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Women's El Blanco UPF-28 LS jersey

Our 100% White Long Sleeve jersey is designed to keep you as cool as possible under the hot Summer sun.
Price: $90
Lightweight Genesis fabric, a 100% Micro Poly created to be extremely breathable, soft and comfortable - rated UPF-28.
Micro-mesh construction allows air to easily pass through the fabric, keeping you dry and cool.
Hidden Full-length zipper for variable cooling and breathability.
3 reinforced rear pockets, elastic wrists.
Raglan-Sleeve design ensures a comfortable fit with low wind resistance.
Choose from Roomier fitting Club-cut style (pictured above) with open, ungathered waist elastic, or
Trimmer fitting Comfort-cut style (pictured below) with gathered waist elastic.
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Made for us in the USA by Voler of Grover Beach, CA

"Wow! I ordered your new LS jersey on Wednesday. It arrived on Friday. I took it out for a full day of riding on Saturday, under the hot Miami sun. The jersey kept me cool, and the SPF 35+ performed like a champ. This is a terrific jersey. You guys rock!"

Sizing Chart
Please Note: These jerseys only come in standard sizes and
Custom-fit sizing is not available.

Criteria for best fit are prioritized from left-to-right. #1 chest, #2 sleeve, etc.
Size Body measurements
Chest Sleeve Weight Height
XS 34 29 90-110 5'3" and under
S 36 30 1/2 110-130 5'2" to 5'6"
M 38 32 130-150 5'5" to 5'9"
L 40 33 1/2 150-175 5'8" to 6'0"
XL 42 35 175-200 5'11" and up
2X 44 36 1/2 200-225 5'11" and up
To measure your Chest: With relaxed arms at side, breath in and measure the fullest part of bust/ chest. Add at least 2" for comfort.

To measure your Sleeve: Bend arm 90° with hand on hip. Starting at the center back of neck, measure the total distance across the top of the shoulder to the elbow and then down to the wrist. Alternatively, use your dress shirt size.

*All measurements taken close to the body, and not over loose clothes*

Please note: These charts should be used only as a guideline to represent our sizing. If you have any trouble finding an appropriate size with these charts, please E-mail us, or call us at 970-247-0339 for product advice.

Genesis is the new generation of performance fabric. The micro-denier polyester yarns are designed to transport moisture through channeling, which pushes the moisture from your skin to the outside of the fabric where it can evaporate more efficiently. The micro-denier yarns provide a soft and comfortable feel, along with being durable. The fabric has very good sun protection with a UPF rating of 28+.

UPF Rating
Protection Category
UV Radiation Blocked
UPF 15-24
93.3 - 95.9%
UPF 25-39
Very Good
96.0 - 97.4%
UPF 40-50+
97.5 - 99+%

Jersey Specifications
Club-cut Garment Measurements (Laid Flat)
Chest Front Rear Sleeve Waist
As Shown
As Shown
As Shown
XS 36 18 23 26.5 32
S 38 19 24 27.5 34
M 40 20 25 28.5 36
L 42 21 26 29.5 38
XL 44 22 27 30 40
2X 46 23 28 30.5 42


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If for ANY reason you would like to return your purchase or gift, simply send it back for a refund or exchange at the below address. All we need to know is who you are, an e-mail address and/or daytime phone number, and what you would like us to do for you. Any reimbursements or adjustments will be made by original method of payment.

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