you do not find the culprit, you will most certainly have the same result with your new pair. In the event that you have moved something or changed something since this happened you may not be able to identify the problem, however, you may have already solved the problem without knowing it. I like to find the problem so I know what not to do, otherwise the problem may crop back up when you make another change back to the previous set up.

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