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The Change is Now Official... It's Autumn!

If you didn't take note, this last Monday, September 22, 2014 at 8:29PM (MDT), the oceans lapped at our shores, the earth murmured a hurrumph, and soon after the sun slowly went down in the Western sky (*at least here in Durango), and voila, the "days" are now shorter than the "nights" (*ditto above). So, flip on the lights and prepare yourselves for the non-stop Pagan rituals of Columbus Day, Halloween, Lhabab Duchen, Thanksgiving and Christmas Parties ... when at last we can exhale slowly and inhale the cold, day-lengthening breathe of Winter.

In the interim, stay close to those who are warm and bright... keep yourself intellectually stimulated, physically active and spiritually vibrant, and revel in the harvest of all you've sown this year.

And if by chance you need a Boure Team Thermo jersey or some ELITE knickers to help with your physically active component, then note they'll both be on sale for a few weeks.

In with the New Jerseys Pre-Sale...

New Fall 2014 Bouré Team Thermo jerseys
For comfortable cool weather riding, made of lightweight, fleeced backed GeoTherm® fabric.

**Please Note: The 2014 Boure Team Thermo jerseys are on Pre-Sale now, with an expected Ship Date of October 15th.

Men's & Women's
Bouré Team Thermo jersey
Will be $100, Pre-Sale Price $90

ELITE Knickers Sale
Our sure-fit, articulated design keeps the knickers securely in place. And the exclusive soft, seamless panel for the back of the knee eliminates pressure and binding in this sensitive area... creating a superior fitting knicker.

ELITE knickers are perfect for an long ride or rugged adventure on cooler days, with compression Action® fabric for added muscle support on all day rides.

Men's & Women's ELITE knickers
Regularly $120, Now $110

Men's ELITE bib knickers
Regularly $140, Now $125

ELITE Thermo knickers are great to have in your cycling wardrobe for colder days to protect sensitive knees from the cool, made of ThermoRoubaix fleece for luxurious comfort and warmth, with compression support for long rides. Treated with Teflon-treated High-Tech Fabric Protector® to resist road and trail grime.

Men's & Women's ELITE Thermo knickers
Regularly $140, Now $125

Men's ELITE Thermo bib knickers
Regularly $160, Now $145

... and Out with the Old Jerseys Sale

Old 2013 Bouré Team jerseys
Dress Bright and Stay in Sight! Cool Deals on Last Year's Designs... which we stocked in extra quantity to satiate the many safety-first, yellow-o-philes among you.

Sizes & Quantities Limited

Men's Bouré Team jersey
Was $75, Now $60

Women's Bouré Team jersey
Was $75, Now $60

Men's Bouré Team UPF-28 jersey
Was $95, Now $75

Women's Bouré Team UPF-28 jersey
Was $95, Now $75

Men's Bouré Team Thermo jersey
Was $100, Now $80

Women's Bouré Team Thermo jersey
Was $100, Now $80

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•UCI Mountain Bike World Champion (1990)
•NORBA National Mountain Bike Champion (1986, '87, '89, '90, '91, '92)
•NORBA National Mountain Bike Singlespeed Champion (2010)
•U.S. National Cyclocross Champion, Age 50-54 (2006, '07, '08)
•U.S. National Cyclocross Champion, Age 55-59 (2010)
•Colorado State Road Champion (1986, '88, 2004)
•World XTerra Triathlon Champion (1998, '99)
•U.S. National XTerra Triathlon Series Champion (2001, '02)
•U.S. National Winter Triathlon Champion (2000)
•Iron Horse Bicycle Classic Road Race (1983, '86, '87, '92, 2011)
•Road Apple Rally (1983, '85, '88, '91, 2004, '09)

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