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Women's ELITE Shorts

For RED and BLUE shorts, please allow us 3-5 business days to make and ship your order.

Our premier ELITE shorts designed to meet the demands of women cyclists - higher and narrower at the waist, and slightly fuller through the hips. Designed for your longest rides, and often the first choice of our ultra-distance cycling customers. The Action fabric is of a robust weight for added durability and features higher compression (i.e. higher spandex content) to provide maximum muscle support. Race-cut waist, low in front and long in back, for a secure, comfortable cycling fit and all-day comfort.
Price: $140

• High-Compression Action fabric provides maximum muscle support and durability.
• 4-Way Stretch Women's Elastic Elite chamois is designed to move with you and anatomically shaped to provide all-day comfort.
• Wide 1-1/4" Flat Waist Elastic for a slimmer look.
• 1" Gripper Leg Elastic to keep the full-length legs securely in place.
Enhanced 8-Panel Design provides a seamless inner thigh and anantomical shape to prevent chafing.
Articulated Hip to match your riding position, low in front and long in back, to fit best while in a cycling position.
Available with an ELITE bib top for
an additional $25 upon Special Request.
Available with our Ultrasuede PRO chamois for
an additional $10 upon Special Request.
*Please add a Comment when placing your order requesting a bib top or the PRO chamois, and allow us 3-5 business days to make and ship your order.
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Made right here in Durango, Colorado USA

"Just a note to let you know that I received my shorts last night and they're just perfect. Thanks for the very quick turn-around! I'll be wearing them at PBP for sure."

"These bib shorts have been a real life-saver! After searching high and low for good maternity cycling shorts and finding that the only available shorts that seemed to be designed for bicycling during pregnancy just didn't work well for me (inadequate chamois coverage), I checked with my favorite shorts source -- Bouré, of course -- and they suggested that I try the bibs. At five and a half months along, I'm finding them to be extremely comfortable, with the superior fit and chamois that I know and love. Plus, Bouré tells me they can remove the bib portion postpartum and put in a waistband, which appeals to my frugal side: rather than end up with a pair of maternity shorts that will be of no use to me later, I'll have an extra pair of my favorites!"

"After the great fit, I especially like the chamois. This will improve my longer rides so much!"

"Just wanted to let you know that I received the Elite shorts last week. I LOVE THEM! And they fit perfectly. I have Mountain Equipment Coop and Descente padded shorts and I can say, unequivocally, that yours are the best. The padding is much better, stays in place, and just feels better. I only need them for my spin cycle as my outdoors bike has an ergonomic seat, but for long rides, I think I’ll ditch my usual rowing shorts and wear your shorts because I like the ‘feel’ of them. I will certainly shop with you again."

Sizing Chart
Criteria for best fit are prioritized from left-to-right. #1 hips, #2 weight, #3 waist, etc.
Body measurements
Hips Weight Waist Inseam Height
XS 33-35 100-115 25-27 27.5-29.5 5'3" and under
S 35-37 115-130 27-29 29-31 5'2" to 5'6"
M 37-39 130-150 29-31 30.5-32.5 5'5" to 5'9"
L 39-41 150-175 31-33 32-34 5'8" to 6'0"
XL 41-43 175-200 33-35 32-34+ 5'8" to 6'0"+
2X 43-46 200-225 35-38 32-34+ 5'8" to 6'0"+
**Fitting Note: Our PRO and ELITE shorts are designed to fit you specifically while in a cycling position, and subsequently, will feel loose in the rear end and low in front when standing upright and trying them on for fit. Please hop on your bike, bend forward to the handlebars, and then check their fit in your riding position.
To Measure your Hips: With feet together, measure around the fullest part.
To Measure your Waist: Measure around waist at the height you normally wear your pants. Alternatively, use your dress pants size.
To Measure your Inseam: Measure pants that fit well from the crotch seam to bottom of pants. Alternatively, use your dress pants size.

*All measurements taken close to the body, and not over loose clothes*

Please note: These charts should be used only as a guideline to represent our sizing. If you have any trouble finding an appropriate size with these charts, please E-mail us, or call us at 970-247-0339 for product advice.

Elastic ELITE Chamois
Our ELITE shorts have a 4-Way Stretch Elastic padding to move with you and provide longer lasting comfort.

-Our ELITE chamois pad allows for increased padding and support, with improved moisture transfer to keep you cooler and more comfortable than any other chamois.
-Breakthrough padding technology allows for an airflow through the chamois AND increased cushioning and support, all with less weight.
-Microtex® anti-bacterial knit has an exceptional ability to transfer moisture and keep you dry.
-Retains its ultrasoftness after repeated washings.

Women's ELITE shorts Specifications
 Garment measurements (laid flat)
 Rear rise
XS 8 1/8 13 1/2 20 7
S 8 1/2 14 21 7 1/2
M 8 7/8 14 1/2 22 8
L 9 1/4 15 23 8 1/2
XL 9 5/8 15 1/2 24 9
2X 9 5/8 15 1/2 24 9

Design Features
ENHANCED 8-PANEL design for Bouré shorts. A traditional 8-panel design that provides maximum support throughout the entire short and a superior fit. Results in a seamless inner thigh to eliminate chafing in this sensitive area.

ARTICULATED HIP on shorts to mirror the biomechanical range of motion while in your cycling position so that the shorts fit naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. I saw a review of your products and they talked about your chamois being thinner than others. Can you explain to me the differences in your chamois inserts and how they work?

3. I recently finished a 460 mile bike ride in six days. I developed saddle sores that got infected and the last couple of days were miserable. I'm trying to find a solution and everybody has ideas. I'm currently trying a new saddle and have adjusted the way I sit in the saddle.

4. What if my new shorts don't fit, what is your return policy?

7. My shorts are showing wear and collecting crud in strange places. Can you help me?

8. I'm going to ride the "Ride the Rockies" this year in your shorts. Do I need to add any lubricant? Will that harm the shorts?


Need Help or Have Questions?
Contact Us for product advice, sizing help, or any other question.

Returns and Exchanges
There is no need to call for a Return Authorization.
If for ANY reason you would like to return your purchase or gift, simply send it back for a refund or exchange at the below address. All we need to know is who you are, an e-mail address and/or daytime phone number, and what you would like us to do for you. Any reimbursements or adjustments will be made by original method of payment.

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